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Wondering what are the popular dive sites in Taiwan? In fact, although Taiwan is not big, its diving spots are no less than foreign countries. In addition to several secret places on the main island, the outlying islands also have rich coral reef forests waiting for you to explore! This time TWOSEVENTHS has compiled 10 must-visit diving sites in Taiwan and recommends them to all friends who love diving. Whether it is snorkeling, deep diving, free diving, or scuba diving, you can refer to this Taiwan diving map to experience Taiwan's unique diving charm.

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Kenting | Houbi Lake

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_Kenting | Houbihu

Houbi Lake is located in the Kenting National Park Reserve. In addition to being a diving spot in Taiwan, it is also a gathering place for many authentic and delicious seafood shops. After playing in the water, you must go ashore to eat a wave of sashimi!The sea area of ​​Houbi Lake is flat and shallow, and the ecology is very rich, suitable for divers of all levels.

The "Fish Feeding Area" on the left side of Houbi Lake is very rich in fish species. Because the verrucous sparrow coral forms a huge group of reefs, it forms a shelter for fish. It is a good place for beginners to practice diving. You have the opportunity to see it here. To the star creature "Niugang Trevally".On the right side of the outlet of Houbihu Lake is the fjord terrain. The terrain and ecological distribution are changeable, and the depth drops from 3 meters to 10 meters. It is suitable for divers of different levels in snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving. Diving experience, you can visit the famous underwater cave landscape in Kenting diving, and also remind divers to go with their diving buddies and pay attention to safety at all times.

If you want to come to Kenting to test your diving license, you can considerBeyond The Surface Diving, Super patient coaches and comfortable homestays, let you dive happily and have a rest at night. The most special thing is that there is a mermaid course, which allows you to shuttle in the sea beautifully.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Beyond The Surface Diving

Beyond The Surface Diving is a popular Kenting diving shop, mainly teaching free diving and scuba diving.And now the mermaid diving license course of the SSI system is launched. In addition to the knowledge and skills that the course itself should learn, it also combines the expertise of the Beyond The Surface Diving coaches-photography and models, so that the mermaids who come here can not only be safe. You can also leave a beautiful figure through the lens.

Check out the full introduction of Sea People in Kenting Beyond The Surface Diving

Little Liuqiu | Beauty Cave

Om Space recommended for free diving in Xiaoliuqiu

You can dive in Xiaoliuqiu all year round. The water temperature is 29 degrees in summer and above 23 degrees in winter. There are almost all diving sites on the island where you can go into the water. It is definitely the top three diving sites in Taiwan!The most special thing is that the turtles in Xiaoliuqiu can be seen everywhere like wild dogs on the roads of Taiwan. You can even see them playing in the water on the shore. After entering the water, you can directly play the game of counting turtles.

Among them, Xiaoliuqiu Beauty Cave is the dive site with the largest number of sea turtles. It is suitable for snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving. When entering the water, you need to pay attention to the groove terrain, sometimes there are waves, and when the water quality is clear, the visibility can reach more than 20 meters!In addition, there is actually a hidden diving site in the Beauty Cave - Vase Rock, which only professional divers know. After entering the water from the Beauty Cave, follow the current all the way to the Vase Rock. Some people have witnessed more than 40 turtles during this period of release, but it is recommended to go with the locals to make sure the flow direction is suitable, and first park a locomotive at Vase Rock, so that you don’t have to walk back to the Beauty Cave to lead the car after landing.

If you want to learn free diving in Xiaoliuqiu, you can refer to OM Space's courses, as long as people come, other stores such as Xiaoliuqiu ferry tickets, accommodation on the island, locomotive rental, insurance, equipment, etc. will help you arrange it, which is a good news for lazy people!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Om Space

Om Space free diving provides AIDA and Matcha systems, and the course fee includes accommodation, insurance, equipment, locomotive use, round-trip boat tickets and license fees.The nurse-turned-career coach has a deep experience of where the students will hit a wall in learning, and the systematic explanation makes it easy to understand.In addition, due to the strongholds in the north and the south, even if you take classes in Xiaoliuqiu, you can go back to the north to participate in group training.

