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Xiaoliuqiu is a popular choice among Taiwan’s outlying island tours. In addition to relatively convenient transportation, you can have a panoramic view of the beauty of this island in two or three days. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled the weather in Xiaoliuqiu and the best months to visit, information on round-trip ferry tickets to Xiaoliuqiu, transportation on the island, must-eat food, popular tourist attractions or secret spots, various interesting outdoor activities, and a two-day and one-night itinerary for Xiaoliuqiu. , providing you with the most comprehensive Xiaoliuqiu travel guide.

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Introduction to Xiaoliuqiu

Liuqiu Island is located in the southwest of Donggang Town, Pingtung, Taiwan, commonly known as "Little Liuqiu", and is the only coral reef island in Taiwan.Due to its geographical location less affected by the northeast monsoon, the weather in Xiaoliuqiu is like spring all year round, and there are tributaries of the Kuroshio Current flowing around it. The annual average sea temperature is above 25 degrees, which has created its rich marine ecology and has become a winter diving destination. Tourists can dive in Xiaoliuqiu to experience the fun of swimming with sea turtles, or appreciate the various strange landforms formed by coral limestone on the island. It is a holiday paradise that people who like island style cannot miss.

Xiaoliuqiu weather and suitable tourist season

Xiaoliuqiu has a tropical climate, so it is suitable for tourism all year round.Summer is the peak tourist season in Xiaoliuqiu. The average temperature is about 28 degrees. There are various water sports activities to participate in, but you have to endure the crowds of restaurants and scenic spots, or the typhoon to disrupt the situation; the average temperature in winter is still above 21 degrees. The climate is cool and comfortable, and there is less rainfall. The accommodation is cheaper than the summer peak season, and it is also a good time to travel.Summary In terms of the weather in Xiaoliuqiu, the most recommended months are March-May or October-December, which can avoid the crowds in the peak season and enjoy water sports under sunny days.

Xiaoliuqiu summer

  • The average temperature is about 28 degrees
  • The average sea temperature is 29.4 degrees
  • Typhoon season, the most rainfall

Little Liuqiu in winter

  • The average temperature is about 21 degrees
  • The average sea temperature is 25.0 degrees
  • Comfortable weather with minimal rainfall

Xiaoliuqiu boat schedule and ticket price

The only way to travel from Taiwan’s main island to Xiaoliuqiu is by boat. There are currently 3 routes——Dongliu Line, Yanliu Line, and Pengliu Line.Among them, the Donggang route is the most densely populated, and there are public and private ships that can be selected according to the fare. If it is a two-day and one-night trip to Xiaoliuqiu, it is recommended to choose the Donggang route.the following TWOSEVENTHS For everyone, we have compiled the comparison of the three Xiaoliuqiu boats and tickets. You can choose according to your location and budget. For the detailed timetable, please refer toLiuqiu Township Office, Pingtung Countyinformation.

Dongliu Line: public transport boat

  • Full ticket $200, half ticket $110, military and police ticket $150, round-trip ticket $380
  • Passenger quota 149 people, 20 locomotives
  • The earliest departure from Donggang is 08:00, and the latest departure is 18:45
  • The earliest departure from Ryukyu is at 17:00, and the latest departure is at 18:00
  • The number of shifts is small, only 4 shifts a day
  • Boarding place: Donggang Wharf
  • Fishing port of call: Dafu Fishing Port
  • Shipping time: about 35-40 minutes

Dongliu Line: private transportation ship

  • Full ticket $230, round-trip full ticket $410, half-ticket $120, half-ticket round-trip $210
  • There are 3 shipping companies: Dongliu Line, Taifu, and Lanbai
  • The earliest departure from Donggang is 07:00, and the latest departure is 17:00
  • The earliest departure from Ryukyu is at 07:40, and the latest departure is at 17:30
  • There are many flights, about 10 flights a day
  • Boarding place: Donggang Wharf
  • Fishing port of call: Baishawei Port
  • Shipping time: about 25-30 minutes

Pengliu line

  • Full ticket $300, round-trip full ticket $550, half-ticket $150, half-ticket round-trip $270
  • Dapeng Bay 10:00
  • Ryukyu hair 16:50
  • The number of shifts is small, 1 shift a day, only operating on five or six days
  • Boarding point: Marina Bay Pier
  • Fishing port of call: Dafu Fishing Port
  • Shipping time: about 20-25 minutes

Salt line

  • Full ticket $230, round-trip full ticket $410, half-ticket $120, half-ticket round-trip $210
  • The earliest departure from Yanpu Port is 08:00, and the latest departure is 16:50
  • The earliest departure from Ryukyu is at 08:40, and the latest departure is at 17:20
  • There are many flights, about 6 flights a day
  • Boarding point: Yanpu Wharf
  • Fishing port of call: Dafu Fishing Port
  • Shipping time: about 30 minutes

