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Have you used cultural coins today? Using the concept of points, cultural coins are used to promote young people to experience artistic and cultural activities, so that young people can enjoy life and spend money easily. However, there are many stores that can use Taipei cultural coins. How to use them most cost-effectively? this time TWOSEVENTHS We will select 10 Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative stores, introduce the store’s services, Cultural Coin activities, and student discounts, and give you the most complete Taipei Cultural Coin recommendations to help you save money and enhance your artistic atmosphere!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Cultural Coin Master
1200 Use it well and use it fully Ping

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Everyday is a Gift

The most romantic couple activity is nothing more than seeing your partner wearing a handmade ring carved for each other by their own hands. Everyday is a Gift is a Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative metalworking workshop located in Anhe, Xinyi. It specializes in couple rings and wedding rings. It can not only engrave fingerprints, set diamonds, laser, and electroplating, but also have it polished and repaired by professional masters. , you can even bring your own design to create a unique handmade ring! And now Everyday is a Gift also offers great discounts, making cultural coins equivalent to cash. When you use cultural coins over $1,200, you can also enjoy buy one and get one free on diamonds, which is suitable for couples to forge loving memories together.

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ART64, which has branches in North, Central and South, is also one of the Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative stores. It is a sterling silver jewelry brand that combines playful design and metalworking. It not only provides uniquely designed silver jewelry, but also provides professional metalworking teaching, and even ear piercing. Waiting for a full range of services! ART64, located in Breeze Nanshan, now has cultural coins that can be used like cash. It specializes in hand-made experience courses. Whether it is couples rings, silver jewelry for adults, or customized friendship bracelets, you can make all of them with cultural coins, making them the most special and meaningful gifts for yourself. coming of age gift.

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Two cents of silver

Ermao Yin, located in a residential alley in Banqiao, upholds its passion for metal crafts and is committed to conveying the warmth and meaning of handmade jewelry. Therefore, it especially encourages students to create freely, without fear of customization troubles or rigid adherence to established processes, and even requires You can also engrave your fingerprints on the ring! The metalworking experience here is divided into a two-hour basic course and a four-hour advanced course, allowing both novices and veterans to get started easily. Nowadays, Taipei cultural coins can be used as cash, and can be combined with the 95% discount on the official website. You can make exclusive jewelry memories with just $500, which is very economical and affordable.

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Hygge Adorn

Hygge Adorn is located in Zhongyonghe. It is a metalworking studio directly operated by a local factory in Taiwan. While inheriting 30 years of professional craftsmanship, it also incorporates new technological improvements. The metalworking classroom combines tradition and innovation to provide design, processing, and repair services. One-stop service, even if additional laser engraving text processing is required during the experience, there is no need to wait for delivery to the factory, you can take home the exquisite finished product on the same day. Hygge Adorn's courses are divided into basic, advanced and advanced. Classes can be started by only one person. As a Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative store, in addition to cash equivalent to cultural currency, it can also be combined with existing activities in the store. The birthday girl of the month, four people on weekdays Everyone in the same group enjoys a 95% discount. If you want to create exquisite and warm private memories, this is the right place.

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LYNLI Jewelry

LYNLI Jewelry's metalworking experience studio is located near the MRT Zhongshan Junior High School Station, about a 2-minute walk away. In addition to experiencing interesting couple ring DIY, the course also comes with a free Polaroid photo, which can be used to cherish beautiful memories. Among them, hand-made rings are available in brass and silver. Each class is taught in a small class of 4-6 people, which lasts about 2-3 hours. From sawing silver sheets, tapping textures and embossing, annealing, shaping, polishing, etc., There will be guidance and assistance every step of the way. This Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative metalworking shop values ​​quality and customer experience. Now, cultural coins can be used as cash. As long as you pay a deposit in advance when making a reservation, you can easily experience the experience by paying with cultural coins or cash on the spot on the same day. It is suitable for couples and friends. Get up and create warm memories.

hybrid gene

Mixed Gene, located in the alley of Dadaocheng, is a metalworking experience studio that retains the antique style of an old house. The teacher has a background in metalworking arts. The teaching is not only professional and meticulous, but also values ​​students' creative ideas. During the entire metalworking course, you can experience hammering, annealing, engraving, edge grinding and polishing, etc. The store also provides small refreshments and side shots of activities. The most special thing is that there are teaching services in English and Spanish, so you can easily experience it with your foreign friends! As a Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative store, Mixed Gene also launches a super discounted cultural coin usage plan. As long as you order a brass ring on the official website, you can upgrade it to sterling silver when you arrive. Even upgrading the width, adding diamonds and electroplating are all applicable to cultural coins. You can redeem it with cash, and after finishing the ring, you can wear it to watch the sunset at Dadaocheng Pier. It is definitely the most romantic cultural currency experience!

