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The post-epidemic era has begun, and life has become as normal as everyday life.In the era when the epidemic is raging and cannot leave the house, we are forced to close the door, and we who love escape rooms miss the day when we unlock the room and see the bright sunshine again.Do you miss the pleasure and sense of accomplishment when you are locked in a room with your friends to solve puzzles?The following room escape expert Vanta has selected 5 room escape themes suitable for multiple people to play together.

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A room escape poisoning patient who loves to solve puzzles with his brain and get a sense of accomplishment.Love the ritual of experiencing camp life is touching.Sun Pisces Moon Scorpio woman who loves to study various constellations and Tarot fortune-telling.ESFJ who loves to party with a group of lonely people.Hi!I'm a Vanta who loves all things shiny.

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Stupid Studio: Drunk Quest

The story of the drunk mission takes place in the "Barry City" full of laughter and hope. After the player wakes up, he finds that he is locked in a hotel room, and there is a bomb that is about to detonate in 70 minutes waiting for us to dismantle it.In addition to dismantling the bomb, you must also recall your purpose of coming here, ten characters, ten scheming, who is your partner, no one can guarantee.

From the assignment of roles to the start of the real game, it's so much fun!At the same time, there are main tasks and personal tasks to be carried out. The difficulty of the main line puzzles is moderate, and the progress of the story is also logical. The branch personal tasks are given 10 points out of 10.When the main task is advancing, you will find that everyone is doing their own things for a few moments, which is really super funny!In short, it is strongly recommended that acquaintances on this theme play together, and I will laugh until I cry!

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Wasabi Studio: Adventure King

In Adventure King, players will go to a mysterious island in the Bermuda Delta, try to successfully capture the treasure and come back alive to become a veritable adventure king!From the beginning of the studio gate, the reception to the real play area, every scene and prop is exaggerated and magical, no matter what appears in front of you, everything is reasonable!The plot is also fully paved, allowing players to experience the scene as if they were acting in a movie, and the sound and light effects are also full. The sound effects and lighting that should be there are not perfunctory, giving players the best gaming experience!

Players who like mechanical operations will love this theme.It is intuitive that there are too many questions, and you can solve them immediately. Although the difficulty is relatively easy, the number of questions is also quite large. There are at least three questions to be answered in a space, so it is necessary to allocate people to solve the questions!

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LoGin: Waiting for someone to rob a tomb

In the Tomb Raiding Alone, the player incarnates as a tomb raiding group to check the mysterious tomb of Queen Loulan in the desert of the Western Regions, and investigate the mysterious and missing archaeological team and the hidden secrets of the tomb.The sense of presence in the whole theme is really great, and the degree of scene restoration is really too high, so high that it is creepy!The use of moving lines and space is also amazing, and the movie-like sound, light and sound effects are also handled just right, but it must be said that this is not a horror theme. After playing the whole trip, I basically scare myself more.

In particular, the integrity of the story of this theme must be highly praised. It is really rare to play the theme of such a complete story.From the introduction at the beginning to the role substitution, people are immersed in the whole story. In the end, the whole story line and future direction are fully explained, and all causes and effects are clearly explained.worth!It is very suitable for veterans to bring novices into the pit. It is recommended that 4-5 people will be the most comfortable number.

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Funlock: Country Thieves

The Country Thief is a room escape theme that focuses on treasure hunting. You need to use your vigorous skills and insight that is different from ordinary people to find valuable treasures in this ordinary hut.This theme is slightly different in the Taipei Pavilion and the Taichung Pavilion. The Taichung Pavilion is a sea board with more topics and more goals to be found.

What's more special is that it is divided into "main line" and "branch line". The main line is the goal, and the branch line is Bonus.I have to say that there are really many questions in the Sea of ​​Questions version, which makes the players very enjoyable to solve. The questions are not too difficult. Most of them are intuitive and can be solved by one person. For six people, the number of puzzles is just right, and the space It won't be too crowded!It is recommended to play with five to six veterans and novices.After escaping, corresponding titles will be given according to different completion conditions. It is recommended that people can be assigned to complete the main line and the branch line.

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Joke Lab: Digging

The story background of the excavation is in Egypt. Players will look for the archaeologist and try to obtain his research materials to escape from the temple.Full of large-scale institutions, we heard all kinds of exclamations, and the whole scene was like going to the Egyptian pyramid temple.From the introductory video to the explanation after the full game, it is as if you are on the scene, a completely high-standard secret room!

Because it is a large secret room itself, there are a lot of puzzles, and the difficulty is probably in the middle to easy. The questions are highly connected, and the logic of the answers is good.This is an extremely popular theme, brain + hands-on, it will definitely make everyone want to talk about it!Small reminder: Wear light and comfortable clothes for activities, replenish your physical strength, and don't go full.In addition, the throat should also be prepared, and many times you need to yell!

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After reading the above 5 room escape themes introduced by Vanta, do you want to try it?The weather is too hot and friends who don't want to go out to bask in the sun, recommend games that can be fully booked in the air-conditioned room.Escape from the secret room is also an interesting activity that can use your brain and exhaust your energy. You can even chat with your friends about a long-lasting interesting activity. It is a good itinerary for both sports and friendship!

The sense of accomplishment brought about by using your brain to solve problems is full of stimulation, addiction, and endless aftertaste. It is recommended that novices can start with the above five recommended topics, or you can refer to this articleRoom Escape Recommendations for Beginners in Taipei,orTaichung 2 people group secret room recommendation. If you want to know more room escape studio reviews, don't miss itTaipei,Taichung,Kaohsiungwaiting for the chamber of secrets review article, I believe that it will become a poisoned patient of escape from the chamber of secrets in the near future.

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