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Yumi Yoga

I am teacher Yumi. I used to be an office worker who did not exercise, but now I am a yoga teacher who turns exercise into a habit. I can experience the hardships and struggles experienced by beginners with empathy.Teaching singing bowls, yin yoga, and flow yoga, good at planning characteristic theme courses, and leading students to experience the beauty of yoga in the classroom.

Teacher presentation

"To be soft is to be powerful" This is what I feel when I practice yoga. Practicing yoga brings me not only physical changes, but also allows me to learn that gentleness and strength do not conflict, because when there is strength inside , the more gentle and strong the outside.Originally, I had no foundation in sports and resisted sports. I started to get in touch with yoga because of the occupational injury at work and sought to improve it. So far, I have fallen in love with yoga from physical disabilities. In addition to physical changes, the impact on me has also brought me through many tears in my life. Therefore, yoga has become my spiritual sanctuary. Once again, I have a chance to touch the singing bowl and experience the wonderful experience of sound healing, so I also integrate the singing bowl into the practice of yoga.

Whether it's body and mind healing, helping to feel body awareness, or adding different elements to themed yoga courses, they can give me different feelings. I like to integrate yoga into my life and be full of fun.I used to be a brand designer, and I am also good at designing suitable yoga courses for each brand, so that yoga can be closer to different ethnic groups and find a way for everyone to start yoga!

Teaching license

  • American Yoga Alliance RYT 200-hour teacher certification All Yoga
  • American Yoga Federation CET 12 Hours Study Course – Flowing Yin Yang Yoga Hip Opening Exploration Jade Chang
  • American Yoga Alliance YACEP 30 Hours Study Course – Yin Yoga and Vipassana Meditation Kris Chiang
  • Singing Bowl Sound Healing Workshop Mind Space – Irene III
  • Singing Bowl Sound Healing Certification Mind Space – Irene III

teaching experience

  • Founder of Art of yoga
  • 2019 - Long-term cooperative teacher of Taichung Yoga Classroom
  • 2019 - Long-term cooperative teacher of Taichung Chain Fitness Center
  • 2020 - Long-term cooperative yoga teacher of Essence Yoga Travel
  • 2020 Changhua Lions Club Lions Wife Activity Yoga Teacher
  • 2021 LV Staff Education Training Perfume Yoga Activity Teacher
  • 2021 Dare Group Staff Travel x Niu Mian Puli Yoga Teacher
  • 2021 Essential Oil Fragrance Yoga Host Event Teacher
  • 2021 Singing Bowl Hand Plate Yoga Organizer Teacher
  • 2022 Taichung Senmeiyuan camp theme yoga teacher
  • 2022 Chanel Staff Travel x Diligent Aesthetics Yoga Activity Teacher

Offer courses and prices


Singing Bowl Yin Yoga

The slow-paced yin yoga is mainly used to find every corner of the body that is tense by staying quietly for a long time, and to clear the mind by relaxing the body. It is also helpful to find the stability of the mind with singing bowl meditation and meditation practice.



Light Flow Yoga

Perform movement series and follow breathing with a gentle and smooth rhythm to help improve muscle endurance and flexibility, as well as body control and balance, and find the balance of physical and mental strength.



meditation sleep yoga

Combining breathing method and meditation practice to achieve the balance of body and mind, it can help get rid of deep pressure, and it is also suitable for beginners to help the body relax and achieve sleep.



One-to-One Singing Bowl Meditation Healing

Each bowl has a unique sound frequency. Vibration generated by the audio of the singing bowl can achieve the effect of balancing brain waves, allowing the brain to achieve deep relaxation, and let your own help clear up the deep relaxation of the mind and body, open the senses, and perceive the state of self , Consciously adjust emotions.



One-on-one customized yoga

According to the current situation of each person and each class, customize the most suitable course content for you.



Customized theme courses

Whether you like a fun and fun style of yoga class, or a healing and relaxing style of yoga class, we can customize the design for you, and welcome various groups to discuss in private messages.

$ Customized pricing

Mystery guest evaluation

"Yumi Yoga's current online yoga classes have different themes every week, and the class schedule is updated every month. Kristy signed up for "Singing Bowl Yin Yoga" this time. After practicing Yin Yoga and meditation, the teacher will knock on the singing bowl on the spot. bundle exercises.

As soon as you enter the online classroom, you will hear soft background music. The coach will first ask about your physical condition today and help you adjust the camera.The asanas of singing bowl yin yoga do not change much, but you will stay in each asana for a long time. With breathing, you can slowly relax the tense parts of the body. It is a class that is relatively relaxing.In the classroom, the teacher carefully observes everyone's actions and gives individual suggestions in a timely manner. You can feel the teacher's persistence in teaching quality and class experience. Kristy thinks this class is suitable for office workers who usually sit more, exercise less, and suffer from insomnia. They can move their bodies in a gentler way, and singing bowl sound therapy will bring a sense of spiritual healing. "


Curriculum Highlights

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