LoGin Escape Room

You can easily play escape rooms with cultural coins! LoGin escape rooms have branches in Zhongyonghe and can be easily reached by taking a loop line. They are famous for their sophisticated mechanisms, detailed scenes, touching plots and little helpers (NPCs) integrated into the story. There are currently three escape room themes. In addition to the fascinating plots, the scenes even have various details on the ceiling and floor. Now LoGin Escape Room also provides cultural currency discounts. There is no limit on theme or number of people on weekdays. As long as you pay more than 100 cultural currency points on site, each person can get a $50 discount. It is suitable for groups of three or two to save money!

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Logic screwdriver

"There are no unsolvable puzzles, only invisible truths." In this spirit, Luo Si Qi Zi established two escape room studios at Nanjing Sanmin Station and Yongchun Station. There are currently six themes, covering diverse content such as civilized stories, pirate adventures, horror vampires, horror hospitals, etc.; they emphasize the immersive sense of immersion and actively challenge the perfect coordination of sound and light effects and mechanisms. Among them, the horror theme can adjust the level of horror according to the player, so cowards don’t have to worry about being scared out of their wits! Logosi's cultural coins are now equivalent to cash. As students who visit on weekdays, you can enjoy a discount of $100 per person on the student price. The maximum discount for the whole group is $2,100. It is most suitable for student groups to come here in groups during winter and summer vacations and use cultural coins to maintain relationships. .

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Top Pork Chop Game Studio

Top Pork Chop is not a gourmet pork chop restaurant, but an escape room studio located near Ximending MRT. In the early days of its establishment, it was famous for dividing the escape room into versions. Players can choose the version based on the number of people, game experience and the game experience they want to gain. . There are currently five games, including fantasy and cute, interactive NPC, European mansion, etc., all of which are very popular with everyone. If you want to use Taipei Cultural Coins, just send a private message to the top pork chop fans and it can be used as cash. There are no restrictions on themes, holidays, and number of people. You can use as many as you want, and you can get twice the happiness without any burden. .

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theater lights

Located in the Ximending business district, Juliangdeng was founded by a group of partners who love real-life games. It is a script-killing game (LARP) studio with more than 50 plots. It emphasizes immersion and emotional guidance, and also has extremely high requirements for script quality, lighting and sound, box compartments and sound insulation, so that players can play comfortably without external interference. In addition, the studio also has a unique mission system, allowing players to accumulate clearance discounts and discount rewards, and also provides delicious meals, so you can have a full meal while burning your brain! Now, if you spend 1000 Drama Light Cultural Coins, you will receive a 50-yuan discount coupon. For next use, if you show your student ID, you will get an additional $XNUMX discount per person. With such a preferential price and exquisite and rich script experience, it is definitely a good place for student parties to have fun. .

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The above are the recommendations for using Taipei Cultural Coins this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 Taipei Cultural Coin cooperative stores have been selected, some of which have been personally certified by Mystery Shop. If you want to use Taipei Cultural Coins, in addition to handmade DIY-related industries such as metalworking and carpets, there are also countless group activities such as escape rooms and script killing. During holidays, you can play games with your friends as a group. On special days, you can also have fun with your significant other or A close friend makes a unique finished product by himself and uses the $1,200 coming-of-age gift money to give himself the most precious coming-of-age gift!

If you happen to travel to Taichung, you can refer to this articleUse of Taichung Cultural CoinsStore Guide. In addition to cultural coins, if you like hand-made activities, you can refer toTaipei handmade rings,Taipei handmade carpet,Taipei Leather DIY ;If you like dynamic indoor activities,Escape Room Taipei,Taipei Script KillingThey are all good choices for entertainment. Finally, if you are also worried about how to use Dongzi coupons, this article also compiled 10Stores where you can use Taipei Dongzi couponsFor your reference!

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