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Many office workers usually sit or stand for long periods of time, coupled with insufficient exercise and long-term incorrect sitting postures, resulting in burden and displacement of muscles and bones, often causing pelvic tilt or forward tilt.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 10 recommended pelvic surgery shops in Kaohsiung. Let professional plastic surgeons help with pelvic correction and muscle conditioning. Let’s get back to your original healthy body together!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Yangsheng Sports Rehabilitation Center

Yangsheng Sports Plastic Surgery Center is located near the Kaohsiung Arena, about 5-10 minutes' walk from the MRT station. It is a Kaohsiung pelvic plastic surgery specialty shop.The interior is simple and bright, and each treatment space is separated by a curtain or door, which is especially suitable for customers who value privacy.We mainly provide osteopathic and reconstructive services, and we can also perform focused conditioning on local areas, which costs $750 per area.Before starting, the plastic surgeon will discuss the uncomfortable part, then start fascia relief for about half an hour, and finally start the rehabilitation. Each process will be explained in detail and recommended to people who need pelvic correction.

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Add more traditional massage

Duojia Traditional Rejuvenation Massage is about a 7-minute walk from the MRT Cultural Center Station. In order to focus on serving customers, it only accepts one group at a time, and all reservations are required.The four masters in the store each have their own specialties and provide comprehensive services such as American plastic surgery, traditional plastic surgery, meridian manipulation and body spa, as well as rare items such as facial sculpting, beauty and body detoxification.The full-body plastic surgery service costs $4 per session, and the treatment areas include conditioning of the pelvis, neck, chest, waist and limb joints.

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Han En Traditional Rehabilitation Massage Center

Han En Massage Center is located next to the Nanzi processing area. It is well-known in Kaohsiung's plastic surgery circle. Its techniques are more like Chinese massage and osteopathy.The master will first inquire about the condition of the day, and start the treatment with a unique technique to loosen the joints, then apply force to return the bones to their original positions, open the back and shoulders with large movements to relax the body, and finally finish with a cooling ointment.A 20-minute pelvic correction service costs $600. There are also cupping and cupping services, and the opening hours are relatively late for pelvic surgery in Kaohsiung.

Shengyi Traditional Plastic Massage

Shengyi is located near Lingya Market. In addition to general rehabilitation, sports massage and fascia relaxation, the store also provides special conditioning for key areas such as knees, spine and pelvis.The plastic surgeon will first understand the usual posture habits before starting the treatment. After the treatment, he will also tell the client how to improve it.It is worth mentioning that this Kaohsiung pelvic surgery specialty shop even provides services for postpartum pelvis, which is recommended to postpartum mothers in need.


Joe's Bar is only a 10-minute walk from the Dome MRT Station. It is a Kaohsiung Joe's pelvic specialty store that specializes in customized services. All reservations are required.Different from other pelvic surgery shops, Qiaoba's plastic surgeons will focus on the customer's problems and provide them with correct health care knowledge.In addition, plastic surgeons have the habit of continuing their education and often go to the community to give lectures on physical health.Therefore, the price of Qiaoba pelvic correction is relatively high, with a one-time charge of $800, and the treatment lasts about 25 minutes. It is recommended for those with a higher budget.

Qiaohe Plastic Surgery Center

Qiaohe Plastic Surgery Center is located near Youchang Forest Park. It provides American plastic surgery massage, sports relaxation massage and postpartum conditioning and other services. Reservation is required.The price of pelvic surgery is $1,000, and the treatment time is about 50-60 minutes. The plastic surgeon will also deal with the areas affected by pelvic abnormalities, as well as lymphatic conditioning in the legs.The entire treatment course is very complete and the price is reasonable. I recommend it to nearby residents in need!


Chidou Extreme is located in Renwu District. It provides body balancing, leg sculpting and foot adjustment services. There is also a cute shop cat in the store.The plastic surgeon is warm and friendly. After analyzing the physical condition, he will accurately diagnose the problem and make appropriate adjustments. During the treatment, he will also explain it to the client in an easy-to-understand manner.In addition, there are also postpartum pelvic conditioning and exercise soreness conditioning, which are especially recommended for postpartum mothers who need long-term care and women who are accustomed to fitness.

Chengxun plastic surgery studio

Chengxun Plastic Surgery Studio is located near Nanzi Guochang Junior High School. The store mainly provides pelvic correction and chiropractic services, and you need to make an appointment in advance.Compared with other Kaohsiung pelvic surgery specialty shops, Cheng Xun's plastic surgeons pay more attention to the causes of customers' physical discomfort. In addition to carefully conditioning the body, they will also spend some time doing full-body diagnosis and treatment.The price of full-body conditioning is $1,000 per hour, which is reasonable and recommended for people with long or short legs, spinal abnormalities or pelvic surgery needs.

Jack Rehabilitation Center

Jack Plastic Surgery Center is about a 14-minute walk from the Arena MRT Station. It just opened at the end of 2020 and is a relatively new Kaohsiung pelvic surgery specialty shop.The store specializes in "painless" plastic surgery. Almost all netizens who have visited said that the magic is not only the precise chiropractic technique of the plastic surgeon, but also that the treatment process is really "painless".Whether you suffer from long-term shoulder and neck soreness, knee pain or pelvic pain, it is recommended to come to Jack to experience pain-free deep muscle conditioning.

Whole person rehabilitation center

The Holistic Plastic Surgery Center is only a 5-minute walk from Qiaotou Tangchang MRT Station. It provides American scientific manual plastic surgery, including fascia relaxation of the head, pelvis and whole body.In addition, there are also facial, chest care and sports massage options to choose from.Among them, a full-body American-style scientific plastic surgery that includes pelvic correction costs $800 per session, which is considered to be the most affordable among Kaohsiung pelvic plastic surgery shops. It is recommended for people with long-term pelvic surgery needs.

The above are the recommendations for pelvic surgery in Kaohsiung this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Kaohsiung pelvic massage shops, some of which have been personally certified by Mysterio.Each pelvic surgery shop provides different services. In addition to general manual plastic surgery and American plastic surgery, there are also various options such as sports relaxation massage, postpartum conditioning and pelvic correction.I would also like to remind everyone that the best way to maintain your body in the long term is by recuperating the body and improving bad living habits and wrong body postures.

In addition to pelvic surgery services, if you want to enjoy massage and gua sha services at the same time, many stores advertise painless gua sha services, or use mugwort warming pots and other techniques to solve the discomfort caused during gua sha. You can refer tokaohsiung massage,Kaohsiung Gua ShaMassage reviews, don’t forget to relieve yourself after being busy every day, help your body relieve fatigue, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of total body comfort.

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