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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Water to fish line snorkeling hall

Store introduction

#Snorkeling experience and beautiful photos in the water are all at once

Shuizhiyuxing Snorkeling Hall is located near Wanlitong. It provides diving courses, SUP, parent-child snorkeling (children's snorkeling) and other water activities. This Kenting snorkeling store faces the sea directly, and customers can walk directly from the store entrance to the seaside.
After a comprehensive renovation in 2020, both the physical facilities and public areas have been greatly improved...

Evergreen Snorkeling

Store introduction

#Houbihu snorkeling shop with parasailing

Evergreen Snorkeling is located in the snorkeling area of ​​Houbihu Lake. It specializes in water activities, such as snorkeling, banana boats, jet skis, etc. The most famous one is parasailing, which allows people to fly in the sky and enjoy it from a different perspective. The ocean in Kenting. It is recommended that you purchase a package itinerary so that you can enjoy multiple activities at once and the price will be more favorable. ...

Diving in Namyong

Store introduction

#Kenting snorkeling shop that is attentive and attentive

Nanyong Diving Station is located by Houbi Lake. It mainly provides diving courses, SUP, and snorkeling experiences. The instructors are professional and friendly, and the equipment is of good quality. Before entering the water, they will explain how to use the equipment and will be carefully inspected by the staff.
During the snorkeling process, we will pay attention to tourists at all times, and if they are dizzy, they will be brought back to the shore first, but...

5 minutes from the sea

Store introduction

#A thoughtful snorkeling shop with hot water in the shower room

5 minutes from the sea is located in the snorkeling area of ​​Houbi Lake. It is a pet-friendly water sports store in Kenting. There are two very cute dogs in the store. The service section provides snorkeling, canoeing, SUP, surfing, and experiences. Diving and other activities are also available, and there are also multi-activity package itineraries to take travelers to explore the secrets of Kenting’s sea. ...

Wanlitong Snorkeling Center

Store introduction

#Well-equipped, myopia also has exclusive swimming goggles

Wanlitong Snorkeling Center provides snorkeling, SUP, scuba diving experience, free diving experience, and scuba diving certification courses. It is famous for its warmth and friendliness. When you come to snorkel, you can also get a list of local food recommendations. After snorkeling, You can go to the tooth festival!
This Kenting snorkeling shop is very well-equipped for snorkeling...

Taiwan diving

Store introduction

#A diving resort where you can get snorkeling and accommodation in one go

Taiwan Diving is a very famous store in the diving industry. It is located at a diving resort near Houbi Lake. It wants to bring the ocean into everyone's life through diving. It mainly provides snorkeling, tourist diving, diving courses, and diving equipment rental. He is also very active in marine conservation activities. It is really a super hot house...

Kenting Encore Snorkeling

Store introduction

#Private car pick-up to the snorkeling spot is so convenient

Kenting Encore Snorkeling is located in Houbi Lake. The snorkeling fee is $500 per person, including equipment, insurance, transfers, etc. The price is affordable; and the snorkeling fee includes insurance, giving students more peace of mind when snorkeling.
This Kenting snorkeling store provides pick-up and drop-off, so you don’t have to drive to the snorkeling spot to meet up, and worry about lack of parking space, from the store to...

Beach entertainment. A Yao's shop

Store introduction

#Snorkeling practices don’t feed fish, a dive shop that truly cares for the ocean

Beach entertainment. Ayao's store is located in Wanlitong, and the store provides snorkeling and SUP services. In addition to making reservations on your own, you can also choose a package tour to satisfy the fun of snorkeling and SUP at the same time.
This Kenting snorkeling shop provides defogger spray, so that tourists no longer have to suffer from mirrors that get up halfway through snorkeling...

Yida snorkeling

Store introduction

Yida Snorkeling provides a variety of water sports services in Kenting, including snorkeling, banana boats, speedboats, Popeyes, donuts, etc. It can also be enjoyed in three-in-one, four-in-one, and five-in-one ways. Various activities.
This Kenting snorkeling shop provides changing rooms and bathroom facilities with hot water. After snorkeling, you can...

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for snorkeling in Kenting this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 snorkeling shops in Kenting Wanlitong and Houbihu, including some that are certified by Mysterious Visitors.

Most of the shops are professional and patient. It doesn’t matter even if it’s your first time to experience snorkeling or you don’t know how to swim! Snorkeling is a relatively safe water activity. Life jackets are worn throughout the entire process, and the equipment is simple to operate. Adults and children can quickly get started and enjoy the fun of snorkeling in Kenting!

Haven't planned your beach trip yet this year? You might as well consider Kenting! You can also play by the wayKenting SUP,Kenting Free Diving,Kenting Scuba Diving, if you want to know more fun water activities in Kenting, you can refer to 10 water activities in Kenting,orRecommended dive sites in Kenting.

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