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Escape Room Taipei: Spy War 1941, how is it rated?let TWOSEVENTHS Tell you!This time, the mysterious guest Tessa will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the spy war 1941 launched by the stupid room escape studio, and help you sort out information such as the introduction of the secret room, the difficulty of the game, the experience of no thunder, and even the price and charge.This ultra-detailed practical experience answers all your questions about Spy War 1941.

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I like chambers of secrets but I'm afraid of ghosts Tessa

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As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Experience store:idiot studio
Experience Project: Spy War 1941
Experience date: 2020.11.23

Description of Spy War 1941 Chamber of Secrets

Spy War 1941 Chamber of Secrets Outline

In the middle of the twentieth century, devastating wars broke out around the world. The key to winning the war is not force, but "intelligence".

"We intercept thousands of encrypted telegrams from the enemy every day. If they cannot be deciphered, these messages are just noises on the battlefield; otherwise, if we can understand the rules of encoding, we can turn the tide of the battle." 』

As a result, the Allied Forces sent several batches of false surrender soldiers into the prisoner-of-war camp to perform a secret mission: "Steal the enemy's intelligence coding rules and escape from the prisoner-of-war camp #Operation Code-CROW"

Spy War 1941 Chamber of Secrets

Suitable number of people
6-8 people
Experience time
100 minutes
Suitable for
Experienced person
price fee

Spy War 1941 Experience Without Thunder

Stupid Studio Taipei Spy War 1941 04

Spy War 1941 Escape Room is just like the name of the game. Players will enter the time tunnel and go back to World War II. They will become intelligence agents and sneak into enemy prisoner-of-war camps, trying to obtain correct information and successfully escape from the prison to turn the tide of the war!Before officially entering the secret room escape space, the little angel will warm up everyone's minds at the door, helping the intelligence agents remember the purpose of the trip and turn on the intelligence detection switch in advance.

Stupid studio spy war 1941 07

Tessa and her friends have a total of 8 intelligence agents. In the limited 70 minutes, they not only need to use knowledge in various fields, sometimes scientific principles, sometimes cryptography, but also have a certain amount of physical strength to flexibly shuttle between various agencies. , parse the correct information.A group of people seems to be transformed into a senior spy in a movie scene. They must be gentle and empathetic, so that half of us who are not novice escape room players need to be reminded by the little angel several times in order to discover the strangeness. Tessa recommends Spy War 1941 For players who like to challenge the flexibility of the brain!

Stupid studio spy war 1941 05

It is worth noting that as an intelligence officer who sneaks into the enemy's army, in addition to observing the subtleties, he also needs to closely share information with his companions in order to brainstorm and successfully turn the tide of battle.If you can't find a way right now, or when you discover new information, please remember to call out and ask your allies to help.You will find that it takes more than one person to decipher the intelligence and escape from the prison.

Stupid studio spy war 1941 02

The role of the little angel in Spy War 1941 is even more indispensible. In addition to reminding us to grasp the time and division of labor and cooperation in the game, he will also lead us to solve puzzles in a way that stimulates thinking after the end, instead of directly publishing the answer. A branch line and easter eggs will not be missed, so that we all have a complete Taipei room escape game experience.

Mystery guest evaluation

Spy War 1941 is a Taipei escape room in which the devil hides in the details, and the intelligence agent's investigative ability and cooperation skills must be used to successfully complete the task.Everyone who has successfully deciphered and escaped from the prison cell has a feeling that there are not many puzzles, but how time passes so quickly. This is a room escape game that gives Tessa a deep "sudden realization" feeling, and I always feel smarter again. Tessa thinks that Spy War 1941 is too difficult and suitable for players who have secret room experience; if you are a novice player, it is recommended to find at least 8 people to experience the thrill of being a special agent!

Brain burning: ★★★★★
Scene: ★★★★☆
Special: ★★★★☆
Accessible: ★★★★★

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