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I am a speech therapist by profession, but I often want to try various activities across fields. From photography, baking, flower art, to mountaineering, SUP, and extreme sports are all my loves.I have always believed that it would be a pity if I could not live abroad for a period of time in this life.

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[Taoyuan Vietnamese Hair Shampoo Recommendation] A complete set of beauty salons in one stop, a comparison of 4 Taoyuan Vietnamese hair shampoo shops

Compared with Taiwanese hair salon shampooing, what is the difference between Vietnamese hair shampooing, so that all customers who have experienced it can become regular customers? this time TWOSEVENTHS From the aspects of environment, techniques, attitudes, etc...
春山相館評價 13
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[Chunshan Photo Studio Review] Zhongshan District ID photo ceiling, an immersive shooting experience that is more than just taking pictures

Time passes without a trace, only the capture of photos can temporarily store the pure beauty in memory.The simple decoration of the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows of Chunshan Photo Gallery Taipei Image Store, combined with the stylish interior space design, makes...
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[Taipei Eyelash Extension Recommendation] Create the perfect eyelash style! Review of 7 North American Eyelash Shops in Taipei

Every time you put on makeup, you are always messed up by complicated eye makeup, your eyelids are screaming with pain when you are caught by an eyelash curler in a hurry, and your mascara is smudged in a mess after applying it. You also feel sorry for these...
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