Transportation on Xiaoliuqiu Island

The total area of ​​Xiaoliuqiu is only 6.8 square kilometers, and the road around the island is 18 kilometers long. The most recommended and most convenient way of transportation in Xiaoliuqiu is to ride a motorcycle. It is also a good way to take the bus around the island.In addition, although there are also shops that rent cars, Xiaoliuqiu Road is small and the mobility of cars is not enough. If you travel to Xiaoliuqiu for two days and one night, you will still use a motorcycle.


It only takes about half an hour to ride a motorcycle around without stopping. At present, the motorcycle shops on the island provide general motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and even Gogoro options. You can choose according to your preferences.Most motorcycle shops are located near the pier where you disembark. If you make an appointment for a motorcycle shop farther away, the store will usually pick you up at the port after disembarking. It is recommended that you check the location and instructions before renting a car.If you book a homestay in advance, in addition to the two-day one-night, three-day two-night package plan, you can also ask the homestay if there is a cooperative motorcycle rental store, and you can usually get extra discounts.

Roundabout bus

There are currently two bus routes on Xiaoliuqiu Island, namely "601" and "601A". The "601" bus runs along the road around the island and stops at almost all sightseeing spots; It is Zhongzheng Road running through the middle of the island and the south side of Xiaoliuqiu Island.The buses in Xiaoliuqiu are frequent, almost every 601 minutes during peak hours, and the fare is calculated according to the mileage taken. For detailed bus times and routes, please refer toOfficial website.


Walking around the island sounds crazy, but an 18-kilometre walk is the way to go.If you have more time, or you want to try to explore Xiaoliuqiu with your feet, this is also a good way.

Xiaoliuqiu Food Recommendations

Xiaoliuqiu not only has breathtaking natural landscapes, but also has a rich and diverse food culture. Here, you can taste fresh and delicious seafood dishes, special local snacks, and a variety of unique desserts and drinks. the following TWOSEVENTHS We will introduce some unmissable food experiences so that you can taste the authentic delicacies during your trip to Xiaoliuqiu and enjoy the pleasant time of island life.


Extended Diving CHILL HIGH HIGH Bar 7

CHILL HIGH HIGH can be said to be the most popular Xiaoliuqiu pool bar in recent times. The large lawn and spacious swimming pool, coupled with various resort-style decorations, make you feel like you are in Bali without going abroad. If you are a drinker, there are also all-you-can-drink options here, or there are different Water Splashing Festival activities every month, allowing you to play in the water with your friends, watch the stars, drink delicious cocktails, and enjoy the happiness of the island. It's that simple! In addition, islanders, coaches, helpers, or girls wearing bikinis will have different discounts. If you are interested, please remember to follow their IG!

Round stool ice room

Xiaoliuqiu Food Round Stool Ice Room

The Round Stool Ice Room is located on Xiaoliuqiu Zhongshan Road. The clean and fresh space is quite comfortable. It mainly provides different flavors of shaved ice. Each flavor is unique and delicious, such as yogurt, tiramisu, matcha and other different bases. Add the finishing touch of Wantan red beans, coffee beans, sweet potatoes, etc. to make it refreshing and not greasy. From time to time, seasonal limited-edition strawberry, mango and other flavors are also launched. The ice cream is large and layered, and the price is quite reasonable. Don’t miss it when you come to Xiaoliuqiu.

Mizi's House Restaurant

Xiaoliuqiu Food Mizi's House Restaurant

Xiaoliuqiu also has special Italian restaurants! This restaurant is hidden in the alley next to the port. It opens the door and is surrounded by green plants. The wooden decoration gives it a forest-like feel. The dishes are mainly pasta, risotto, and pizza. The most eye-catching ones are the spicy fried crab pasta and the pan-fried roll pasta. They use a whole crab and rolls generously, which is both visually and tastefully delicious. It’s a feast! In addition, for vegetarians, there are also related dishes to choose from, which is quite considerate.

island witch

Xiaoliuqiu Food Island Witch

This is a complex space that combines accommodation and a cafe. It is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. Different outdoor seating areas have different styles, and they can also overlook the sea view. When the weather is good, every corner is beautiful to take pictures! The store provides wine, soft drinks and desserts. The desserts are sweet and not greasy, and paired with drinks and sea views, it is very chill.

