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As more and more girls join the ranks of fitness, more and more female-friendly sports are advertised, and even female-only gyms appear.this time TWOSEVENTHS Organized 10 women's gyms in Tainan. In addition to providing a series of courses focusing on girls' sports, the quality of coaches, course space and environmental design are all designed with women as the starting point; so that girls can effectively build a good gym in a relaxed and comfortable exercise space. Exercise habits!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Tainan Gym Master
Women's Gym Preference Coco

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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jn studio yoga

The jn studio yoga classroom is located near the Dadong Night Market in Tainan. In order to maintain the quality of the course, it adopts a small class teaching system. Two people can start a class, and a maximum of 2-8 students can be accepted.This Tainan yoga classroom focuses on girls' sports, and the general courses are currently only for girls to register.What's more special is that in addition to providing basic yoga, the store also has rich courses such as aerial yoga, Tiratis and boxing fat burning, which are suitable for female fitness friends who like to experience various sports courses.

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flex space

Rouli Sports is located near the Huayuan Night Market, and offers a variety of courses such as one-on-one fitness, themed group classes, and customized corporate classes.The fitness coaching class is divided into two stages: consultation and exercise. The coaches are mainly female coaches. From the course layout, coach quality, and environmental design, you can feel the caring for women's sports.In addition, this Tainan women's gym also provides outdoor venues, which is definitely a great boon for fitness friends who don't like to exercise under the air conditioner!

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CA Women's Fitness

CA Women's Fitness is located next to the Anping Canal. The store only serves female students. It provides one-on-one fitness coaching classes, or for couples to work out together. It is open to male customers and one-on-two classes.What's more special is that among the two coaches in this Tainan women's gym, one coach is a former national weightlifter and is responsible for professional weight training teaching; the other is a professional with natural childbirth training for pregnant women and postpartum body sculpture.

Beauty Fit

Beauty Fit is located in Shuijiaoshe, South District. It is a Tainan women's gym combined with a coffee shop. Every corner is a holy place for girls to check in, and it pays great attention to the sense of ritual!The courses in the store are mainly for serving women, and a set of fitness courses is tailored for students. After exercising, you can go to the side to enjoy hand-made coffee and exquisite desserts.Recommended for female friends who also like fitness and prefer to go to coffee shops.

HER sports space

HER Sports Space is located in Anping District, Tainan City. The store environment, sports space and course planning are all designed exclusively for women.In addition to providing general fat loss and muscle building courses, line sculpture courses, there are also various courses such as exercise during pregnancy, postpartum recovery and muscle strength for the elderly.Whether you are a college student, an office worker, a pregnant woman or an elder group, almost everyone can meet your exercise needs in this Tainan women's gym!

Cocoon. fitness

Cocoon Cocoon is located in the new urban area and is a complex space that focuses on women's friendliness.The venue provides courses such as one-on-one fitness sculpture, rehabilitation and correction training, and physical fitness for middle-aged and elderly people to help female students establish correct sports concepts and maintain good fitness habits.What's more special is that this Tainan women's gym also provides beauty services such as manicures, hot wax and skin care, so that girls can go home with slick nails after exercising!

muscle farm

You Muscle Farm is located in Yongkang District, adjacent to Tainan High-tech Institute. It is a Tainan women's gym that provides rich courses such as weight training, body shaping, yoga, empty yoga and fat burning for women.The store mainly offers one-to-one or one-to-two courses, and often offers many discounts. For example, if you buy more than ten courses, you may get one or two free courses. It is suitable for those who want to take coaching courses for a long time Female fitness friends.


Curves, which currently has more than 150 branches, is a ring sports gym that focuses on girls' sports.Different from the general Tainan women's gym, it provides three one-on-three small class classes and free monthly Inbody service, suitable for female friends who want to practice by themselves, but also keep track of body muscle numbers.It should be noted that the business hours of each branch are different, and most of them will have one day off on weekends, which is suitable for women who have time to exercise on weekdays.

Sense Fitness

Sense Fitness is located on Ximen Road. It is the first female-friendly gym in Tainan that combines medical beauty. It provides female-specific courses such as female fitness, curve sculpture, and peach specialist.The main price is affordable, luxury fitness, the locker room provides indoor slippers, and the women's locker room is spacious and bright, the dressing table and full-length mirror are all minimalist metal style, and even provide long-haired girls' favorite negative ion hair dryer, so that girls can relax after washing up in the gym You can go home beautifully.

LOVE Fitness LOVE Fitness

LOVE Fitness is located in the East District of Tainan. It is only for female students, and most of the coaches are women. It is a female gym in Tainan that allows girls to relax and exercise.The store provides customized one-on-one and one-on-two fitness coaching courses, as well as a variety of group classes, such as aerial yoga, flywheel, kettlebell, ZUMBA, TRX and roller compression, etc., almost the theme courses you want It's all here!It is suitable for female office workers who want to develop exercise habits, or female fitness friends who like to experience various exercise courses.

The above is the recommendation of Tainan women's gym this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 female-friendly gyms in Tainan, among which there are stores personally certified by Mystery Customer.Each gym provides different professional female exercise courses, and there are many female-only students, so that girls can exercise more easily and comfortably.In addition, in addition to muscle-building and weight-loss courses for general female office workers, there are also many female gyms in Tainan that have professional prenatal and postnatal courses, suitable for pregnant mothers who want to maintain correct exercise habits.

In addition to the above Tainan women's gyms, if you have other considerations, you can also refer toTainan one-on-one fitness trainer,Tainan Single Gymand other topics.In addition, most women like to exercise in yoga pants. If you want to choose a yoga pants that suits you, you can refer to this articleYoga pants recommendation and actual wear evaluation.

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