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Escape Room Taipei: Waiting for Someone・Tomb Robbery?let TWOSEVENTHS Tell you!This time, the mysterious guest Tessa will conduct an in-depth review of Waiting for One - Tomb Raider launched by Login Escape Room Studio, and help you sort out information such as the introduction of the room, the difficulty of the game, the experience of being free from thunder, and even the price and charge.This ultra-detailed practical experience answers all your questions about Waiting for a Person·Tomb Robbery.

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store:LoGin Escape Room
Experience project:Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider
Experience date: 2020.12.25

Waiting for someone: Tomb Raider

Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider Outline

In the Western Desert
A mysterious ancient tomb suddenly appeared
The owner of the tomb is the long-lost Queen Loulan

The government sent an archaeological team to investigate
But they mysteriously lost contact

So the government secretly sent the tomb robbers to go again
Exactly, what will you find inside...?

Waiting For Someone·Tomb Raiders Information

Suitable number of people
2-8 people
Experience time
110 minutes
Suitable for
price fee

Waiting For Someone·Tomb Raider Without Thunder Experience

LoGin Escape Room Review 31

Tomb Raider is a very popular type of game in the real-life escape room market. Because it is beyond reality, players can use the room escape game to become a gold captain and fulfill their dream of making a fortune.In the game Waiting For One - Tomb Raiders, players will become one of the members of Captain Mojin, accept the secret entrustment of the government, and under the leadership of the team leader, go to the desert of the Western Regions in the 1960s to find the whereabouts of the archaeological team.

LoGin Escape Room Review E. Tomb 13

For the entire mission, the tomb robbers will have 80 minutes, which is quite enough, and there is no need to be afraid of slowing down the progress of the mission because of being distracted by the realistic scene.In addition, because of the age you are in and the scene setting of the ancient tomb, you need to be mentally prepared to advance and take risks under dim lights; at the same time, remember to wear clothes that are easy to move in order to have fun!

Waiting for someone to rob a tomb (2)

After experiencing the whole game of Waiting For Someone Tomb Raider, Tessa felt that she could summarize three game features: "realistic scene", "real NPC", and "immersive experience".Next, let Tessa explain these 3 points in detail for everyone without thunderstorms!

Taipei escape room waiting for a person to rob a tomb

1. Realistic scenes

When they were ready to log in to the tomb robber, the door opened, and the group of people exclaimed in unison with a tacit understanding.We seem to step into the world that only appears in movies, and we really take the means of transportation that we often use when we go out on missions. Therefore, Tessa's adrenaline soars upwards, and his thoughts can be pulled into the secret room to escape more quickly in the game story.

Waiting for someone to rob a tomb (4)

2. Live NPC

Wait for someone. The captain of the tomb robber (that is, the little angel that is common in the escape room game in Taipei), is different from most of the escape room Taipei studios. It is not just the object that the player can ask when the player is stuck in a level, but will communicate with the player. Characters who actually participate in the game together. The little angel of LoGin’s escape room is like an NPC that you often encounter when playing video games. Players can interact with it and get different reactions, and know the possible direction of the next step, making it easier for players to immerse themselves in the game. It is very suitable Players who like Little Angel Follow.

LoGin Escape Room Review E. Tomb 081

3. Immersive experience

Once inside the ancient tomb, the real experiment begins.In the process of excavating treasures and searching for clues, the group of people always felt like they were in a maze and couldn't get out of the tomb. The degree of treachery gradually increased. With the real NPC featured by Login Escape Room Studio, the sense of integration was even deeper!In addition to maximizing the features of real-life escape rooms, Login is also very good at mechanism design, which made Tessa and her friends exclaim during the game.

LoGin Escape Room Review 12

However, it is worth noting that the design of some organs will scare people with claustrophobia. If you are afraid of players in a small and dark environment, it is recommended to consider your physical condition before deciding whether to challenge

Mystery guest evaluation

The scene of waiting for someone and robbing the tomb is very careful and sincere, taking into account the places that most escape room studios will not pay attention to, even the floor has been worked hard! Tessa believes that Waiting for Someone - Tomb Raider is moderately brain-burning and suitable for novices to experience. Even veterans don’t have to worry about being bored. There are many exciting places waiting for you to explore.

The most amazing thing about Tessa in the LoGin escape room studio is the captain whose acting skills are commendable!The captain (little angel) will accompany and participate in the whole process, and use the way of acting to allow players to better integrate into the story situation, and there will be no sense of "there are a few minutes left" at all. Recommended for people who like immersive experience escape rooms players.

Brain burning: ★★★☆☆
Scene: ★★★★★
Special: ★★★★☆
Accessibility: ★★★★☆

LoGin Room Escape Store Details

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