Cheers Roast Pork

Xiaoliuqiu Food Queersi Roast Pork

This is a relatively high-priced restaurant in Xiaoliuqiu, but it has a spacious and bright environment, a variety of dishes that make it difficult to choose, and all-you-can-drink local Xiaoliuqiu beer. It is definitely a place where friends want to eat meat and drink. A good choice! In addition, it is worthy of being located in Xiaoliuqiu, which is famous for seafood. The all-you-can-eat menu also has many seafood options, and the ice cream is fresh ice cream produced in Pingtung. It is recommended for those who love eating meat and drinking wine.

Summer fresh seafood

Xiaoliuqiu gourmet summer fresh seafood

Xia Wei Xian Seafood is located near the Baishawei Ferry Terminal. It is famous for its various seafood hot dishes. The dishes are served quickly, the portions are generous and the price is reasonable. Whether it is a simple meal for one or two people, or a group dinner, it is very popular. Suitable. In addition to the common quick-fried restaurant dishes, you can also order Xiaoliuqiu’s specialties such as Guitou Dao and Flying Fish Roe Sausage. With its fresh ingredients and high value dishes, it is a favorite shop of many Xiaoliuqiu locals.

Address:No. 35, Minsheng Road, Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County

Xiaoliuqiu Attractions Recommended

Little Liuqiu has always been a popular choice for tourism in Taiwan. The special coral reef island terrain has naturally produced many mysterious beauty on the island. Coupled with the clear and transparent sea water, you can find the unique charm of Little Liuqiu in any corner.The following is an introduction to 10 Xiaoliuqiu IG attractions, providing a different way to visit for those who are visiting for the first time or who want to find different attractions in Xiaoliuqiu.

clam bay beach

Haibanwan Beach is the largest beach in Xiaoliuqiu. It is a shell sand beach composed of coral debris remains, and there are rich intertidal organisms to observe. It is very suitable for taking children on an ecological tour. The beach is white and the sea is blue. Known as "Venice Beach".But be aware that because of the strong currents here, swimming in the water is officially prohibited to avoid danger.

lobster hole

As the name suggests, the Lobster Cave is named after the abundant lobster production in the past. Although the production of lobsters has declined due to overfishing and climate change, there are a large number of unique natural landscapes created by sea erosion, such as sea-eroded ditches, sea-eroded caves, and sea-eroded potholes. Wait, it is a treasured place for diving in Xiaoliuqiu to see green sea turtles and watch the sunrise.

net beauty old wood

Wangmei Laomu is located on the coast next to the Rising Sun Pavilion. It was originally a secret place for locals to relax. Now, because many people come to take pictures, it has become one of the popular spots in Xiaoliuqiu. The wood hangs between two stones, looking at the sea in the distance as if A scene that can only be found on postcards.Tourists can first navigate to the "Taiwan Power Company Ryukyu Service Office", and then walk 10 minutes from the embankment next to it to see it.

Lulin Sika Deer Park

Come to Xiaoliuqiu not only to see marine life, but also to interact with Bambi at close range in the Lulin Sika Deer Park. Although the park is small, it is clean and has no peculiar smell. This Xiaoliuqiu attraction is recommended for adults and children who love animals.

Rising Sun Pavilion / Sunset Pavilion

Although there are two different scenic spots, each located on the east and west sides of Xiaoliuqiu, one is suitable for watching the sunrise and the other is suitable for watching the sunset. When the weather in Xiaoliuqiu is good, you can have a panoramic view of the beauty of different moments.


Wugui Cave is one of the three major scenic spots on Xiaoliuqiu Island. It is a natural coral reef cave. The name comes from the rumor that the people who hid in the cave were black slaves brought by the Dutch.At the beginning, you have to go through the dark and narrow cave to explore. Be careful when walking in the dark and slippery. When you get out of the cave, you will see the sea and the sky. You can enjoy the sea view while walking along the coastal trail.

Beauty Cave

Beauty Cave is located in the northwest corner of Xiaoliuqiu. It is also a natural coral reef cave. The terrain inside is special, and the strange rock composition creates a unique natural landscape. There are 13 scenes in it, such as a line of sky, bat cave, Wanghai Pavilion, etc. The beauty of facing the mountains and backing the sea is a must-visit among the scenic spots in Xiaoliuqiu.

Duzaping intertidal zone

Duzaiping is a very famous intertidal zone in Xiaoliuqiu. You can see many classic intertidal creatures here, such as starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, hairy crabs, etc. If you are interested, there are also many shops in Xiaoliuqiu that provide explanations. can participate.When the tide in Duzaiping is high, the sky will be reflected on the sea surface, which also makes it known as the Taiwanese version of the "mirror of the sky".

