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I am Yoanna, and I believe that physical health is necessary; mental growth is necessary; spiritual cultivation is important.Yoga practice and a little more kindness will bring us together :)

Teacher presentation

"The faster the world, the slower the heart"

In the practice of breathing, yoga and meditation, she constantly experiences life healing and expansion. After experiencing body, mind and soul all over the world, Yoanna uses mindfulness as the cornerstone of all her practices, and is committed to integrating yoga, life wisdom and mindfulness. practise.In the interactive sharing with practitioners, Yoanna focuses on uncritical awareness of the current body and mind, relieves emotional and physical distress through companionship, and respects the uniqueness of each individual.Through the practice of mindful yoga, Yoanna looks forward to helping practitioners experience every part of life consciously.

Teaching license

  • Yog Peeth RYT 200 International Yoga Certificate
  • Yoga Life Warragul RYT 300 International Yoga Certificate
  • MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by the Palouse Mindfulness

teaching experience

  • 2016-2017: Yoga Oasis (Hawaii)
  • 2017-2018: Shanghai Mindfulness Workshop
  • 2018-2019: Yoga Life (Australia)
  • 2019-Present: A Little More Kindness Classroom

Offer courses and prices


Evening Stretching / Mindful Stretching (Online Classes)

Breathing method, yoga movement stretching, meditation guidance, comfortable voice, wash and sleep after yoga.Beginner friendly, the most Chill home practice.



One-on-One Mindfulness Counseling

It is a gentle, accepting way to guide you to listen to the message of your inner self through the quality of neutral presence.It is a process of honoring your inner wisdom, of becoming aware of something that your body is communicating to you in subtle ways.Dimensions that can help you are: relieve stress, explore your creativity, solve difficult situations in life, heal your body, mind and psychology, and express your wishes in the way you want, so as to A beautiful and fearless way to go deeper into your solitude, to gain more enjoyment and satisfaction from your work, to deepen your inner peace of mind, and to increase your capacity for self-acceptance and self-love.

$2,500/90 minutes

Mystery guest evaluation

"Yoanna's online yoga classes are mainly divided into mindful stretching and flow yoga. The coach will decide whether to start the class according to the number of online students who sign up. Ching chose mindful stretching this time. Yoanna's instructor is very gentle in teaching the class, and the movements are explained clearly. At the beginning of the class, the body is practiced Muscle endurance of various parts, such as abdomen, arms, etc. Then teach students how to use a wall to stand correctly, and practice different postures. Finally, use breathing method with simple stretching movements to relax.

Coach Yoanna embarked on a practice trip after being exposed to yoga during college. There are coaches who have practiced in India, Nepal, and Hawaii. You can feel that you are an experienced teacher. Coach Yoanna's yoga online course content is relatively simple, suitable for inexperienced students or students who want to simply relax their bodies. "


Curriculum Highlights

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