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Cheng Yoga

I'm Huizhen, I don't use an English name, because wisdom and truth are my teaching attitude.I live in Paris and like to explore any body-related activities and sports. After graduating from the French Academy of Music and Dance in modern dance, I started my "body" teaching career in 2015.

Teacher presentation

In addition to yoga and Pilates teacher, I am also a dancer and choreographer. I have lived in Paris for more than 15 years and have been teaching for more than 7 years. Besides teaching, I have been constantly improving, learning various schools and methods, and integrating teaching concepts Chinese and Western perspectives.The experience of dancing made me pay attention to the coherence and fluency of movements in my attitude towards the body. My teaching focuses on breathing, body anatomy, and alignment. I don’t pursue beautiful or difficult asanas, but I pay more attention to the body. Balance of various muscles and body parts.My courses are well-paced, rich and interesting, and I design a new theme every month.

Yoga tiss courses help the body to regain the core muscles, increase the feeling and awareness of the body, adjust posture, rebuild body shape, eliminate pain and other physical discomfort, and exercise deep muscles and muscle endurance.In addition, Cheng Yoga also provides pregnancy yoga and postpartum yoga, inviting mothers-to-be to continue to do appropriate exercise under the guidance of pregnancy, eliminate physical discomfort during pregnancy, and focus on breathing and stretching postpartum postpartum (you can take the baby) Yoga, re-train the perineum and core muscles.

Teaching license

  • 2015 Pilates Teacher License for Balanced Body USA
  • 2017-hour Yoga Alliance International International Yoga Teacher Certificate in 200
  • 2018 ELDOA Stretching Therapy
  • 2019 Paris de Gasquet prenatal and postnatal yoga teaching certificate
  • 2020 Singing Bowl Sound Therapist Certificate
  • In 2022, 50 hours of French Green yoga children's yoga teacher certificate

teaching experience

  • 2015-2019, teaching in various yoga and Pilates classrooms in Paris
  • Since 2019, founded Make it Amazing Yoga Association in Paris, founder and teacher of Chen-Pilates et yoga classroom
  • Since 2020, Cheng Yoga has been established and online live yoga classes have been taught

Offer courses and prices


Yoga tis weekday afternoon class

It is most suitable for busy mothers, let's do some exercise while the children are in school!The course combines yoga and Pilates, which can stretch and relieve stress while strengthening core muscles, deep muscles, increasing body flexibility and adjusting posture.Focus on breathing, body alignment and posture.



Yoga tis weekday evening class

Find yourself one night a week to do yoga!Get physically active and relieve stress.The course combines yoga and Pilates, core muscles, body flexibility, and posture adjustment.Focus on breathing, body alignment and posture, and eliminate pain such as poor posture.



Pregnant Yoga

Pregnant women also have the right to move their bodies and do soothing exercises!The courses help mothers-to-be eliminate physical discomfort during pregnancy: low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, pubic pain, rib pain, indigestion, etc., correct posture, reduce the burden on the lumbar spine, stretch and relax, balance the body and mind, and help smooth delivery.



postpartum yoga

Helping postpartum mothers regain the strength of the core muscles of the perineum and lower abdomen, not only can restore the body shape, but also prevent women's minor problems (constipation, leakage of urine, etc.).Adjust the improper posture of the spine during pregnancy, eliminate back pain, mother's hand, stretch and relieve pressure to heal the body and mind.



Online one-to-one lessons

The course is customized according to the needs and level of the students, and the content can be selected or combined: Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Pregnant/Postpartum Yoga.One-on-one sessions can be more effective in improving discomfort or pain and strengthening areas or positions that need to be worked.



Paris physical class

During the online live class period, one student is allowed to attend class in the physical classroom at the same time.In addition, one-on-one students are also accepted, and an appointment system is adopted.


Mystery guest evaluation

"Cheng Yoga's teacher gives the impression of being gentle and friendly, with a kind of magical power that makes people relax unconsciously. Their online yoga classes are more inclined to gentle exercises. Kristy experienced the yoga tis class this time. Starting from the warm-up, the coach will bring in similar exercises. The body massage method and breathing method are used to arouse body perception step by step. The asanas in the course are not difficult, but there are still muscle strength and core training. During the process, the teacher will remind students to practice according to their own abilities and conditions, and not force the body to do it action.

Overall, Kristy thinks that the Cheng Yoga online class is quite suitable for beginners, or those who want to gradually develop regular yoga habits, because the teaching style is more basic, there is enough time to improve body awareness, and there is less pressure from peer competition in the class , the teacher treats new and old students or novices and veterans equally, and it is a comfortable class atmosphere. "


Curriculum Highlights

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