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TWOSEVENTHS At the end of 2023, Taiwan's first Michelin Activity Awards will be held. This award covers 10 popular activity themes, including massage, games, water sports, rock climbing, diving, yoga, fitness, beauty, and handicrafts. Among these different types of experience activities, 9 high-quality gold medal stores stood out according to each theme. The following is the introduction of each award-winning store. Everyone is welcome to visit!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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2023 Event Michelin Awards Awards Video

Massage category: Zheng Gu Guan Body Sculpting Center

The owner of the Zheng Gu Guan Body Sculpting Center started his career as a fitness trainer in the early days. As he got stronger and stronger, he also found that his body was getting stiffer and stiffer. It was not until he suffered from muscle membrane inflammation that he met a man while traveling south to look for a plastic surgeon. A master chef discovered that the injury was caused by a lack of understanding of his own body. Therefore, the boss decided to learn the skills from the old master. He also insisted on inheriting the old master’s plastic surgery techniques and helping more people, so he established the Zheng Gu Guan Body Sculpting Center. Zheng Gu Guan Body Sculpting Center hopes that through three cycles of fitness, bone alignment, and correct muscle exertion, it can not only help customers have a good-looking posture, but also no longer suffer from back pain.

I was very happy to be selected for the first Michelin Awards. After I found that people were voting more and more actively, I contacted my past customers one by one to ask them to vote. Because I had served everyone well in the past, I was deeply loved by the customers who had been helped by my boss. They did not hesitate to help canvass for votes, and finally won the gold medal in the massage category! In the future, we will not forget our original intention and continue to do a good job in the rehabilitation part, and hope to expand from the current one rehabilitation bed to more than three, and add aerial yoga and singing bowl experiences, so that everyone can relax in addition to hard-core bones and muscles. , you can also feel the liberation on the spiritual level.

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Game Category: Idiot Studio

The entrepreneurial story of Idiot Studio is very interesting. In 2013, a group of people who were still college students decided to challenge an escape room that was said to have a clearance rate of only 5%. They originally went there with the intention of kicking the game, and successfully passed all the levels, but... I was stuck in the last level for 30 minutes, and unfortunately failed in the end. However, it was precisely because this failure stimulated everyone's competitive spirit, and they decided to make fun games on their own, which is why the Idiot Escape Room Studio, which is now loved by everyone, was born. Birth.

Regarding winning the gold medal in the first game category, the boss very modestly said that it may be because he has been in business for a long time and has accumulated more customers and supporters. In addition to being happy about being recognized, the biggest gain is the increased cohesion of employees. Everyone They all actively said: "We want everyone to know that we are doing a good job!", so they worked very hard to share and canvass votes. Even employees who had resigned in the past also actively shared. This time, the relationship between employees was improved. , can be said to be another precious harvest of the Michelin Awards.

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Fitness category: More Fit

When More Fit was founded, the boss hoped that in addition to promoting sports, he would also focus on renting coaches on-site. He hoped that through the collision and exchange of coaches with different majors, levels, and appearances, he could bring a different experience to the entire gym. Sparks even provides a special space for athletes competing in bodybuilding and strength competitions to practice posing, which is rare in other gyms. In addition to different styles of coaches, open spaces and convenient locations, More Fit hopes to make it easy for everyone to start exercising. In addition, More Fit also emphasizes exercise etiquette so that all guests who come here can have a comfortable and friendly experience. improve the sports environment and enhance the sports atmosphere across the country.

The boss said he was very happy to be selected for the Michelin Grand Prize. Winning the award also affirmed their past efforts. Although he also modestly said that it was a fluke because of the large number of branches and members, but he still received this honor. , which further proves that the past business philosophy is accepted by everyone. Currently, More Fit’s fifth store is also under preparation, which is very exciting.

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Water Category: Base 56

When Base 56 was founded, the boss hoped that this place would not just be a place to play SUP, but a base where you could come in and chat at any time. Therefore, he treated guests like friends, teaching and caring with sincerity. Many of the guests are repeat customers and have become good friends with each other. In the past experience of taking guests, there was a time when a guest concealed his history of rhabdomyolysis and suddenly fell ill at sea. Fortunately, the coaches’ wit and strength were able to successfully bring him back to shore. However, this case also made No. 56 The base attaches great importance to the promotion of safety awareness and will repeatedly confirm whether guests have past medical conditions, which is quite reassuring.

For this award, Base 56 did not go out of its way to recruit friends or guests to help vote. It was unexpected to be selected and win the award, but it also proves that as long as you lead the team carefully every time, you can truly treat the guests as your friends. , it represents my usual seriousness and hard work to be recognized, I am very honored!

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Diving category: Om Space

The Om of Om Space is a kind of yoga sound, because the founder feels that every time he dives into the bottom of the sea, he will feel infinite peace in his heart as if he has entered a fantasy and quiet parallel time and space, and he also hopes to bring such happiness to everyone Students interested in diving. Although he was not very good at swimming at first, after diving into a deep pool for the first time, the quiet water completely healed him from all kinds of stress at work. It also made him resolutely quit his job a few years later and come to work. Come to this small Liuqiu island surrounded by the sea and spread this happiness to more people.