Taifuting Natural Swimming Pool

If you are a novice who wants to practice snorkeling in Xiaoliuqiu, or simply wants to swim in the water, the Dafuting Natural Swimming Pool is perfect.This is a natural saltwater swimming pool. When the weather is fine, the lake is clear and beautiful, and it is located in a shoal where no boats will dock. There are also escalators on the shore. It is like playing in the sea without the danger of undercurrents and other dangers that the sea will have. Xiaoliuqiu attractions are highly recommended to bring children.

Houshiyuao Mysterious Beach

Houshi Yu'ao is the number one beach in Xiaoliuqiu selected by many netizens. It is surrounded by the unique thick stone reefs in Xiaoliuqiu, so the waves are relatively calm. Lose the style of foreign resort islands such as Tahiti.

Recommended water activities in Xiaoliuqiu

When you come to Xiaoliuqiu, it would be a waste of time not to play water sports!The signature clear sea water and pleasant atmosphere make Xiaoliuqiu a good choice for water play in all seasons. Such a unique environment also allows Xiaoliuqiu to develop a variety of water TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 4 types of water sports in Xiaoliuqiu, let's see which one is suitable for you.If you can't swim or are afraid of water, don't go!There are also water sports suitable for landlubbers.

Xiaoliuqiu diving (deep diving, free diving, snorkeling)

Because the sea temperature in Xiaoliuqiu is above 25 degrees all year round, and there are rich marine ecology, such as swimming with sea turtles, special coral reef topography, etc., all make this place a holy place for diving enthusiasts.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diving expert, or want to try deep diving, free diving or snorkeling, I believe you can find a suitable store here.

Recommended reading

water bike

If you are tired of riding the bicycles in the gym, you might as well try the only water bicycle in Taiwan that is located in Xiaoliuqiu. You can do both exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery.The special design of the Xiaoliuqiu water bike makes it difficult for the boat to capsize, so even landlubbers who can't swim don't have to worry about it, they can enjoy the fun of sea activities, and if they are lucky, they may even meet sea turtles that come up to the water to breathe!

Sea Kayak/SUP Stand Up Paddle

Want to enjoy the sunrise and sunset against the sea breeze with your partner or friends?Want to appreciate Taiwan's only coral reef island from a different angle?Kayaks are a good choice in Xiaoliuqiu. At present, merchants on the island offer different types of boats: general canoes that are friendly to beginners, transparent canoes that are suitable for those who like to take pictures and watch marine life under the boat, stand-up SUP paddle boarding, etc. , You can choose according to your needs and budget.

Recommended reading

semi-submarine glass boat

If it is not suitable for water sports with elders or children, Xiaoliuqiu Glass Boat is a good choice.The glass boat of Xiaoliuqiu is a semi-submarine. There are multiple inclined glass windows in the lower part of the boat. Tourists don’t need to go into the water. As long as they stay comfortably in the boat, they can see the underwater scenery through the glass windows and enjoy the unique and rich marine ecology of Xiaoliuqiu. .

Xiaoliuqiu two-day one-night itinerary recommendation

The area of ​​Xiaoliuqiu is small. If you are a first-time tourist, two days and one night are quite enough. Not only can you visit several popular Xiaoliuqiu attractions, but you can also experience interesting water activities.Although Xiaoliuqiu has been able to have a preliminary understanding of Xiaoliuqiu for two days and one night, if you like water sports, it is recommended to stay at least 3 days and 2 nights to explore Xiaoliuqiu SUP, surfing, snorkeling, water bicycles and other activities.But in fact, all kinds of delicious local delicacies, diverse sea activities, or maybe just lying quietly on the beach in a daze, staying in Xiaoliuqiu for a month is not enough!

Xiaoliuqiu two days and one night Day 1

Morning: Take a boat from Pingtung Donggang to Xiaoliuqiu → Lunch
Afternoon: Go around the island and go sightseeing in Xiaoliuqiu
Evening: Pool bar

Selected 10 Xiaoliuqiu bars

Xiaoliuqiu two days and one night Day 2

Morning: Mama Hong's breakfast shop → diving
Afternoon: Taifuting Natural Swimming Pool → Houshi Yuao → Take a boat back to Pingtung East Port

The above is the strategy of Xiao Liuqiu for two days and one night. TWOSEVENTHS All the must-know tourist information for Xiaoliuqiu free travel has been sorted out for everyone.I am really lucky to have such a beautiful place within a 30-minute boat ride away from the main island of Taiwan, with its unique natural landscape, weather suitable for water play in all seasons, special local cuisine, rich outdoor activities, and various Nanyang customs I believe that anyone who has been here will not be disappointed.

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