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When you go to Xiaoliuqiu to learn free diving, what is the best way to chill it?In order to provide the best environment for students, Extended Diving has built a new pool diving base. In addition to rigorous free diving courses, there is also a pool bar CHILL HIGH HIGH. On a good day at the seaside, you want to experience the island resort atmosphere of diving during the day and drinking at night. , just here is your best choice!this time TWOSEVENTHS Send a mysterious guest to Xiaoliuqiu and follow in the footsteps of this mysterious guest to see how this Xiaoliuqiu pool bar and diving course are rated.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Xiaoliuqiu free diving expert
Years of scuba diving experience of the year

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store: Extended Diving, CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar
Experience project: SSI Level 1
Experience date: 2022.07.11-07.13, 2023.09.29


[Extended diving CHILL HIGH HIGH review] The most CHILL Xiaoliuqiu pool bar, one stop for diving and drinking 3

CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar is located on Zhongxing Road in Xiaoliuqiu. It has a spacious area with white buildings, romantic and beautiful landscape design and an indispensable swimming pool on the island. It has become the new landmark of Xiaoliuqiu pool bar!The space is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. The warm interior decoration and lighting design, coupled with comfortable air conditioning, allow you to comfortably watch movies or music on the projection screen.

Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar 10

The large lawn and swimming pool in the outdoor area allow people to comfortably relax under the stars. The atmosphere of Chill is completely in line with the founder Martin’s idea of ​​letting everyone drink without space restrictions. You can drink more and more indoors and outdoors, standing and sitting. Hi!

[Extended diving CHILL HIGH HIGH review] The most CHILL Xiaoliuqiu pool bar, one stop for diving and drinking 6

CHILL HIGH HIGH All menus are available inStore IG As you can see on the website, the bartending menu will change from time to time.This time I happened to encounter the wine list designed by champion bartender Ariel Hou. I ordered red peach Whiskey, Ryukyu girl and strawberry-flavored special beer. These drinks are refreshing and easy to drink, suitable for those who like light wine. For people who don’t drink alcohol, there are also special non-alcoholic fruit flavors to choose from.

Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar 7

Of course, drinking wine is indispensable with snacks. In addition to providing pizza and various fried foods, CHILL HIGH HIGH also has different dining trucks during special events, giving everyone the opportunity to eat specialties from different places in Xiaoliuqiu.In addition to alcoholic beverages and food, CHILL HIGH HIGH even provides hookah. Martin emphasized that the ingredients for hookah are handmade by hookah masters and do not contain nicotine and tar. Therefore, even friends who do not usually smoke can try it and see the smoky smoke. Feel.

Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Rating 2

The biggest feature of this Xiaoliuqiu bar is the outdoor swimming pool space!The length is 20 meters and the depth is 1.5-3 meters. It will be open when the bar is open. Guests can freely swim in the water and take photos. The green grass landscape design next to the swimming pool, plus various props and accessories, will definitely allow you to take photos. If you don’t have enough memory, drinking and playing in the water with a group of good friends is the perfect way to spend the holidays.

Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar 3

Martin mentioned that if you want to charter a party or have diving teaching needs, you can rent a swimming pool from them. The rental content includes diving teaching pool rental, water photography charter, and commercial photography charter, which are available from 08:00 to 12:00. The morning session and the afternoon session from 12:00 to 16:00 are all by reservation. In order to maintain the quality of teaching, we will only accept a maximum of 20 people per session!

Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Rating 3

The price is $2,000/person for free diving, $400/person for scuba diving, and $7000/person for mermaiding. You can make a reservation by simply providing the number of people, date, and event. It is very convenient, but you need to pay the full amount first after making the reservation. If you cancel one week in advance, you can get the full amount. Refund.It should be noted that for the sake of water quality safety, chemical preparations such as sunscreen oil and mosquito repellent liquid are not allowed when entering the water.

Extended Dive Store Introduction

Extended Dive Evaluation 8

Extended Diving was founded by Martin, who is experienced in teaching and rescue.Because in the past learning of free diving, safety is the first priority, whether the movements are good or not, and the posture is beautiful or not. The most important thing is to enable students to establish a correct concept of safety.Only after laying the foundation of free diving safety and knowing how to protect yourself and others can you teach more in-depth free diving course movements and techniques.

Extended Dive Evaluation 9

The concept of extended diving also coincides with the standards of the SSI free diving certification system. Every instructor must belong to a legal dive shop, and the dive shop will be checked by the upper headquarters to ensure consistent teaching quality. Freediving certification students have the highest standard of learning process, and a safe environment.

