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In the season of cold snaps, "Where to go to play when the weather is cold?" has become a question in many people's minds. this time TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 activities that can be experienced during cold currents, including hot springs, jjimjilbangs, and rock baths. Even if a super cold current hits and others are not going anywhere at home, you can still have a warm and unforgettable time.

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Even if the cold snap comes, I still want to play. Wen

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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The hot water of the hot spring can quickly warm the body and effectively relieve the muscle tension and cold feeling caused by the cold current. When the weather is cold and you want to go somewhere to play,Beitou Hot Spring ,Wulai Hot Spring,Yangmingshan Hot Spring,Guguan Hot SpringPopular hot springs have become the best place to quickly relieve muscle fatigue and bring physical and mental relief.

Secondly, hot spring water is rich in minerals, which is essential for improving dry skin in the cold season. These minerals can moisturize the skin, making it more tender and smooth during the cold snap. This natural skin care effect is one of the reasons why hot springs have become the holy grail of health and beauty.

In addition, hot spring bathing can promote blood circulation and increase the supply of oxygen in the blood, thus improving the body's metabolism. This has a positive impact on maintaining good health and increasing immunity, especially in a cold environment.

Sweat curtain

When the overbearing cold wave hits, if you don’t want to be locked up at home, you can also try the Jjimjilbang from South Korea. You can experience the authentic Korean fun there without going to South Korea in person. Through the hot and humid environment of the steam room, you can feel your body gradually relaxing in the cold season, which can also help relieve muscle tension. It can also provide a pleasant physical and mental relaxation experience, sweeping away the chill in the cold wave. And empty.

In addition, the fun of jjimjilbang is not only the moist and hot healing environment, but also includes a variety of rich activities. For example, you can get a soothing massage in a steam room, which not only helps relieve muscle fatigue but also improves your overall sense of relaxation. This fun experience makes jjimjilbangs ideal for cold weather. The steamed buns that often appear in Korean dramas are also a must-see attraction during the Jjimjilbang scene.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Stone of Light Steam Curtain

Light Stone Energy Steam Club is near Nanjing Sanmin MRT Station. There are rest areas, dressing rooms, and two steam rooms in the store. The floor of the steam room is paved with special electric stones, allowing customers to interact with negative ions under far-infrared rays. To achieve the best effect of the course of treatment.One experience consists of 40 minutes of steaming and 30 minutes of sweating.

View the full introduction of Light Stone

Kaohsiung - Natural Mud·Sweat Steam

Natural Mu Sweat Steam has two branches in Kaohsiung. The interior decoration of the store is simple and elegant. The three steam rooms are all made of fragrant fir wood, Bianstone, diatomaceous earth, and rose salt rock, which are rich in trace minerals and organic compounds.At the end, a health-preserving meal will be provided, and the menu will be changed from time to time. It is a steaming scene with both detoxification and nutritional supplements.

Bedrock bath

If you are intolerant of high temperatures but want to warm up your body, then rock bathing is the best choice for fun in cold weather. Compared with ordinary steam ovens or saunas, the temperature conditions of rock baths are relatively mild, requiring only room temperature of 40°C. This makes rock bathing relatively less burdensome on the human body and more suitable for frail and older people.

In addition, the far-infrared rays and negative ions released by the mineral are both of great benefit to the body. Far-infrared rays can penetrate deep into the skin, increase the temperature inside the body, activate cells, promote blood circulation, and help improve metabolism. At the same time, the release of negative ions also helps reduce static electricity in the air and relieve physical fatigue and stress. It is an experience that can warm up the body while achieving maintenance effects when the overlord-level cold snap comes.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Rock Pan Beauty Bath

Yanpan Mei Yu Yu has four branches in Taipei. Among them, the Guangfu store in the East District is near Exit 2 of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. The overall atmosphere is very Japanese-style with forest wood tone, and the space makes people feel comfortable and relaxed.In addition to rock baths, the store also offers different body massage courses, such as the deep awakening of Fushi agate, which can have the effect of deep fascia relaxation!

View the full introduction of Yanpan Meiyuyou

face care

On days when the cold snap comes, choosing a facial is not only a pleasant beauty treatment, but also an effective way to combat low temperature and dry weather. Cold weather in winter is often accompanied by low temperatures and dry air, which poses considerable challenges to the skin. The face is the most affected area and can easily become rough and dry due to loss of moisture. Therefore, facials have become an important beauty habit, especially in the cold season.