View the full description of Om Space

New Taipei | Northeast Corner Dragon Cave

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_New Taipei|

Dragon Cave is located in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. Presumably, many divers who live in the north may have been there. Because of the convenient location and the fact that there are many natural barrier terrains in Dragon Cave, it has created a stable sea area and rich marine ecology. The largest bay and dive site along the Cape coast.Among the many dragon cave diving sites, "Dragon Cave No. 25" is relatively the most stable and has the largest depth, reaching a depth of XNUMX meters. It is suitable for beginner scuba divers (OW). It is recommended for friends who are diving in Taipei for the first time to experience a wave .

In addition to snorkeling, deep diving and SUP, Dragon Cave is rich in terrain, and you can reach the "Diving Secret Realm" just by walking through the Boulder Paradise Road.In addition, in the mosquito pit located at 83.9K from Longdong Nankou Park to Hemei Community, you can see various cute underwater creatures such as colorful clownfish.

New Taipei |

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_New Taipei |

Bitoujiao Park is located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City. It is also a famous diving resort in Taipei on the coast of the northeast corner. There are public toilets and equipment washing areas. The sea area is covered by coral reefs and the underwater life is very rich. You can see many schools of tropical fish, Sea anemones, soft corals, etc., many divers say that they are not inferior to Kenting!

Because the water depth is about 2-3 meters, it is suitable for free diving for beginners; the water depth to go a little further is about 10-15 meters, it is recommended to go with a diving buddy and experience scuba diving together.In addition, Bitoujiao Park is also very suitable for snorkeling. It should be noted that you should not swim over the float, because the rear is the fishing port channel of Bitou Fishing Port. If you go over, you will be fined.There is also the Bitoujiao Trail on the side, and the Ridge Trail can be completed in half an hour. You can enjoy the rich sea erosion geological landscape by the way after diving.

Green Island |

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_Green Island |

Green Island is very popular among divers at home and abroad among the diving sites in Taiwan. Among them, the Shilang Sea Area is the most popular diving site for tourists on Green Island.The coast of the Shilang Sea is surrounded by atolled coral reefs. In addition to the passage of the Kuroshio North Current of the Pacific Ocean, there is also an upwelling current nearby, so it nourishes more than 200 kinds of soft and hard corals and a variety of tropical fish.

Also because the Shilang intertidal zone is very long, it is suitable for both snorkeling and deep diving. Experienced divers can also come here for free diving or scuba diving. Just dive 20 meters and you can see the world's largest The unique microporous coral body - "Big Mushroom Coral", is estimated to have a history of more than 1200 years, and it is definitely one of the must-see spots for diving in Taiwan.In addition, the Shilang sea area is close to the most lively Nanliao Village on Green Island. After diving, you can walk directly to have a meal or rest. After a full meal, you can also arrange to take a boat out to sea to watch whales.

Penghu |

Taiwan diving site strategy_Penghu |

Suogang Hangwan, Penghu has been one of the most popular diving spots in Taiwan in recent years. Because of the clear waters, safe waters and fruitful results in coral reef restoration, it has become a holy place for snorkeling on the main island of Penghu.The most special thing is that the world's first "submarine mailbox" that combines underwater installation art and coral reef restoration functions is in Hangwan, Penghu. Currently, there are two submarine mailboxes in Taiwan, and the other is located in Green Island.

The submarine mailbox is located about 150 meters from the coast and about 6 meters underwater. In addition to scuba diving, there are also helmet diving options.It should be noted that divers need to buy submarine postcards with a special waterproof design, the cost of which includes international shipping, and write down the address and content with a waterproof oil-based pen before they can be sent smoothly.

In addition, the uncle postman of the underwater mailbox is taken by divers in rotation. They dive into the seabed twice a week to receive letters, dry the postcards before sending them out.It is recommended that divers experience sending postcards in the sea while diving in Hangzhou Bay to explore the ocean world. Apart from challenging themselves, they can also send their hearts to family members or friends.

Penghu | Southern Four Islands National Park

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_Penghu|Southern Four Islands National Park

The Southern Four Islands National Park in Penghu is the only marine national park in Taiwan, including Dongji Islet, Xiji Islet, Dongyu Pingyu and Xiyu Pingyu, although the popularity is not as high as that of Penghu main island, Wangan, Qimei and Jibei. , but the islands are rich in ecological resources, and the history, humanities and natural environment have not been over-exploited, so it is definitely a must-visit diving site in Taiwan for divers.

