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Guguan Hot Spring enjoys the reputation of "Meiji Hot Spring". The hot spring water here is colorless and odorless, clear and transparent. There are also stone trails with a strong Japanese style nearby. In addition to enjoying the hot spring here, you can also enjoy many nearby forests. Walk the trails. this time TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Guguan couple’s hot spring houses that also have beds for bathing and resting. If you also like to relieve stress through hot spring baths, then be sure not to miss this article’s introduction to Guguan couple’s hot spring houses.

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Huilai Guguan Hot Spring Hotel

Huilai Guguan Hot Spring Resort is uniquely decorated in Balinese style with aboriginal totems. It provides eight types of double hot spring baths with beds. Among them, the 16-square-foot Princess Suite costs $6,580 per night. It has a dreamy double eight-foot bed with hanging curtains and a super spacious hot spring bath. It is recommended for couples with a high budget. In addition, this Guguan couple's hot spring house also offers a one-stop, one-dinner discount during the Spring Festival, which is recommended for couples who want to relax in a hot spring bath during the spring break.

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Luquan Hot Spring Resort

Designed by Shuiwu Group, the Luquan Resort Hot Spring Resort focuses on Japanese Zen style. There is a parking space in front of the hotel, opposite the bus station, and close to the shopping street. It has an excellent location. This Taichung Guguan Couple Hot Spring House has five suites to choose from. Among them, the Muquan double suite is priced at only $3,950 on weekdays. You can enjoy the Guanyin stone bath while admiring the scenery outside the window. You can also rest on the big bed when you are tired. It should be noted that there are no disposable supplies provided in the museum.

Four Seasons Hot Spring Resort

Taichung Four Seasons Hot Spring Resort was voted by netizens as one of the must-stay hotels in Taichung in 2019. The hotel focuses on Nanyang leisure style. In addition to providing double hot spring baths, there are also open-air hot springs, overlord springs and beauty hot springs for men and women, etc. Various projects. This Guguan Couple Hot Spring House has five suite options. Among them, the Muyun Love Room on the sixth floor is very popular among lovers. You can look out to the distant Eight Immortals Mountains from the highest point. It is recommended for couples who like mountain views to enjoy the hot spring.

Guguan Izu Japanese Open-air Hot Spring

The 20-year-old Guguan Izu Japanese open-air hot spring is a time-honored local hot spring brand in Guguan Hot Spring. It is located on the slope next to Guguan Hot Spring Shopping Street. It occupies the exclusive end of the slope and is quiet and convenient. There are four types of hot spring baths for couples to choose from. Each hot spring bath has a hot spring pool with bubble massage function. Among them, the Honeymoon Hot Spring House for lovers provides an open-air hot and cold double pool and a large bed. It costs $4,500 per night, which is very reasonable. , recommended for couples who care about privacy and like open-air hot springs.

Guguan Minggao Hot Spring

Guguan Minggao is located in the Guguan Hot Spring Scenic Area along the Dajia River. It is 2,000 meters above sea level and provides private parking spaces. This Guguan couple's hot spring house has four double room types to choose from, with preferential prices ranging from about $6,000 to $5,980. Among them, the creekside couple's hot spring house in the annex costs $XNUMX per night. It includes a large bed, a Japanese-style couch and a hot spring pool. What's even better is that it also provides an independent garage. You can drive your car directly into the room without having to find a parking space.

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Guguan unified resort

Guguan Unity Resort is located in Heping District, Taichung City, only a 3-minute drive from Snow Mountain National Park. It has an excellent location. There are two types of hot spring baths for two people in the hotel: landscape and street view. The street view and foreign hot spring baths for two are decorated with the theme of Atayal weaving pattern. It is worth mentioning that this Guguan couple’s hot spring house also provides double camping tents, which is recommended for couples who like to camp without equipment and enjoy hot springs. After bathing in the hot springs, they can also get close to nature in the beautiful luxury camping tent.

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Lichi Shanshui Hot Spring Resort

Lichi Shanshui Hot Spring Hotel is different from other Guguan Hot Spring Hotels in that it does not follow the Japanese-style hot spring hotel design. The blue and white Mediterranean-style building on the exterior makes people feel as relaxed and leisurely as in Little Greece. The hotel provides a wide range of hot spring room types. There are seven types of hot spring rooms for couples to choose from. Among them, the price of a 2-hour stay in the Lizhi Guanshan hot spring room for two people is $3,000. The room has hot and cold hot spring pools, a large bed and a sofa area. You can rest.

Guguan Meiji Hot Spring Hotel

Meiji Hot Spring Hotel is the first hotel in Guguan Hot Spring Lane. It is built with slate and gray glazed roof tiles, full of Japanese style. This Guguan Hot Spring Hotel has two buildings, A and B respectively, offering a total of six different hot spring rooms for couples; ranging from standard double rooms priced at $2,600 a night on weekdays to luxury exclusive couple rooms priced at $6,600 a night. The spacious public pool is available and is recommended for couples who want to take a bath and stroll around Guguan.

Guguan Hot Spring Hotel

Guguan Hot Spring Hotel has a long history of opening. It was renovated in 73 and is a time-honored hot spring hotel in Guguan. There are two couples' hot spring rooms to choose from, namely Yazhi and VIP double rooms. Among them, Yazhi double hot spring room only costs $2,799 per night on weekdays. Although the hot spring pool is not big, the room has a balcony with a view and the price is affordable, so the CP value is very high. . This Guguan couple's hot spring house is recommended for bourgeois couples to spend the night and take a bath to relieve stress.

Guguan Hongxi Noya

Guguan Hoshinoya is a top luxury resort hotel brand owned by Japan's Hoshino Resorts, and is known as one of the most difficult to book hot spring hotels in Taiwan. It is worth mentioning that almost all the rooms in the hotel are Chinese-style, and the bedroom area and hot spring area are located on different floors. One of the couple's hot spring baths, which costs about $12,000 a night, offers a hot spring bath that can accommodate more than four people, large floor-to-ceiling windows with mountain views, and a bathroom with two sinks. It is definitely one of the best choices for couples with high budgets.

The above are the recommendations for Guguan couple’s hot spring house this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Guguan Couple Hot Spring Resorts with beds for resting in the hothouses, some of which are certified by Mysterious Guest himself. Each hot spring resort provides a variety of double hot spring room types. In addition to soaking in hot springs to relieve stress, there are also many restaurants that offer Japanese brunch, afternoon tea and exquisite dinner services. Overall, Guguan Wen Hotel has all types of rooms, whether it is a couple's hot spring house that you want to review, or a luxurious high-end double hot spring house that can satisfy you.

For couples who just want to rest and don’t want to stay overnight, you can refer toTaichung hot spring recommendation. In addition to relaxing in hot springs, you can also relieve stress through massage. You can refer toTaichung Essential Oil SPA,Taichung Reflexology Massage , go directly to relax after work one day and give your body a rest. No matter how busy or tired you are from work or class, you must remember to take a good rest so that your body will not be exhausted.

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