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Every sports cafe has one or two good places for sports. This time TWOSEVENTHS Let me introduce MegaSTONE Climbing Gym, the largest indoor rock climbing gym in Taipei, and add another choice to your list.Secretly tell you, the mysterious climbers who have been to many bouldering rock fields all over Taiwan were deeply attracted by its spacious sense of space and diverse route design as soon as they entered MegaSTONE. Climbing gym now!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Yan Lin- Lin Yen

Taipei rock climber
Rock climbing gyms all over the placeYan Lin

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store: MegaSTONE
Experience program: 50-minute bouldering experience
Experience date: 2022.01.10

Introduction to MegaSTONE Experience

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 1

MegaSTONE Climbing Gym is located in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei CityTaipei bouldering field, located in the factory area about a 3-minute walk from Touqianzhuang MRT Station in Xinzhuang.Turn right after Exit 4 of Touqianzhuang Station, turn right at the intersection of Audi dealers, turn left after reaching the end of the alley, and you will see the small white signboard of MegaSTONE.The route is not complicated, but at night, the alley may be dark. Yan Lin suggests that you can make an appointment with your partner at the MRT entrance to walk together.

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 3

Walking into MegaSTONE, the first thing you can see is the large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors. On the right side of the door is an open shoe cabinet. Because outdoor shoes are not allowed in the store, a bench is placed outside so that we can take off our shoes first. good.

The indoor rock field is mainly a bouldering area, and the routes range from the simplest VB to V8+.It is worth noting that on the left side of the gate is a climbing wall perpendicular to the ground, 6 meters wide and 9 meters high, which immediately catches everyone's attention when entering the gate. MegaSTONE is one of the few rock climbing gyms in northern Taipei that has both a bouldering field and an upper climbing wall, allowing beginners and advanced friends who want to experience climbing to enjoy two forms of climbing at one time.

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 5

different from othersTaipei Indoor Climbing Gym, MegaSTONE feels quite spacious.In addition to being the largest bouldering gym in the north, Yan Lin feels that the overall high design and the topography of the island can create a continuous and unbroken rock wall, allowing the rock climbing and bouldering routes in MegaSTONE to be fully extended.

MegaSTONE Review 2022 2

In addition to the fixed rock wall on the first floor, MegaSTONE will open up the space on the second floor at the end of 2021!The most eye-catching thing is the newly installed 2×12-foot Kilter Board, with a high ceiling and sofas and LED lights. At first glance, I thought I was intruding into a KTV box. The comfortable space is very suitable for three or five bouldering friends to learn from each other.In addition, there is a viewing area at the bar. When you are tired from climbing, you can sit on the high chair to rest and watch the good skills of the rock friends on the first floor.

MegaSTONE Review 2022 4

Here is a brief introduction to Kilter Board. The K version is one of the most popular training boards in the world. Users can easily challenge thousands of routes designed by domestic and foreign rock climbers through the console or connect to the exclusive app. They can even design their own and record the completed routes. upload.

MegaStone’s K board can be freely adjusted with a 10-70-degree slope, and the difficulty of the route can be changed from V0-V14+ for you to choose; in addition to experienced rock climbers who can conduct special training through customized menus, grab a big K version, which is also very suitable for beginners Friends to carry out basic warm-up training, so Taipei indoor rock climbing has a lot of new fun.

MegaSTONE Review 2022 3

At present, in addition to the Kilter Board, the space on the second floor of MegaSTONE is also equipped with a finger force version co-branded with Mammut, paired with mobile phone software, so that members of Taipei Rock Climbers with a good level can enjoy customized training.The curator also secretly revealed that if you participate in group bookings or training camps, you will have the opportunity to experience the hidden version on the second floor: rappelling and tobogganing, which makes people want to play!

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 8

MegaSTONE provides a variety of bouldering experience courses suitable for novices. There are two combinations of pure bouldering and bouldering + climbing. If you are an experienced rock climber, MegaSTONE also has advanced courses such as coach training and climbing assurance, which can be said to be comprehensive. Taipei rock climbing field.

Yan Lin participated in the 50-minute bouldering experience, from the most basic safety teaching, landing posture, to basic wall skills, the coach will carefully guide them one by one. In addition, rock shoes, powder bags, etc. are also included in the course.However, 50 minutes refers to the number of hours led by the coach. After the coach leads 50 minutes, you can also boulder in the field for an unlimited time that day, or you can practice on the wall by yourself.

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Evaluation 7

Compared with hugging by yourself or climbing with friends, with the help of the coach that day, I finally realized what it means to understand by analogy and master it!Under the guidance of the coach, not only can you master the skills instantly, but you can also boulder with efficient and correct posture, reducing frustration and muscle pain.

