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Unn Chou
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Hate yellow teeth Unn

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 2

BRIGHTEETH Teeth Whitening Aesthetic Center is a teeth whitening brand founded by dentists. It has branches in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung,KaohsiungWaiting for four BRIGHTEETH branches. Since the founder is a dentist, the teeth whitening courses here incorporate past on-site experience in process design and product quality, strictly checking consumers on the front line, and the training team also pays great attention to dental care.

Taichung flagship store environment

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 4

This time Unn experienced the BRIGHTEETH Taichung flagship store, which is located on Taiwan Avenue near Zhongming South Road. The facade is a large floor-to-ceiling window. When the sun shines, it is as bright and comfortable as BRIGHTEETH's name.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 6

The whole store is designed with an open space and has a super high floor, and the main decoration is white, which gives people an elegant, fashionable and bright feeling. There is also a sofa area when you enter the door. If you come with friends to rest here It can be very comfortable!

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 8

The BRIGHTEETH tooth whitening beauty area has four sofa lounge chairs, but because the store has a large and spacious space, the space between the seats is sufficient, and even if it is full of four people, it will not feel crowded.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 10

BRIGHTEETH Taichung also has a personal exclusive VIP room. If you are concerned about personal privacy, you can ask in advance, but it is recommended to make an appointment in advance to participate in all courses, so as not to miss out!

Teeth Whitening Course Introduction

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 12

different from othersTeeth Whitening Store in Taichung, BRIGHTEETH teeth whitening course is a double course of 20+20 minutes, a total of 40 minutes, so you will receive two whitening skin care products and two red and blue light sessions.

During the chat, I learned that I would perform this operation twice because the founder, Dr. Zhuang, insists that everyone who wants to whiten their teeth can see the results in a quick and effective time.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 14

The first time is mainly to clean the tooth surface, and the second time is to go deeper into the tooth tubules to metabolize the deep pigment. Unn is going to experience the Double course this time, but if you are a friend who comes here for the first time, you can also experience the 20-minute course first. After you are familiar with the environment and products, you will continue to purchase courses if you feel suitable and interested.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 16

BRIGHTEETH Before teeth whitening, you will consult with a dental consultant to understand exactly the condition of your teeth before starting.

In fact, Unn was a little worried about whether it would hurt the teeth before the experience, but the consultant said that in fact, teeth whitening care is just like facial care. Cleaning the face and applying skin care products will not harm the skin. Teeth whitening is just like doing facial care. It's like cleaning the long-standing dirt on your teeth and then applying a layer of whitening care products!

Whitening products comply with national specifications

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 18

The products used by BRIGHTEETH are not pharmaceuticals or medicines. They are all skin care products that comply with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s certification. They also contain Made in Taiwan’s patented photocatalyst. They can be used with confidence under these professional certifications.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 20

And another thing I have to mention is that all BRIGHTEETH teeth whitening products use national qualified products. Such skin care products will not cause damage to tooth enamel. After listening to such a detailed explanation, Unn is really relieved.

Apply protective paste to prevent teeth from becoming sore

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 22

After brushing his teeth, with the help of a dental consultant, Unn applied a protective paste made of BRIGHTEETH original care product and Vaseline on his lips and gums.

The consultant said that it is not the teeth but the gums that cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, if the gums are properly isolated and protected, the soreness and softness caused by teeth whitening will be minimal.

Red and blue light

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 24

The final step is the red and blue lighting. Unn thinks it is worth mentioning that while operating, the beauty consultant will assist and explain, so that every action Unn is doing is very at ease, and he also knows more about whitening. Principles of teeth and tips on dental care.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 26

BRIGHTEETH's illuminator uses nationally qualified red and blue light illuminators. Even if the whitening care products only contain 6% of the photocatalyst component, the effect can be increased to 18% after illumination, which greatly improves the effectiveness of teeth whitening.

Moreover, their chairs are really easy to recline on, and Unn accidentally fell asleep several times!

final results

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 28

The consultant said that Unn's teeth are already quite white, but after two whitening procedures, they can also improve by 4-6 shades, and the teeth do not feel sore and soft during the two operations. If you can continue to operate and take good care of Maintenance can return to the original tooth color.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 30

The beautician recommends that if you want to maintain the color of your teeth for a long time, in addition to daily maintenance, you can also take a teeth whitening course once a month.

The price of BRIGHTEETH is very transparent. You can see the charging plan directly on the official website. Among them, Unn thinks the most special thing is the annual plan. In addition to being able to operate continuously for a whole year, the original 40-minute course can be upgraded to 60 minutes at a time.

Follow-up health education and precautions

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 32

After the course is over, the beauty consultant will give another post-maintenance health education, and especially remind you not to drink tea or coffee within 24 hours after whitening your teeth, or eat heavy flavors such as curry or spicy pot that are easy to color Food, so as not to greatly reduce the effectiveness of teeth whitening done today.

【台中 BRIGHTEETH 評價】牙醫師替你把關!40 分鐘紅藍光給你雙倍美白 34

In addition to the reminder card after whitening, BRIGHTEETH also provides pre-meal tooth/gum isolation cream. What’s even more unique is that it will send a handwritten blessing card. Unn was really surprised and cute when receiving it. It warms the heart and adds the finishing touch to the whole experience.

In addition to a unique set of double whitening and double lighting courses, BRIGHTEETH also doubles the level of warmth and thoughtfulness, which is impressive!

Mystery guest evaluation

During Unn's teeth whitening process at BRIGHTEETH in Taichung this time, there was not too much sales, and it made people feel very relaxed and comfortable. The dental consultant was very professional and attentive in taking care of Unn's feelings.

Unn feels that the best thing about them is that they will pay attention to you without making you feel stressed, and you will feel like you are being cared for. During the operation, they will also explain how to take care of your teeth and keep them white, so you can relax and feel better. Know how to take care of your teeth on a daily basis.

This 20+20 minutes total of 40 minutes experience, Unn not only felt the double whitening effect, but also the responsibility and persistence of BRIGHTEETH teeth whitening to customers, even the relatively cold tooth maintenance in the impression can also bring warmth to everyone I hope this Taichung BRIGHTEETH introduction will give you a more comprehensive understanding of teeth whitening. It is highly recommended to find out!

Unn Chou

Hate yellow teeth Unn

Reservation: ★★★★☆
Environment: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★☆
Transportation: ★★★★☆

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Designated and recommended by professional dentists, experience it once and you will feel it immediately! The trial price for new customers is only $1,000, and there is no forced sales, allowing you to experience it with peace of mind.

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