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This Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening Store Evaluation

Shop Feature Price Environment Appointment Serve Transportation Evaluation
BRIGHTEETH Teeth Whitening Aesthetic Center Professional teeth whitening salon founded by dentists From $1,000 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆
Friends Beauty Friendship Beauty Lab A comfortable and relaxing teeth whitening experience From $1,680 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆
ビハクesthetics DIY teeth whitening all by yourself From $1,540 ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★★ ☆ ★★★ ☆☆

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Shi Yang
Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening Expert

Regular teeth whiteningShi Yang

Jessie Zhang
Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening Expert

Pay attention to the appearance of teethJessie Zhang

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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About Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in non-medical grade tooth whitening gel is less than 6%. It is a home-based tooth whitening product that can be legally operated by beauticians.Because its ingredients are mild and not easy to damage teeth, it usually takes 2-3 consecutive applications to achieve a significant improvement in color levels.

Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening Quick Review

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Friends Beauty Friendship Beauty Lab

Store introduction

Friends Beauty is located near Dayuan Mart and only a 3-minute walk from MRT Sanduo Shopping District Station.
The store is hidden in an alley in a residential area. Upon arrival, you need to send a LINE message and the beautician will come down and pick up the customer upstairs. The interior decoration is designed in warm colors and is full of taste...

Mystery guest evaluation

#Comfortable and relaxing teeth whitening experience

Before the teeth whitening course is carried out, the Friendly Beauty Research Center will provide customers with a brand new toothbrush to clean their teeth first, and then use a mouth opener to hold their mouth open and secure, while the current tooth color level will be tested and photos taken.
After lying on the beauty bed, the beautician carefully dried all the teeth and stuffed them with cotton for sucking saliva, and then...

Shi Yang

Regular teeth whiteningShi Yang

Environment: ★★★★★
Reservation: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Transportation: ★★★★☆


Store introduction

ビハクesthetic is located near Hedi Community in Sanmin District. It is a store on the first floor of the building. The first floor of the store sells nail art supplies and the teeth whitening courses are on the second floor.
The second floor is a small and exquisite space. In addition to the exclusive teeth-beautifying drone room, there are also many teeth-whitening related products on display for customers to choose from.
This dental beauty salon in Kaohsiung...

Mystery guest evaluation

#DIY Teeth Whitening all by yourself

This time, Shiyang took her husband to ビハクesthetics to experience the self-service Kaohsiung teeth whitening experience. The Beauty Teeth Drone Room is just like a coin-operated karaoke. It is very simple to operate as long as you follow the audio and video steps one by one.
First, you will use lip balm to moisturize your lips, then use a mouth opener to open your mouth and fix it...

Shi Yang

Regular teeth whiteningShi Yang

Environment: ★★★★☆
Reservation: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★☆
Transportation: ★★★☆☆

last of the last

The above are the recommendations for teeth whitening in Kaohsiung. TWOSEVENTHS Mysterious guest personally experienced 3 cold light teeth whitening stores in Kaohsiung.

Some are high-end experiences where a beautician provides full service, while others allow you to enjoy the fun of DIY. No matter which form it is, it has a certain cold light whitening effect. However, it should be noted that after the teeth whitening course, remember to avoid food for 24 hours, and do not touch foods that are easy to stain, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced!

If you want to improve your external beauty, you need to go to the factory for regular maintenance. In addition to the teeth whitening introduced this time, you also need to pay more attention to facial maintenance. I recommend this article.Kaohsiung facial surgery review, allowing you to show a confident smile while also having an attractive skin condition.

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