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Brow lift is a semi-permanent makeup technique that shapes and colors eyebrows, making them look more natural and fuller.Compared with traditional makeup techniques, mist eyebrows can provide a more durable and stable effect, and do not need to get up early every day to spend time painting eyebrows, and can reduce the dilemma of asymmetrical painting on both sides.In addition, foggy eyebrows can help those who have no eyebrows due to disease or born with no eyebrows to regain their confidence, and it has a positive impact on beauty and physical and mental health.Therefore, as more and more people take the path of foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows, TWOSEVENTHS I hope that through this article on eyebrow maintenance methods and precautions, you who are watching can better understand and reduce the sequelae of eyebrow eyebrows!

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foggy eyebrowsPrecautions

1. Choose a Professional Eyebrow Artist

Because fogging eyebrows is a very professional technique, choose a fogging eyebrow artist with relevant licenses and qualifications to ensure that you have no doubts about hygiene and product selection.In addition, because everyone's face shape and brow bone are different, an experienced brow artist can suggest the most suitable eyebrow shape, eyebrow color, etc. according to your appearance.The best way is to watch the past works of Wumei Master, whether they meet your expectations, sometimes there is no such thing as the most powerful Wumei Master, it is only important to find the one that suits you best!The following is a list of recommended mist eyebrow stores in various regions to help you find a mist eyebrow artist that suits you.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing

If you want to make the effect of misty eyebrows better, there is one thing that must be done before the operation, and that is moisturizing!Due to the fast metabolism of oily skin, the pigment will not look good after it goes on, and the color retention rate will be reduced.People whose face is prone to oiliness, remember to moisturize more before misty eyebrows, to help balance oil and water, and make misty eyebrows more perfect.

3. Avoid alcohol

Before using foggy eyebrows, you need to avoid using or eating alcohol-containing products, such as alcohol-based cleansers or alcohol-based maintenance cosmetics, because alcohol-based skincare products can easily make the skin sensitive and may affect the foggy eyebrows .Drinking too many alcoholic beverages before fogging eyebrows may increase the risk of bleeding and skin irritation immediately.

4. Know if you are suitable for foggy eyebrows

Although basically everyone can have foggy eyebrows, some ethnic groups are more prone to the sequelae of foggy eyebrows, so it is recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding women, have a history of skin diseases in the past, have blood-related diseases, or take it for a long time People who take drugs must consult a doctor before going to the fog eyebrows, and understand the precautions for the maintenance of fog eyebrows, so as not to lose more than the gains.

Within a monthmaintenance method

1. Pay attention to wound healing

Pay attention to the healing of the wound after a brow mist, as both are invasive techniques and may cause slight bleeding and redness, which is normal.Pay attention to keep the wound clean after misty eyebrows. When washing the face every day, you can gently wash the skin around the misty eyebrows with clean water, but avoid skin care products containing alcohol or acid, so as not to affect the healing of the wound.In addition, you can use some mist eyebrow maintenance products, such as mist eyebrow care oil, mist eyebrow care gel, etc., because these products can keep the skin around the eyebrows moist, in addition to accelerating wound healing, they also have the effect of reducing redness and pain.

Can I wash my face after misting my eyebrows?

Usually after 6 hours of misty eyebrows, you can wash your face; but after all, the skin just after the operation is still very fragile, so you should take care of it more carefully.Usually you can touch the water normally, and pay attention to facial cleanser, makeup remover, and whitening products to avoid the foggy eyebrows.But don't be careful not to wash your face too much!Through moderate cleaning, it can keep the area around the wound clean and relieve pain and redness.

2. Avoid irritating the wound

After fogging eyebrows, remember to keep the eyebrows dry, because water will easily make the color fade and reduce the effect. When wiping the face, avoid directly wiping or tearing the wound with hands or toilet paper, which will delay the healing time of the wound, so it is recommended to use paper towels Gently wipe around the eyebrows.You also need to pay attention to your diet, and try to eat more foods rich in vitamin C, E, D, etc., such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. These foods can effectively promote wound healing and skin health.

What should I do if the eyebrows are scabbed and itchy?

Scabs are produced when blood coagulation factors and other repair substances repair wounds, and are a common sequelae of foggy eyebrows.At this time, it may be accompanied by some itching symptoms, but don't just peel off the scab because of this, it will hurt the skin and delay the healing time.It is suggested that if the scabbed wound of Wumei eyebrows is itchy, you can use a cotton swab dipped in saline to pat the vicinity of the scabbed area to relieve discomfort.

3. Avoid prolonged sun exposure

Frosty eyebrows are tattooed to inject pigment into the skin layer, so it takes a while for the wound to fully heal, but exposure to the sun can stimulate skin cells to produce pigment, which can cause the color of the foggy eyebrow to lighten or fade.At the same time, sun exposure will also make the skin dry, peeling, and inflamed, which will affect the healing and effect of misty eyebrows, making the effect of misty eyebrow maintenance fall short.It is recommended that if you need to stand in the sun for a long time, you need to wear a sun hat or sunglasses to reduce excessive ultraviolet rays directly hitting the eyebrows.

After a month of foggy eyebrowsmaintenance method

1. Avoid irritating skin care products

Even after several months of foggy eyebrow maintenance, try to avoid using cosmetics or skin care products containing alcohol or fruit acids, because while stimulating the skin, it is easy to make the color of the eyebrows lighter or less durable.In addition, moisturizing is still a very important part of eyebrow maintenance. Regular use of moisturizing products or eyebrow care products can keep eyebrows and nearby skin elastic and shiny, and help maintain color.

2. Pay attention to the state of eyebrows at any time

After all, foggy eyebrow floating eyebrow is still a minimally invasive cosmetic technique, and there will be tiny wounds on the skin, so it is very important to pay attention to whether there are sequelae of foggy eyebrows. If there are severe allergic reactions, severe redness and swelling of the skin, Be sure to see a doctor in time to avoid infection.

Do you still need to touch up the color after fogging the eyebrows?

Due to the use of natural pigments, the mist eyebrows will fade with the body's natural metabolism after being applied to the skin.If you find that the color of your eyebrows gradually fades after fogging your eyebrows, you will usually need to make up the color again.As for how long it takes to replenish the color, it depends on each person's after-care, physical condition and other factors. If you need advice, you can directly ask the store.

The above are the recommendations for the maintenance of foggy eyebrows this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 8 things to pay attention to when eyebrow matting, so that you can take care of your eyebrows after matting.Frosty eyebrows are already the savior of modern boys and girls who love beauty. It only takes a few hours to avoid the trouble of drawing eyebrows for several years. Even without makeup, you can go out confidently. Hello for a while, the precautions for foggy eyebrows beforehand, and the perfect maintenance of foggy eyebrows to avoid the sequelae of foggy eyebrows are even more important. I hope this article can help all of you who want to have foggy eyebrows avoid detours, and everyone will have a good complexion!If you don’t know about fog eyebrows, please refer to this answer.10 common questions for novices with foggy eyebrows and floating eyebrows.

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