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Ear candling SPA is a common ear care treatment in the ear picking industry. Not only can you enjoy the ASMR healing feeling when ear candles are burning, but it can also relieve symptoms such as headaches and insomnia.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 10 recommended ear candle stores in Kaohsiung. For those who have not had the courage to try it, it is time to step out of the comfort zone!When the ear candling session triggers an intracranial orgasm in your head, it will definitely make you say goodbye.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Ear fans Tammy's

Tammy's is located on Meimei East XNUMXth Road, Kaohsiung. It is different from the general Kaohsiung ear candle stores, which are mostly small studios. It is a large space with five floors.Ear candle SPA uses Taiwan-made products, and can also upgrade the British Herbacone compound herbal ear candle with a price increase. It contains basil, lavender, pine and other plant essential oils, and the burning time is twice as long as Taiwan-made products, making the ear candle treatment more effective.In addition, before using ear candles, a small pillow will be provided, which is more comfortable when lying on the side, and it is also very considerate in small places.

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Jill's House

Jill's House is located on Tianjin Street, Sanmin District, near the Houyi station of the MRT.In the process of burning ear candles, Aesop essential oils and lotions will be used to enjoy counter-level maintenance; at the same time, the ears, head, shoulders and neck will be massaged to dredge the lymph glands and integrity.In addition, the Kaohsiung Ear Candling Studio has a simple style and elegant aroma of essential oils. You will feel very relaxed as soon as you enter the door. It is suitable for those who experience ear candling treatment for the first time.

Intrude into the room

Yin Er Ru Shi is located on Qingnian 10st Road, adjacent to the Xinjuejiang business district, and a 8-minute walk from Central Park MRT Station.This Kaohsiung ear candle is a compound studio, the first floor is a hair salon, and the ear picking space is in the basement.There are as many as XNUMX scents to choose from for ear candles, and they will also be massaged with the exclusive magnetic fork massager.Secretly said that the ear picker is still a handsome guy, and I recommend girls who like to serve warm and handsome men to come and experience it.

Mr. Ears Sleeping Ears

Mr. Ear's Sleeping and Ear-Ticking Museum is located in the Qinghai business district of the Art Museum Special Zone.The ear candling SPA program that can be booked separately is quite luxurious. In addition to the aroma ear candling, there are also small V-shaped face stretching, eye circulation relief, shoulder and neck relaxation, and head shaving. What's even better is the entire ear candling treatment Up to 90 minutes, it can be said to be the ultimate experience for the head, neck and shoulders, which can relax and relieve stress.

XNUMX Ears Care Studio

XNUMX Ears Care Studio is located near Yingming XNUMXst Road, Qianzhen District, close to Jichang Light Rail Station.The auricle and ear canal will also be cleaned during the ear candling treatment, and essential oils will be applied at the end to protect the ears, which is very considerate.What's more special is that this Kaohsiung ear candle shop provides door-to-door service, the northernmost Zuoying, the southernmost Xiaogang, two people can enjoy the in-store price, and a professional ear picker will bring you ear candle healing at home.

Xingyue seeks tranquility

Scalp CareXingyue Mijing was founded in Yanji Street, Sanmin District, near the Science and Technology Museum.This Kaohsiung ear candle SPA first removes makeup on the face and fumigates with an eye mask, then uses ear candles to remove intracranial moisture, massages the shoulders and neck with SPA essential oils, and ends with a moisturizing mask.With such a rich service, it is very suitable for customers who want to experience ear picking and other beauty items, and pamper themselves once.

Ear come

Ear come is located on Chongqing Street, Sanmin District, between Kaohsiung Station and Houyi Station.Aromatherapy ear candles can choose the scent you like, but you can't make an appointment separately, and you must match it with ear picking.The essential oil used in the ear candle SPA is Gali compound essential oil. The fresh taste of wood tone makes the massage feel better.After the ear candling treatment is over, the ear picker will also tell you how to properly maintain your ears, so that customers can gain a lot.

Ya. Maear

Ya.Maear is located on Chongzhong Road, Zuoying District, near Zuoying Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.Ear candling SPA can be reserved separately, and there is also a discounted price for multiple sessions at one time. It also includes head scraping, shoulder and neck essential oil massage, and ear point massage.The most special thing is that this Kaohsiung ear candle is open 24 hours, and it also provides home service. Even if you leave work late or the weather is bad, you can enjoy the distinguished service of relaxation and beauty at home.

Secret Aesthetics

Mimi Aesthetics is located in Dingzhong Road, Sanmin District. The store provides services such as general ear picking, ear candle SPA, silver bead eye wash, and facial tendon pulling.Before starting aromatherapy ear candles, the ears will be checked and adjusted according to the condition. During the process, essential oils will be used to massage the neck and shoulders.It is worth mentioning that after the ear candling treatment, the ear picker will provide a disposable hot towel to allow customers to wipe off the essential oils on their body. The service details are very perfect.

those ears

The pair of ears are located on Qinghai Road, Gushan District, near the Art Museum station.This Kaohsiung ear candling program can be said to be full of mountains and seas. In addition to using an endoscope to detect the ear canal before the start, subsequent massages range from head, eyes, shoulders and neck, to the rare arm massage.Before the end, a moisturizing mask will be applied, and an ear candle SPA experience will make you look radiant.

The above is the recommendation of Kaohsiung ear candles this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 ear candle studios in Kaohsiung, among which there are stores personally certified by Mystery Guest.Ear candles use the chimney effect to expel the moisture in the skull from the body, and can also judge the physical condition by the degree of flame burning.However, there are many misconceptions about ear candling in the market. It is recommended to find a professional ear picker to enjoy this stress relief service safely and learn the correct ear care knowledge.In addition, we must also remind you that ear candles are not suitable for pregnant women!

Ear candle SPA is usually paired with body oil massage. If you want to experience more types of SPA services, you can refer to this articleKaohsiung SPA Recommended.In addition there areFoot massage,Osteopathic,Thai massage ,Scalp Care,pregnant woman massageWaiting for a series of massage comparisons, so that when you choose a massage shop, you can avoid landmine shops and find a massage shop that suits you.

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