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Four grids of life or photo stickers, no matter which one you are familiar with, now that the Y2K style is in power, the photo sticker machines that were once popular in the streets and alleys have also returned to the mainstream with this wave of popularity.this time TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Korean-style photo sticker machines in Taipei recommended stores, various styles of templates and special effects, satisfy your imagination of Y2K, and express your own style and emotions casually. In the small photo stickers, leave Make precious memories.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Korean photo sticker machine expert
I often grab friends to take pictures and post them Wen

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Recommended stores for Korean photo sticker machines in Taipei

Four grids of life

Four Frames of Life can be said to be the first Korean-style photo-sticker store in South Korea in this wave of photo-posting trend. There are also direct-operated stores in Taipei, and the No. XNUMX store in Taiwan is in Shilin Night Market.Four grids of life will cooperate with popular Hallyu stars every once in a while, and launch a limited time frame. Fans don't have to go all the way to Korea, and they can leave memorable photos with groups such as SEVENTEEN and IVE in Taipei photo.


THE FILM Seoul, which also came to Taiwan from South Korea, mainly focuses on four-frame photos of life featuring transparent borders. The clear and transparent texture is full of Y2K imagination.The border is not limited to four grids, there are nine grids and twelve grids. In addition to getting the finished photos after the photo is posted, a video will also be provided, and the photos can be made into a key ring, which can be kept with you at any time as a souvenir.


JOY&RAY Korean style photo sticker machine has four stores in Taipei, mainly located in Xinyi Village, Att4Fun, Jingzhan and other department stores.In addition, this Taipei Korean-style photo sticker machine will also cooperate with the film to launch a limited-time frame.

Kacha CAJA

Kacha CAJA has two branches in Taipei, both located in the lively Ximending.This Taipei Korean-style photo sticker machine shop can not only take photos of the four frames of life, but also provides Korean school uniforms, which can not only be worn immediately after taking photos, but also provide school uniform rental services. You can rent them for two hours to take pictures on Ximending Road. You can also rent it for a whole day.There are various types of Korean uniforms in the store, and the scene for taking photos is mainly pink, full of girlish hearts.


Snapshot has as many as 11 branches in Taipei, and you can see this Taipei Korean-style photo sticker shop in popular business districts such as Zhongshan, Ximen, Xinyi, and Gongguan.In addition to the rich photo items in the store, the most special thing is that the background of the photo frame has a lot of designs. In addition to the name of the illustration, there will also be a Korean star support area every month, openly soliciting frames created by fans themselves. idols in the same frame.

Freeze Film

Freeze Film, which started from Taichung Yizhong business district, is located in Shilin Night Market in Taipei.The store provides many lovely headgears, and also cooperates with flower shops to make super beautiful bouquets in the store.The biggest difference from other Taipei Korean-style photo sticker machines is that in addition to providing Korean school uniforms, there are also Harry Potter-style school uniforms that can be worn, and they have embarked on a different path in the Y2K style.


Fourpics has two branches in Ximen and Shilin Night Market. The store mainly provides time-lapse videos of the shooting process. After shooting, you can directly scan the QR code to download. It is rare to have a Korean-style photo-sticking machine store in Taipei that provides such a service.The store is dominated by blue and white tones, and a large number of Y2K-style headgear, glasses, and various prop decorations are the highlights of the photos and videos.


SMILE Korean-style photo stickers are located in the alleys of the Zhongshan business district. The design is dominated by cement tones. Compared with other Taipei Korean-style photo stickers stores with colorful and lively styles, it is low-key, but the overall design is still very in line with the so-called Hip in Korea. Style.There are no shop assistants in the store, in order to provide customers with a stress-free environment for taking photos, and it is recommended for those who are shy and afraid of being noticed by others.

99C Film

99C Film is located in Shilin Night Market, one of the main gathering places of Korean style photo-posting machines in Taipei. In addition to the general head-up lens, you can also choose a top-down lens or a fisheye lens to make a four-frame photo of your life. More personal touch.In addition, the fee is very low. You can take one photo in another store, and you can take two photos here. It is recommended for petty bourgeoisie who want to pursue unique styles.

Seoulful studio

Seoulful Studio is located near Yonghe Dingxi MRT Station. It is a photo studio that specializes in taking Korean ID photos.This Taipei Korean-style photo sticker shop has photographers to provide shooting services. Professionals can improve the quality of the four-frame photos in life. But if you are shy, the store also provides a self-service photo mode. You can pick up the shutter yourself and don’t be afraid. It will be embarrassing if there are photographers, and they will also provide retouching services.

The above is the recommendation of the Korean-style photo sticker machine in Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Korean-style photo sticker stores in Taipei that provide four-frame photos of life.In this digital age, the photos of precious memories become the archives of computer and mobile phones, so the photos that are actually developed and posted make people feel the unique sensibility and romance of the analog era.Different from traditional ordinary photos, Korean photo stickers have many frames to choose from, and you can also use Y2K-style backgrounds and props and accessories in the store to make photos more storytelling and commemorative.In addition to the photo sticker machine, if you also want to experience the Korean-style ID photos that have been popular in Korea for a long time, don’t miss this articleRecommendations for Korean-style passport photos in Taipei.

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