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What exactly is whey protein?What is the difference between whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate?What types of whey protein are there?Some brands add some cool-sounding ingredients, is it really helpful to the body?What are the commonly recommended brands of whey protein? TWOSEVENTHS Provide you with the most complete recommendation and introduction of high protein powder, and answer 10 common questions about whey protein.

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What is whey protein?

The protein from milk is mainly divided into two categories: 80% casein (Casein) and 20% whey (Whey). When milk is processed into cheese, rennet (Rennet) is added to make it The casein in it coagulates, leaving most of the liquid whey.In the past, whey was considered as a by-product of the cheese manufacturing process and was not taken seriously. Later, it was found that whey contains rich and diverse proteins such as α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin, immunoglobulin, milk Ferritin, etc., are easy to be absorbed and utilized by humans and have high nutritional value, so they are developed into the common whey protein today.

What types of whey protein are there?

The original whey contains about 0.3% fat, 0.8% whey protein, 4.9% lactose, 0.5% minerals and 93.5% water, but there will be some differences with the process and milk source raw materials.The finished product after separating whey through some professional membrane filtration technology is the most common concentrated whey protein (Whey Protein Concentrate), usually the protein content of concentrated whey protein is about 66% to 80%, and it also contains lactose, Fat, minerals and other components.

Since whey highly retains the lactose in milk, if the lactose in whey is removed by advanced technology and the whey protein in it is further concentrated, the finished product is isolated whey protein (Whey Protein Isolate), which has a very low Carbohydrates and lactose, especially for those who are lactose intolerant.In addition, if the technology of adding enzymes to pre-hydrolyze whey protein into smaller molecules "peptides" allows the high-protein powder to become smaller molecules before entering the stomach, making the stomach absorb more efficiently, that is, the price is more expensive Whey Protein Hydrolysate.The following three common types of whey protein are sorted out:

whey name whey protein concentrate whey protein isolate hydrolyzed whey protein
Feature Extracted from milk, the most common form of whey protein Whey protein with lactose and carbohydrates filtered out, suitable for those who are lactose intolerant Adding enzymes, through pre-hydrolysis technology, makes whey protein molecules smaller and better absorbed
protein ratio 70-80% 90% or more 90% or more
Lactose ratio 1-5% 0.5% 0-0.5%
fat ratio 1-9% 0.5-1% 0.5-8%
Absorption rate slow Medium fast
Degree of processing low Medium high
price low Medium high

What are the benefits of drinking whey protein?

The essence of whey protein is a bunch of protein. Some people may think that eating meat and drinking milk can achieve it. Why do we need to supplement it?They are all proteins, but there are still many differences.Here are just a few of the benefits and benefits of whey protein:

fast absorption

Whey protein differs fundamentally from casein, which is present in animal milk, in the rate of absorption.Casein molecules are larger, and after reacting with rennet in the stomach, they will be in a solid state, and the rate of absorption and release into the blood is also relatively slow.The constituent molecules of whey protein are small and easily soluble in water, which can be easily absorbed by the human body.According to research, whey protein is digested within an hour or two of eating, while casein protein takes about six to eight hours.Such different characteristics make whey protein powder especially suitable for drinking after exercise, which can make up for the protein gap in a short time.

help muscle growth

All muscles in the human body are made of protein.After fitness and training, the body wears a lot, and carbohydrates and protein are urgently needed to help the body repair and promote muscle growth.Therefore, whey protein has become a good substitute, which can make up for the energy gap in a short period of time.

assist in repairing the body

In fact, not only after exercise, but also when the body is in a weak state (such as after surgery or injury) it also needs a lot of protein to repair tissues.Therefore, after a serious illness, doctors usually recommend more protein supplementation, which can speed up the progress of wound recovery and shorten the recovery period, and whey protein can make up for the protein supplement that cannot be achieved by food because of the usual lack of appetite.

as a nutritional supplement

Chinese people's nutritional sources are mostly carbohydrates and fats, and their protein intake is relatively low.If it is to meet the needs of sports training, the maximum intake of protein per kilogram of body weight is 2 grams per day. In fact, it will be quite hard to eat completely from food.Therefore, taking whey protein as a nutritional supplement in a timely manner is of great benefit whether it is for daily life or sports training.

When to Drink Whey Protein?

One hour after exercise is the golden time for nutritional supplementation. During this time, it is recommended to take the above-mentioned ratio of carbohydrates to protein plus the correct total amount of protein, so that the body can maximize the repair effect.

In addition, it is also a good time to supplement protein before going to bed. Usually, a serving of about 25-30g of protein can also allow the body to continue to receive supplements during sleep.Since it is suitable to supplement with casein before going to bed, it is advisable to add some milk to supplement the casein when brewing whey protein.In addition, adding soy milk is also a good choice, which can supplement vegetable protein in due course.

What foods go well with whey protein?

Many studies suggest a carbohydrate:protein ratio of 3-4:1 for maximum absorption.For example, after training in the morning, you can go to the supermarket to buy 100-150g of roasted sweet potatoes and a high-protein powder for breakfast.The reason is that if carbohydrate intake is insufficient, protein is easily used by the body as fuel instead of as a nutrient for repairing the body; at the same time, the efficiency of protein as an energy source is poor, not enough for the body to generate enough heat, and the final effect is empty.So remember not to just drink protein powder and forget to add carbohydrates.