During facial care, the beautician will also use facial masks and skin care products containing moisturizing ingredients. The moisturizing ingredients in these products can moisturize and form a protective barrier to prevent water loss and effectively resist the damage to the skin from cold wind and rain. . Regular facial moisturizing and moisturizing can keep the skin hydrated and significantly reduce the discomfort caused by cold weather on the skin.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Donna Salon

Donna Salon provides a variety of facial care courses and curve liposculpture. The experience process includes skin condition consultation, personal skin type analysis and recommendation of suitable courses. Guests can make a single purchase without purchasing a course or becoming a member. The store has complete facilities, including storage lockers, changing rooms, bathrooms, and sterilized toiletries. The facial care area is equipped with a personal independent semi-open box, and the environment exudes a light woody aroma.

Nail art

The impact of the cold weather on hand skin in winter cannot be ignored. Low temperature and dry air may cause the skin on your hands to become dry and cracked, so hand care becomes particularly important. Manicure is not only for beauty, but also a pleasant way of caring for your hands.

During the manicure process, not only can the nails be polished and repaired, but the skin around the nails can also be cared for. Taking care of the skin on your hands can help reduce dryness and discomfort caused by cold weather. After the cuticles and dead skin around the nails are removed, the skin on the hands will be smoother and more delicate, and it will be easier to absorb moisturizing products such as hand cream to form a protective barrier.

In addition, choosing warm-toned manicure can bring a sense of warmth visually. Warm colors not only add sparkle to the overall look, but also help to soothe the chill of cold weather. This kind of visual enjoyment makes manicure a way of hand care that is not only practical, but also can enhance your mood.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - AN salon Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics

AN Salon Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics is located near Exit 3 of Zhongshan MRT Station. It provides multiple beauty services such as manicure, eyelashes, hair removal, hand and foot care, and breast massage. The equipment in the store is advanced and complete, and it can provide services such as manicure, foot gel, eyelashes, and hand and foot care at the same time. There are multiple manicurists on duty in the store, so you can get your nails done beautifully without making an appointment. If the Zhongshan store is full, we can help arrange for you to go to other branches.

View the complete introduction to Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics


In the cold season, people often feel their ears are cold, and ear picking is not only a health care behavior to clean the ears, but also a beauty therapy that is beneficial to the body and mind. The massage and cleaning movements performed during the ear picking process help promote blood circulation around the ear canal, thereby increasing the warmth sensation in the ear. This massage stimulation helps to clear the blood vessels and allow the blood to flow better, which can help relieve the cold feeling in the ears.

In addition to promoting blood circulation, ear picking can also achieve the effect of relaxing nerves. During the ear picking process, the acupuncture points and meridians of the ears are stimulated, which helps relieve body tension and improves the overall sense of relaxation. Therefore, choosing ear picking in cold weather is not only to keep your ears clean, but also to improve your ability to adapt to cold weather and enjoy overall physical and mental comfort.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Lubaobao Ear Picking SPA

Lubaobaby has two branches in Taipei, the Sanchong Founding Store and the Neihu Flagship Store. It provides full appointment-based ear picking services in Taipei, from ear picking, silver bead eye washing, eye pressure relief, eye atomization SPA, facial muscle pulling , ear candle SPA, neck, shoulder and head pressure relief, complete eye to shoulder and neck relaxation services, suitable for all people with high pressure in life.

View the complete introduction of Lubaobao’s ear-picking

Kaohsiung - Tammy's

There are five floors of comfortable and large space in the store, each floor is designed with different services, and there is an exclusive service area for women.The space design is mainly based on warm wood tones, and earth tones are used to make people relax physically and mentally.The experience of ear candle purification lasts about 80 minutes, and you can experience ear picking and ear candle at the same time, as well as exclusive singing bowl healing.

View the full introduction of ear fans

Vietnamese hair shampoo

Vietnamese hair shampoo not only focuses on hair care, but also provides facial cleansing and massage. There is no need to move during the whole process. You only need to lie comfortably on the beauty bed to enjoy a very relaxing healing journey. This kind of service feature allows customers to feel head discomfort in cold weather while keeping their whole body warm.