Among them, Dongyuping, where there are more goats than people, has a coral coverage rate as high as 60%, and the depth of the nearby sea is about 3-5 meters, which is suitable for snorkeling and free diving.About 20 meters from the shore, you can see a large blue-purple coral reef jungle, even known as the "undersea lavender forest", and you may also have the opportunity to see a big blue starfish over 30 cm wide. Come at noon when the light is at its best, and you can see the various colors of the sun shining on the lavender coral reef.

However, considering factors such as seasonal climate and safety, diving activities in Penghu are only open from April to September.In addition, the "Blue Cave", which has become popular in recent years, is located in Xijiyu, the only uninhabited island among the four islands. It is said that there is only one Miaogong and 4 residents on the island, but the coral coverage rate in the surrounding waters is as high as 9%. Doubtful Taiwanese dive destination.

Taitung | Sanxiantai

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_Taidong | Sanxiantai

Everyone should be familiar with Taitung Sanxiantai Scenic Area. It is a must-visit attraction for many people who come to Taitung to watch the sunrise and the Milky Way starry sky. It is also the scheduled venue for the Taitung Hot Air Balloon Carnival in recent years.In addition, the sea area of ​​Sanxiantai not only has rich underwater ecology, such as large sea fans, octagonal corals, pygmy seahorses, etc., but also has a high coverage rate of soft corals, which can be called the latest secret place among diving sites in Taiwan.

It should be noted that the East Management Office pointed out that Sanxiantai is suitable for more experienced divers, because the diving site needs to be reached by boat, and the water current is relatively messy, so it is necessary to go with professional diving guides.It is recommended that divers with more diving experience come to Sanxiantai. Apart from admiring the scenic spot and walking through the eight-arch bridge, you can also experience scuba diving. You can first experience the diving map of Taiwan that has not been artificially developed, and appreciate more than one year. Meter big fan!

Orchid Island | Coconut Oil Snorkeling Area

Taiwan diving site guide_Lanyu | Coconut Oil Snorkeling Area

Orchid Island is suitable for diving all year round. It has an underwater visibility of 30 to 50 meters all year round. You can enjoy colorful corals and a variety of migratory fish up close. The sea is clear and the view is excellent.Among them, March to October is the best diving season, and the water temperature is about 26-28 degrees.

Lanyu Coconut Oil Snorkeling Area is a must-visit diving spot in Taiwan for many foreigners. Because of the nearby Kuroshio Current, the warm sea water also breeds rich sea creatures. You can see rich coral reefs and clowns immediately after entering the water. fish.The coconut oil snorkeling area has a depth of about 10 meters and can be used for snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving.It should be noted that because swimming out of the concave bank is easy to become a rapids area, if you do not understand the regional currents, it is recommended that divers go with an experienced instructor to ensure safety.

Yilan | Guishan Island

Taiwan Diving Site Guide_Yilan | Guishan Island

Guishan Island in Yilan is the only active volcano in Taiwan. It is only open to the public from March to November every year, and advance reservations are required. Among them, what makes everyone crazy is the "Milk Sea" in the sea area around the turtle on Guishan Island. There is also the "God Overturned" However, since water sports are prohibited in the Milky Sea area, it is mainly for watching the sulfur vents of hot springs and the ecology of strange square crabs.

Among the diving sites of Guishan Island, there are two worth mentioning.One of them is "Gumi Back Garden", which is a safer launching point, with an average water depth of 10 meters, where you can see a coral sea full of fish and it is suitable for beginner divers to experience free diving.Another diving site is "Guimao Independent Reef", an underwater independent reef about 4 kilometers away from Guishan Island. The average water depth is 60 meters, and the deepest can be as high as 3 meters. Fish, it is recommended for advanced scuba divers to experience.

The above is the introduction of diving sites in Taiwan. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled the top 10 recommended diving sites in Taiwan for everyone. After reading this, do you want to invite a few friends to explore these popular diving spots together? Let’s take advantage of the summer diving season and visit Taiwan’s diving spots together! For more dive site introductions, please refer to this articleRecommended diving spots in Xiaoliuqiu,Recommended dive sites in Penghu.

However, diving is a highly dangerous activity. You must understand your own status and pay attention to safety. For unfamiliar sea areas, you must go with a local diving guide to avoid regrets! Do you have your own unique dive spot in Taiwan? You are also welcome to leave a message to tell us. If you are still in the exploratory stage of diving, you can refer to this articleBeginners Guide to FreedivingOrBeginner's Guide to Scuba Diving, take a quick look at this fascinating event!

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