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The cultural coin coming-of-age gift money is distributed! Have you already figured out how to use the 1200 cultural currency quota? this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 recommended stores for using cultural currency in Taichung, and introduced the service features, cultural currency activities and student discounts of each cultural currency cooperative store, so that you can make the best use of your $1,200 adult gift.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taichung Cultural Coin Master
1200 Use it well and use it fully Coco

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat is a handmade carpet studio located in Beitun, Taichung. The founder couple has many years of experience in Hong Kong. The hand-made carpet features a teaching mode with no time limit and no color limit on the use of wool. In addition to carpets, there are also a variety of tufted works such as pillows, mirrors, bags, diffuser decorations, etc. It is the first choice for many carpet DIY beginners! Cultural coins can be used as cash at Tuft Tuft Cat and can be directly redeemed. What’s even better is that they are also applicable to the store’s original discounts for 2 or more people or the birthday girl of the month. It is a good place to use Taichung cultural coins.

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Little Mars Fragrance Factory

Little Mars Fragrance Factory is a fragrance studio located in Nantun. In addition to selling perfume, it also specializes in perfume DIY experience classes. In the 2-hour class, you can create your own fragrance. If you are interested in scented candles, you can also choose to make scented candle sets. In addition to trophies when you go home, you will also gain basic knowledge about perfumes, which is very cost-effective. Little Mars Fragrance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a partner store of Taichung Cultural Coin. They also offer a 95% discount for couples traveling together. Come find your besties to create your own fragrance together.


ART64 Silver Jewelry Design has branches all over Taiwan. The Taichung store is located in Taroko New Era Department Store. In addition to selling all kinds of exquisite silver jewelry, there are also metalworking experience courses. The course content has a high hand-made ratio, and with professional and friendly teachers, novices can also design their own hand-made rings step by step. . ART64 is a cooperative store of cultural coins. Cultural coins can be used directly as cash. It depends on whether you want to take a metalworking course or buy silver jewelry directly. It is very suitable for inviting best friends or your significant other to experience it together.

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Chichic seven seven

Chichic Qiqi Metalworking Studio, located opposite the Fourth Credit Union, is a Taichung Cultural Coin partner store. The teachers at this Taichung metalworking shop are all professional teachers of university metalworking courses. They pay great attention to every detail, whether it is the spacing of words, the angle of knocking, the strength, etc. I hope that all students who come here will have beautiful finished metalworking products. When I return home, I will also assist in taking side photos and records during the process, leaving precious records. Don’t know where cultural coins are used in Taichung? Come and try Chichic!

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Be two

Be two is a handmade leather studio located in Audit Village, a gathering place for cultural and creative shops in Taichung. It sells leather products or leather DIY courses. The official website lists more than 30 kinds of handmade items according to different levels of difficulty. You can choose cowhide and leather. The wax thread colors are very diverse to choose from. Be two is a store where you can use cultural coins in Taichung. Whether you DIY it or buy a short clip, and engrave the other person's name on it, it is a thoughtful gift that makes your cultural coins more valuable.

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Flower and grass game

Flower Game is located in Taichung Phase 7. It is a famous Taichung flower art classroom. The course selection is very diverse. In addition to common flower art courses such as immortal flowers, immortal flowers, and dried flowers, you can also use dried flowers with glass flower covers, butterfly floating flowers, and fragrances. Candles, etc., make the experience course options extremely diverse. The best thing is that one person can start the class and the time slot is flexible. Flowers and Grass Games accepts Taichung cultural coins, which can be directly used as cash to redeem courses. It is a good choice for those who want to cultivate their temperament.

draw life

Painting Life is a painting studio in Taichung North District. In addition to providing customized portrait painting services, it also holds an acrylic painting experience class every month. The theme is mainly furry children. Before the class, the teacher will provide photos of furry children in advance. After making a rough sketch on the canvas, students only need to use acrylic paint to add color, which is quite beginner-friendly. Painting Life accepts cultural coins, which can be used in trial classes or to customize portraits of furry children from the store. They are suitable for giving as gifts and for personal use.


Located in the Donghai business district, Iwamifang offers hand-drawing experiences suitable for both adults and children, as well as courses such as kneading, pottery creation, and pottery plate making. The pottery made by oneself will be warmer to use. The teacher very much encourages students to be brave enough to try. It doesn’t matter if they fail. They will also provide hands-on assistance during the process, so people with disabilities can feel at ease! Shijianfang is a cooperative store of Taichung Cultural Coin. You can directly indicate your intention to use it when making a reservation.

carpenter brother and sister carpentry workshop

The Carpenters Brothers and Sisters Woodworking Workshop is a tourist woodworking factory in Taichung located in the back. In addition to experiencing woodworking DIY, you can also visit the factory or buy a variety of wood products. It can be said to be a good place for a day trip. The Carpenter Brothers and Sisters Woodworking Studio provides more than 20 types of woodworking experience classes, including food utensils and daily necessities. As long as it is related to woodworking experience, you can use cultural coins to redeem it. Hurry up and grab a few friends and come to this Taichung Cultural Coin Cooperation Become a carpenter for a day!

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Mumu Painting Creation Laboratory

Mumu Painting Creative Laboratory is an art studio in the West District of Taichung. It is a creative space that integrates art, life and creativity. It provides a variety of art-related handicraft courses, including tufted carpets, fantasy planet lamps, glass paintings, Russian stamp embroidery, etc. It provides a wide range of rare items, which is very suitable for people who want to experience unique DIY. This trial class accepts cultural currency. Those who are interested can make a reservation on the official website in advance. Most classes can be started by one person.

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The above are the recommendations for using Taichung Cultural Coins this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 Taichung Cultural Coin cooperative stores have been selected, among which many of them have been monitored by mysterious customers and experienced personally. Most of the stores that use cultural coins are in handmade DIY-related industries. They have everything from floral art, painting, metalworking, leather, fragrance, etc. Come with a few friends or your significant other to experience it. In addition to getting a unique finished product after the completion of DIY, The memories in the process are even more precious, so make the most of your $1,200 coming-of-age gift!

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