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Taipei Escape Room: This Case is a bit Big. How about the evaluation?let TWOSEVENTHS Tell you!This time, the mysterious guest Tessa will make an in-depth evaluation of the Case launched by Login Escape Room Studio, which will help you sort out information such as the introduction of the room, the difficulty of the game, the experience of being free from thunder, and even the price and charge.This ultra-detailed practical experience answers all your questions about this Case is a bit Big.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Room Escape Master
I like chambers of secrets but I'm afraid of ghosts Tessa

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store:LoGin Escape Room
Experience project:This Case is a bit Big
Experience date: 2021.09.25

This Case is a bit Big. Introduction to the secret room

This Case is a bit Big Chamber Outline

The LoGin Detective Agency recently received a strange commission letter from an anxious mom who claims her missing 10-year-old son has been kidnapped by evil scientists.But when the detective agency contacted her, she firmly denied sending the letter, and the case was closed...

But this mother suddenly contacted the detective agency and said that she had sneaked into the scientist's research institute, hoping that we could send detectives to assist her, but there was no manpower available for a while...

You look pretty smart, can I help you?here it isThis mother's LINE.Um!Then trouble you!

*Click the link to play the leading LINE puzzle game "This Case is a bit Big" for free

This Case is a bit Big

Suitable number of people
2-6 people
Experience time
110 minutes
Suitable for
price fee

This case is a bit big without thunder

Login studio recommends the secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 5

In the second half of 2021, Login Escape Room, which has been hit by Escape Room fans for a long time, finally launched a new Escape Room theme: This Case is a bit Big!This game claims to be the world's smallest "smallest" escape room. The game can be easily started with a minimum of 2 people, and can be broken through by 6 people with no burden of division of labor.played the first oneWaiting For Someone・Tomb RaiderTessa, who has fallen in love with LoGin since then, will certainly not miss it this time. Immediately call a team of 4 to solve the puzzle.

Login studio recommends the secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 6

This Case is a bit big, and it is impossible to guess what kind of escape room it is just by looking at the name.But don't worry, this time LoGin also launched a novel way of playing – LINE leading, simply put, it is a trial version!

As long as you join the exclusive LINE account, you can follow the instructions to experience several leading puzzles and quickly understand the direction of the game.The best part is that the LINE prelude is free, so that everyone who is curious about the Big plot of this Case can feel the charm of this secret room in this way; after the conversation, you can decide whether to help Mommy Luo save her son.

Login studio recommends the secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 3

All famous detectives who are good at digging clues, the rescue mission begins!After entering the room, what you see is the same space as the previous game, but there are some differences, and then test the detectives' observation and memory.

As the game introduction on the official website said: "A fantasy adventure that happened in a suitcase, how can there be such a big suitcase in the world?", this Case is a bit Big. The background of the game takes place in the suitcase, and the player seems to be shrunk. After photographing, all the props that can be seen and touched are presented in an unexpected state.

Login studio recommends the secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 4

Tessa couldn't help but let out an octave of awe as she stepped into the main scene!In order to avoid thunderstorms, please experience this shock directly on the spot!

Compared toWaiting For Someone・Tomb Raider, this Case is a bit big and there are not many space transformations, but the details and the layout of the scene still fascinate everyone.It is so exquisite that there is no place that cannot be touched. It not only escapesEscape Room TaipeiMost of the restrictions were once again succumbed to Login's perfectionism.

Login studio recommends the secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 2

After chatting with the staff, I found out that Login is willing to spend a few extra months refining the details of the props, just to ensure the authenticity of the props and allow players to have a more complete game experience!It made Tessa really want to go back and take photos with each arrangement, and play with all the details of the scene that she couldn't experience because she was concentrating on saving her son.

Login studio recommends secret room] This case is a bit big and mine-free experience experience 1

Not only is the art design fascinating, but the levels are also closely linked with the development of the plot. After the whole game, there are surprises and crying points (?!), and the Login detective assistant will guide them appropriately to help the detectives complete the game. Commissioned by Mom Luo.

This case is a bit big. This new game is worthy of the long wait of LoGin fans. The difficulty of the puzzles is not very difficult. For beginners of secret room escape, it can be said to be a good choice; Unfortunately, the exquisite and realistic props with a super high degree of restoration can definitely refresh the three views of the veterans of the secret room!

Mystery guest evaluation

Tessa thought it was a fantasy and suspense room escape at first, but it was not that simple until the moment it ended.There are suspense that makes people wonder what will happen, scenes that make people feel childish, puzzles that test knowledge, and even moving plots. Tessa is a bit busy with emotional changes, but she is quite satisfied with the plot and scene design .While looking for clues in the main scene, I am happy, without the pressure of escaping, but enjoying the current puzzle solving, which is a rare feeling for real people to escape from the secret room!

This Case is a bit Big and moderately difficult, and the number of people can be two to six. Tessa and three partners spent about 60 minutes to complete this time.A small reminder, the free LINE prelude game is recommended for all players to play, in order to experience this room escape more completely. Tessa spent about 30 minutes (sweat) without prompting, for the reference of players who want to challenge this Case a bit Big.

Brain burning: ★★★☆☆
Scene: ★★★★★
Special: ★★★★★
Accessibility: ★★★★☆

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