Can I just drink whey protein instead of breakfast?

Whey protein is not suitable to replace breakfast. The reason is as described above. If other nutrients that the body should take in are insufficient, protein will be used by the body as fuel first, and the original effect cannot be exerted, and the absorption of whey protein on an empty stomach Efficiency is also relatively bad.

What is the recommended intake of whey protein?

Usually the daily recommended protein intake per person is calculated based on body weight and activity level.Generally can be classified as:

  1.  General activity level: Daily intake of 0.8g-1.2g of protein per kilogram of body weight, suitable for all ordinary people
  2. Moderate activity level: daily intake of 1.2g-1.6g of protein per kilogram of body weight, suitable for patients with sarcopenia who need to take in a lot of protein, middle-aged and elderly people who need to prevent muscle loss, pregnant women, teenagers, and people with regular exercise habits
  3. A large amount of activity: daily intake of 1.6g-2.0g of protein per kilogram of body weight, suitable for fitness groups, endurance athletes, professional athletes, etc.

How much whey protein is recommended to drink a day?

On the premise of getting enough nutrients from food for three meals, if there is still a protein deficit that needs to be supplemented by whey protein, it is recommended to arrange a certain amount of whey protein intake between meals, usually 1-3 times a day, if there are special physical conditions For those who are not, you need to follow the advice of your doctor or nutritionist for intake.

However, it should be noted that since the human body can only digest 20-30g of protein at a time, usually a small package or a tablespoon of high-protein powder is enough for a single serving.If supplementing in the afternoon, it is recommended to take it with fruits, which is healthy and can supplement minerals and vitamins.

How to soak whey protein?

When brewing whey protein powder, it is recommended to use warm or cold water below 40 degrees, and the water should be poured into the cup prior to the protein powder.Common whey protein concentrates tend to agglomerate due to their relatively poor solubility. Therefore, when brewing high-protein powder, products such as shaker cups can also be used. The steel balls in the shaker cup help whey protein The powder is fully mixed with water to enhance palatability.

What are the side effects of whey protein?

Whey protein has many benefits, but maybe you've heard some rumors that high protein can damage your kidneys.In fact, as long as people with normal kidney function, a high-protein diet will not cause any harm.However, for people who already suffer from three highs and kidney disease, because the kidney function may not be able to efficiently metabolize and recycle protein, they should avoid eating too much protein. For this group of people, TWOSEVENTHS It is recommended to seek the professional guidance of doctors and nutritionists to avoid further damage to kidney function.For those who have been on a high-protein diet for a long time, it is also recommended to schedule a health checkup every year to check if there is any problem with the kidneys!

What is the point of choosing whey protein?

There are hundreds of types of whey protein, what is the recommended brand of whey protein that suits you? TWOSEVENTHS suggestions below:

protein content

There are some differences in the protein content of different products. Generally speaking, hydrolyzed whey protein>isolated whey protein>concentrated whey protein, but this is not absolute, and it still depends on the label of each brand on the product ingredients.


Whether whey protein powder is easy to dissolve, and it is also a key point that people will not easily eat a large amount of powder.Fortunately, with the existence of a shaker cup, most of the recommended high-protein powders can be easily mixed with water.If you don’t have a friend with a shaker cup, it is also recommended to test it with a small package of whey protein powder first.

other beneficial ingredients

BCAA has been valued by the sports science community in recent years. It is a general term for three branched-chain amino acids and is an important essential amino acid for promoting muscle repair. Therefore, in addition to protein content, whether it contains BCAA is an important consideration.In addition, some brands will add other ingredients such as papaya enzymes, lactic acid bacteria and other substances to help digestion, or fiber to help gastrointestinal motility.


Now that there are more and more flavors of whey protein, it is an important factor whether the recommended brand of whey protein can make you drink a whole cup without nausea. TWOSEVENTHS It is also recommended that consumers test new flavors in small packages first, so as to avoid wastage if they buy too large a package but cannot drink it.

Are there any special needs

For example, people with lactose intolerance can choose whey protein isolate, those who want to absorb as quickly as possible can choose whey hydrolyzate, and those with limited budget can choose the most common whey protein concentrate.No matter what kind of whey protein powder it is, it is obviously helpful to the human body.

Where to buy whey protein?

It can be said that the purchase of whey protein is quite easy. In addition to various online e-commerce platforms, common chain stores and drugstores are also channels for purchasing high protein powder; of course, major whey protein The official website of the brand also has the function of direct sales.The following articles are organized for youCommon Whey Protein Brands, and attach the actual test out of the box to help you find the most suitable high protein powder for you.

The above is the basic guide to whey protein. After reading the basic concepts and knowledge about whey protein, do you have a deeper understanding of the various types of whey protein powder and how to choose them?Here I would like to remind everyone again that whey protein is a nutritional supplement. The best way is of course to ingest it through natural food. If it is not enough, then get enough protein through whey protein. TWOSEVENTHS It is also recommended that you find a recommended brand of whey protein that suits you according to your activity level and special needs.In addition, don't have the idea that you can grow stronger by drinking whey protein sitting down. You still need to match it with suitable weight training or special sports to make your body healthier and healthier!

Warning at the end of the article

Our articles are for product information and educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.If you are concerned, please consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or making any major changes to your diet.

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