Some Vietnamese shampoo stores even provide personal boxes and add-on services, providing a customized service experience and increasing the convenience of overall care. This design allows customers to more focused on experiencing the rich services they need while enjoying Vietnamese-style hair washing.

Therefore, in cold weather, choosing to experience the all-round care from head to toes in Vietnamese hair shampoo is not only a care for your hair, but also a very pleasant winter care journey. Here, in addition to the warm pleasure of the head, there is also incomparable comfort felt throughout the body.

Foot massage

Cold temperatures can easily make your feet feel cold, and foot massage is an effective way to quickly increase blood circulation. By massaging the acupuncture points and muscles on the soles of the feet, it can promote blood flow, accelerate the body's metabolism, and relieve the cold feeling on the feet. This kind of massage can also help relieve foot fatigue, improve sleep quality, and combat the physical discomfort that cold weather may bring.

Therefore, choosing to experience foot massage in cold weather is not only a care for the feet, but also a warm treatment for the whole body. This pleasant massage experience not only improves the cold feeling on your feet, but also brings warmth and relief to your whole body. During the relaxing time of foot massage, feel the wonderful feeling of cold being replaced by warmth.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taoyuan - Zeye Oriental Health Manor

Zeye Oriental Health Manor is located in Taoyuan Cultural Zone. It is a massage parlor introduced from Taipei. The museum provides a variety of massage services, including foot massage, acupressure, oil pressure, facial beauty and ear candling to relieve stress, and provides single service or package options. The masseur lineup includes both men and women and provides professional massage services. After the service, customers can enjoy homemade healthy snacks and hotpot pasta.

View the complete introduction of Zeye Oriental Health Manor


Cold weather is often associated with body tightness and muscle discomfort, and the warm massages and treatments at a spa are ideal for resolving these issues. Professional technicians use natural essential oils for massage, which can penetrate deeply into the skin, promote body relaxation, relieve stress, and bring a sense of pleasure to the whole body. This is not only beneficial to muscle relaxation, but also improves the condition of the skin, promotes blood circulation, and makes the body feel warm and pleasant in cold weather.

During SPA treatments, the aroma of aromatherapy essential oils can also soothe the mind and bring peace of mind, body, and soul. This comprehensive physical and mental relaxation experience not only relieves people from the cold, but also improves the quality of life throughout the winter. Therefore, choosing to experience a SPA in cold weather is not only a way to care for your body, but also a journey of warmth and healing for your body, mind and soul.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Shuizhijing SPA

Shuizhijing SPA focuses on customization for individual customers, rather than a set of courses for all customers.At present, there are more than 60 kinds of SPA courses for body courses, and 30 to 40 kinds of facial courses, and each set of SPA treatment courses has exclusive hand skills and essential oils, so that customers can get complete relief.

View the full introduction of Shuizhijing


Cold weather often makes people long for a cozy place to protect themselves from the cold, and motels are the perfect place to fulfill that need. This accommodation offers comfortable beds and heating to keep guests warm on cold nights. What's more, some motels also provide facilities such as private jacuzzis, comfortable lounge chairs, and steam rooms, which make people feel a romantic and relaxing atmosphere during the winter time.

When staying at a motel, you can immerse yourself in the healing jacuzzi in the privacy of your space, or enjoy a moment of tranquility on a comfortable lounge chair. The steam room provides a unique way to relax and achieve a deep sense of comfort for the body and mind. This kind of experience makes people feel a touch of warmth and joy in the cold weather, adding more wonderful memories to the winter vacation.

The above are the recommended activities for this cold wave. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 options for you to play in cold weather. These ten activities are not only a way to care for your body, but also a way to relax and heal yourself. When the weather is cold, don’t forget to give yourself a little warmth and care to make this winter full of joy and beautiful memories. Whether you're enjoying some alone time or spending time with your loved ones, these activities create a warm, cold-weather time. Let us welcome the cold, find warmth, and enjoy the wonderful time in winter.

Cold snaps are often accompanied by cold winter rain. If the planned itinerary is disrupted by rainy days, this articleRecommended rainy day registration activities in TaipeiSave it first and organize 10 rainy day indoor activities for you, so you don’t have to ask others where to go on a rainy day.

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