In addition, the coach can often give us appropriate encouragement and guidance at the moment when we are about to give up, maybe help us push a little bit, check the hands and feet, etc., making it easier for us to successfully challenge the route, gain a sense of accomplishment, and experience the fun and joy of bouldering. Interesting!

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 6

Yan Lin was also impressed by the safety requirements of the MegaSTONE team.different from othersTaipei Climbing GymIt may be playing video tapes or watching Internet safety instructions. For first-time rock lovers, in addition to filling in the basic information and watching safe climbing videos, MegaSTONE’s coach also specially asked Yan Lin to do a few safety climbing outside the wall first. The landing movements are checked by the coach, and if necessary, they will also demonstrate and explain in person; after confirming that all postures are correct, they will start teaching climbing skills. It is a good team with both patience and professionalism!

Taipei Rock Climbing megaSTONE Evaluation 12

In addition, MegaSTONE’s professionalism and strength in route setting are also widely recognized by the industry. In addition to all route setting staff having association certification licenses, they have accumulated more than ten years of practical experience, and are particularly particular about commercial route setting.

After the experience class, we chatted with the coaches for a while, and found that the qualifications of the coaches in the rock climbing industry began as early as 2004. They are seniors in the rock climbing and bouldering world. They continue to promote the possibility of rock climbing experience. In addition to expanding the indoor training space, In the future, we plan to open an outdoor rock climbing group. I believe that the rock climbing enthusiasts in Taipei must be gearing up and waiting to start climbing.

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 9

Yan Lin, who often runs bouldering grounds in Taipei, can really feel the caring and carefulness of MegaSTONE in setting the line, especially considering the different body shapes and heights of boulderers in the design, even Yan Lin who is less than 160 cm can make complete movements. It is no wonder that MegaSTONE, the Xinzhuang rock climbing team, is invited to rock gyms all over Taiwan to set routes. It is a well-known and well-known senior team in the rock world.

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Review 13

What Yan Lin likes most about MegaSTONE's rock climbing gym in Xinzhuang is that a route does not only have one challenge highlight, but is carefully designed from the diversity of climbing movements to the various skills exercised in the route.Because the height is enough, there can be another difficulty before the climb, which makes Yan Lin pleasantly surprised and unable to put it down!

Taipei Rock Climbing MegaSTONE Evaluation 7

From environment construction to professional skills exchange at this Xinzhuang rock climbing field, it is not difficult to understand the reasons why senior rock lovers around them promote experience 50 Minute Bouldering LessonAfterwards, Yan Lin had a deeper understanding of bouldering climbing, and she also ignited a raging enthusiasm in her heart, and almost bought the beginner's course with the coach.I hope that in the future, I can always enjoy challenging myself on the rock wall, learn from the coach, and see the growth and progress of skills, strength and mentality in every shot.

Mystery guest evaluation

Yan Lin, who has been to various indoor rock climbing gyms, believes that in addition to the diverse and interesting routes for rock climbing and the thoughtful design that considers various heights, the overall space design of the venue and the emphasis on safety are also very important!

The reason why MegaSTONE has won Yan Lin's heart is because it does a good job in every detail. If there is an octopus analysis diagram, MegaSTONE can be said to be fully open, and every aspect is taken care of, not to mention Also launched the Mega coffee ear bag for everyone to taste, which is both intimate and attentive.It is recommended that whether you are a novice or a regular climber, you can go to MegaSTONE whenever you are free. The only thing to be careful is that once you fall in love with it, you don’t get itchy hands, so you have to go to Xinzhuang rock climbing frequently!

Yan Lin- Lin Yen
Environment: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Particularity: ★★★★★
Accessibility: ★★★☆☆

MegaSTONE store details

No results!
  • MegaSTONE single entry price

    Weekday $360
    Holiday $400
    Starlight Ticket $240 (the last two hours of the day)
    Rental rock shoes $100
    Powder bag $50

  • MegaSTONE Climbing Course Prices

    50 Minute Bouldering Experience
    3-6 people $660/person
    One to two $800/person
    One to one $990

    80 minutes bouldering + climbing experience
    3-6 people $990/person
    One to two $1,100/person
    One to one $1,300

    All of the above include equipment such as coach teaching and rock shoes
    need firstreserve, free bouldering on site after the experience

  • MegaSTONE Business Hours

    Weekdays 14:30-22:30
    Weekend 10:00-20:00

  • MegaSTONE contact information

  • MegaSTONE address

    No. 56, Lane 5, Zhongzheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City(2 minutes walk from Exit XNUMX of MRT Touqianzhuang Station)

MegaSTONE Offers

Exclusive offer

Rock climbing!Bouldering experience class as long as $660

Novices must learn, professional instructors will actually explain the climb and provide all the equipment, just come and let you get started as soon as you climb, and become a master immediately!The discounted price for three people traveling together is $660.

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