The founder was surprised and happy to win the first place in the Michelin Awards in the diving category, because some of the competitors were well-known diving operators, and he did not expect to win the award in the end. Although he did not actively canvass for votes during the process, the students and the coaches around him were more active than him and would actively report the current situation. This meant that the students were very satisfied with the learning process here, which made him very touched by the recognition of his teaching. . In the future, I hope to improve myself even more, travel to various countries to gain experience and compete, and come back with richer experience to the students.

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Yoga category: jn studio

From preschool teachers to yoga teachers, we uphold the original intention of teaching well. The most important concept of jn studio is to hope that students can really love their bodies and then fall in love with yoga. Also because the founder has experience of sports injuries in the past, for students I am very concerned about safety and correct posture, and I am also very serious about cultivating teachers, and carefully check the teaching quality of each teacher. Therefore, I have gathered a group of die-hard students, and some even come from other counties and cities to take classes. As the students grow, they even like it and want to join the yoga teacher training, which is the greatest sense of accomplishment for the founder.

The founder expressed that he was very surprised and surprised to receive the gold medal in the yoga category of the first Michelin Awards, because some of the other competitors were already large yoga studios with more advantages in terms of the number of students and teachers, but fortunately jn studio The students are very enthusiastic and take the initiative to help vote day by day. Even the young and old at home are included in the voting. These actions are really touching and make me more convinced that the efforts along the way have not been in vain and that the future will be better. We will continue to improve in teaching to make everyone healthier physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Rock climbing category: double 8

The original intention of the boss in establishing Double 8 is very simple, that is, he hopes to bring happiness to everyone. He hopes that everyone who comes can experience the fun of rock climbing through the process of rock climbing and the process of interacting with people, and even make like-minded friends. With this original intention, in addition to the rock wall, the red rope here is also called the marriage line. As long as you can climb this marriage line to the top, you can hang your dating information on the top. Those who are interested in you can get it. Through this information exchange, four couples have successfully entered into marriage, which is very touching!

When I heard that I had won the first Michelin gold medal in the rock climbing category, I was really happy because I have always hoped to bring more joy to people through rock climbing and improve everyone's health. I will use this motivation in the future and hope that there will be more rock climbing in the world. A more good cycle, and continue to uphold the enthusiastic service and professional skills, so that more people can experience the beauty of sports and the fun of interacting with others in rock climbing.

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Beauty Category: Guangxinyan Beauty Aesthetics

The original intention of Guangxinyan Beauty Aesthetics was to help customers solve various skin problems. Therefore, the most different thing from other facial salons is that in addition to caring for each customer's skin carefully during facial surgery, even We will also supervise the guests' diet, daily routine, and thoroughly help them create a healthy body and skin from the inside out. Not caring about the number of visitors, but treating each one sincerely, the customer base of Guangxinyan Beauty Aesthetics has a very high degree of stickiness. Even customers from other counties and cities come to visit regularly. What is even more considerate is that there is a station pick-up and drop-off service for regular customers. It can be seen that he treats every guest as a friend.

Regarding being selected for the Michelin Grand Prize, the happiest thing is not only the recognition, but also the support of these loyal customers. Many of them automatically forwarded it to major social groups, or helped canvass for votes. When they found out that they were behind in the number of votes, they were even more nervous than the boss. , these lovely aspects are the most precious moments of this event. We will continue to work hard in the future to take care of everyone’s skin.

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Handmade Category: Mixed Genes

In addition to providing metalworking experience, Mixed Gene's most important purpose during its founding period was to provide customers with a wonderful time. Therefore, we attach great importance to customer feedback in every process and work very closely with its teachers, hoping to bring An unforgettable time of people's consistency. There is also a sad but precious story behind the establishment of this studio. The boss was originally a graphic designer. Because of his busy work, he neglected his ferret pet at home, which eventually led to its illness and death. Therefore, he wanted to make a commemorative ornament. Finally, after putting the finished product on the Internet, it received many responses, which gave me the opportunity to set up this studio. I also hope to soothe the hearts of more people through handmade jewelry.

Although Mixed Gene emphasizes that it will always provide the best experience to its customers regardless of whether it has been selected for the Michelin Grand Prize. However, it was still quite a surprise when it was announced that it had won the award, and there was no forced canvassing during the voting process because the boss I think it only makes sense if you really want to help vote, but I am still very grateful for everyone's support. There are many guests who seem to have grown up together and have been with the mixed gene all the way to this day. They will continue to do this favorite thing in the future and Serve everyone.

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The above is the list of winners of the first Michelin Grand Prize Award in 2023. Each store is a leader in its own field. During the event, you can also find that the most valuable thing is not winning the award, but seeing the students during the voting process. The recognition of the store by colleagues, colleagues and guests represents the recognition of the concept that has been adhered to all the way. It is these details of the process that are the most touching. future TWOSEVENTHS We will also continue to discover new high-quality stores. If you are interested in the Mystery Shop reviews of other stores, you are welcome to refer to these.Experience Inspiration, find out which event store is best for you!

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