Extended Dive Evaluation 4

AsXiaoliuqiu Free DivingPopular store, Extended Diving has created a new swimming pool diving base in order to provide students with the best environment. In addition to making it easier for students to get started in confined water courses, they can also experience the island resort atmosphere of diving during the day and drinking at night!

Extended Diving Class Examination Experience

Extended Dive Evaluation 12

The high-quality teaching concept is reflected in Yilin's three-day two-night free diving certification course.Extended free diving adopts the SSI system, and the courses are divided into subjects and technical courses. In addition to courses, you can also book Donggang round-trip ferry tickets, three days and two nights locomotives and backpack room accommodation through extended diving, which greatly reduces the cost of going to Xiaoliuqiu to learn self-diving Preliminary work.

Extended Dive Evaluation 2

The course is conducted in the classroom on the first floor of the extended diving. There are comfortable sofas and carpets for people to lie down freely. The screen as big as the wall displays teaching materials and videos, and the soft and rhythmic music greatly reduces the seriousness of the course.Under the guidance of careful and humorous coaches, students can not only fully learn the important knowledge needed before going into the water, but also lie down and practice basic movements and breathing methods on land, laying a solid foundation for free diving courses. Base.

Extended Dive Evaluation 6

Confined water courses are usually conducted in the old fishing port of Dafuxi. You will first familiarize yourself with your equipment and practice holding your breath in the harbor, and then complete the Level 1 calm water course with a flat dive of XNUMX meters.During the period, the coaches will tirelessly encourage the students, coupled with the low teacher-student ratio and the ability to teach each student in accordance with their aptitude, so that Yilin can build confidence step by step, becoming more and more interested in free diving, and enter the sea training in one go.

Extended Dive Evaluation 7

In addition to the basic skills, the coach emphasizes that if you want to master and enjoy free diving, you must know how to relax. For extended diving, one coach will only be in charge of two students at most, so that Yilin can trust himself to the coach and relax. Can enter the situation faster.

Extended Dive Evaluation 10

Although Xiaoliuqiu occupies a small area, the dive sites can be said to be quite diverse. According to the weather, wind direction, and tide of each sea training, the extended diving instructor will choose the most suitable Xiaoliuqiu self-diving dive site for sea training, and because of the small area , it is very convenient to move to any dive site.

Extended Dive Evaluation 13

10-meter dive, 10-meter rescue, 10-meter maskless ascent, 10-meter rower ascent, the coach who extended the dive during sea training led Yilin to understand these SSI Level 1 course items, learn the movements and understand the meaning behind them, Then adjust the content of the exercise according to each person's bottleneck, and will constantly guide the students to relax, break through themselves, and enjoy the fun of free diving from the bottom of their hearts.

Extended Dive Evaluation 11

In the beautiful waters of Xiaoliuqiu, it would be a pity to only take classes and test for free diving certificates!In addition to the courses of SSI Level 1 and Level 2, extended diving also provides underwater photography services. During the two hours, the instructor will bring more professional photography equipment to capture every moment underwater for you.

Extended Dive Evaluation 14

In addition to leading you to explore the rich underwater ecology of Xiaoliuqiu, swimming with the common sea turtles, being gently supported by the bubbles to rise towards the sparkling water, the extended diving instructor will help you leave a beautiful figure.Martin even emphasized that maintaining the consistent safety belief of extended diving will only arrange dive sites that meet your own abilities and certificates, so that you can ensure your own safety while leaving good memories.

Mystery guest evaluation

Extended diving provides a comfortable and relaxing environment on land. In the sea, the arrangement of a low teacher-student ratio of 1:2 allows the instructor to adjust the progress of the course according to the learning situation of different people, leading everyone to safely enter the world of free diving. Yilin is also carefully caring for the instructor Under the guidance, I slowly mastered the feeling of flat pressure, and finally dived to a depth of ten meters.It is highly recommended for the first time to contact free diving. Those who want to challenge themselves give themselves to extended diving.

From the freediving certificate course that challenges yourself to the underwater photography that records the touching moments; from the bar where you can relax and enjoy after landing, to the comfortable backpack room where you can lie back as soon as you close your eyes, Extended Diving provides a series of The complete service allowed Yilin to be satisfied physically and mentally for three days and two nights.If you also want to experience the different faces of Xiaoliuqiu, extended diving is definitely your best choice!

Equipment: ★★★★☆
Teacher-student ratio: ★★★★☆
Attentiveness: ★★★★★
Reservation flexibility: ★★★★☆

Extended Dive Store Details

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New Year Special! Save up to $1,500 on diving and get a free bartender

Anyone who registers for free diving or scuba diving courses from 2/11 to 2/28 can get a discount of up to $1,500 per person, and enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience of diving during the day and drinking at night!

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