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Shi Yang

Shi Yang

With a free soul, she does not accept an ordinary life, and is a house girl who loves to go out.Born to be a foodie, his petite body has the appetite of a big man.Although he loves food, he also pays attention to his body. Apart from eating, drinking and having fun, he never forgets to be active and healthy. He is bold and hard-fisted, and likes to try various activities.Dare to accept the challenge, give me a little of everything!

ART64 穿耳洞評價2
Wenqing HandmadeActivitiesExperience InspirationKaohsiungKaohsiung Wenqing Handmade

[ART64 Ear Piercing Review] Just put the earrings on after you have your ears pierced! Professional and hygienic choice for ear piercing in Kaohsiung

Some people may think that for professional ear piercing, you need to go to a clinic doctor to get it done, but they forget that you need to bring your own silver jewelry when you go to the clinic. this time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterious guest brings you to ART64...
Stress Relief BeautyServeExperience InspirationKaohsiungKaohsiung Stress Relief Beauty

[Kaohsiung Teeth Whitening Recommendation] Get rid of embarrassing yellow teeth! Review of 3 Cold Light Teeth Whitening Clinics in Kaohsiung

Can’t stop eating delicious food and coffee, but are fed up with your yellow teeth?Cold light whitening is your secret weapon!Let me give it this time TWOSEVENTHS A mysterious person is sent to investigate, starting from the price...
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