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Handmade couple rings are a small blessing in love. The design and production of every bit of heart make a unique pair of rings between two people.this time TWOSEVENTHS Here are 10 recommended ring DIY workshops for couples in Tainan. These stores not only provide elegant designs, but also allow couples to participate in every step of metalworking, making love more profound and meaningful. Let’s explore the charm of handmade rings together!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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LYNLI Jewelry

LYNLI Jewelry's metalworking experience studio is located on the third floor of HUJI Coffee in Central West District, Tainan City. In addition to experiencing interesting couple ring DIY, the course also includes a drink and dessert, which can be enjoyed on the first floor before or after class. , is the perfect date itinerary for couples in Tainan. During the process of making the couple's ring, the store will assist in taking photos and records, and even provide a mobile phone holder for taking selfies and time-lapse to record this precious moment together.


ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, and the Tainan branch is located in Xiaoximen, Xintiandi.This DIY course for couple rings in Tainan adopts a small class system. Even one person can start the class. It only takes two hours to make your exclusive couple rings. The metalworking experience is mainly silver rings. If you have other couple jewelry needs, There are more choices on the official website, and it can also be engraved to record the anniversary of the relationship between the two!

wooden beam

Muliangzuo is an old Tainan-style house located in the alleys of Haian Road and Xinyi Street. There are a variety of styles and materials for couple ring DIY courses to choose from.What's interesting is that there are four dogs in the store, and there are also hand-made pet accessories such as bells and brooches suitable for fur children. Give it to the fur baby at home.

Silver Love Handmade Silver Jewelry Adosi

Silver love handmade silver jewelry Adosi has many branches in Kaohsiung, Tainan, and the location is convenient and nearby to choose from. However, the branch located in Lin Department Store cannot use fire, so it can only produce specific items, so you need to pay special attention to whether it provides Tainan couple rings. metalworking courses.There are various materials and styles of handmade rings, and there is a discount on the second one, which is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie couples to DIY a pair of rings.

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Knock Knock Metalworking

Knock Knock Metalwork has several branches throughout Taiwan, and the two Tainan branches are located in Lin Department Store and Eslite Life Nanfang Store.The style of this Tainan couple ring is French and elegant, with a variety of styles to choose from.In addition to rings for couples, there are also hand-made classes for bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. You can print letters and numbers with your own hands to record the exclusive memories of the two.

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Da Yuan Nan Zai Handmade Silver Jewelry Gold Workshop

Dayuan Nanzai Handmade Silver Jewelry Gold Workshop is located on the lively Haian Road. It provides a variety of handmade silver jewelry experiences, including DIY rings for couples, bracelets, necklaces, etc. The most special thing is that there are also text series jewelry, suitable for those who want to use each other’s names Commemorative couples.The hand-made course can be started by one person, and a maximum of 4 people can be accepted, which is just right to come to Double Date with the other half and girlfriends.

a lamp metalworking

One lamp metalworking is located in the third section of Linsen Road, in the alley near Kaiyuan Zhenxing Park.This Tainan couple ring experience is fully reserved, and the studio will only be open during the reserved period.The rings provided by Yizhan Deng Jingong are made of silver rings for couples. The teacher teaches by hand, and people with no experience are also very welcome!If you are not confident about the beauty, you can also entrust the store to customize a pair of couple rings for two people.

Alchemy Laboratory

The Alchemy Metalwork Laboratory is adjacent to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xintiandi, and in the alleys near the Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park. It is very suitable for couples to arrange a day trip to the surrounding attractions.In addition to providing a DIY experience for couple rings, the Alchemy Metalworking Laboratory also has window key rings, brass bracelets and other accessories to choose from. It is recommended for couples who want special accessories.

Iron Girl Studio

The Iron Girl studio is close to the Taijiang Cultural Center. The studio is like being set up on the first floor of a home, which is quite cozy.This Tainan metalworking studio is a small class teaching system, and one person can also start a class, which is suitable for those who want to secretly surprise the other half.The items provided are also quite special, including various animal and plant-style accessories, such as pentagonal maple necklaces, turtle back taro earrings, etc.!

W Jewelry Silver Factory

W Jewelry Silver Factory is located in Tainan Blueprint Park. It is a small cultural and creative shop with the style of old Tainan houses.The store sells many accessories from Taiwanese designers, and you can also participate in the silver jewelry hand-made metalworking experience. The teacher is friendly and the price is affordable. It is a very suitable place for friends or couples to make rings.This store also often cooperates with other stores in the blueprint park in the surrounding area. You can experience a variety of activities at one time, which is quite interesting!

The above is the DIY recommendation for couple rings in Tainan this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Tainan couples’ ring-making workshops, including some that have been personally certified by Mystery Guest.It is a good choice for you who want to prepare a pair of rings to surprise your other half, or plan a romantic couple’s handmade ring dating event.Many couple ring stores in Tainan are located in scenic spots, such as Blueprint Park, Lin Department Store, etc., which are just right for planning a day trip, which is very convenient!

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