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If you don't want to leave Taipei during the holidays, but also want to find a place to relax, Taipei Pool Motel is your good choice!Playing in the private swimming pool in the motel is not only full of privacy, but some room types also have other facilities such as KTV, steam room, spa pool, etc. If the hotel has an attached restaurant, it is super convenient to order room service.this time TWOSEVENTHS Recommend 10 pool motels in Taipei for you, pick one for your next vacation.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Dazhi Mulan Boutique Hotel

Mulan Boutique Hotel is located next to Miramar Dazhi. It started from Taichung and can be said to be a leading brand in the Motel industry.The decoration of Mulan Taipei is mainly a resort-style villa, with a large area of ​​sunshine and garden landscaping, and the top-level motorcycle room is equipped with a private pool, which can be said to be a good choice for Staycation in the city.

Linkou OHYA Boutique Hotel

OHYA International Chain Boutique Hotel is adjacent to Mitsui Outlet, about 10 minutes' drive from the expressway.The appearance of Ouyue is designed with a clear water model, which reveals an elegant atmosphere in a low-key manner, and there are quite a lot of room types to choose from. Come here to spend the world of two people, there are suitable room types.

Banqiao Norwegian Forest Motel

Norwegian Forest Motel Banqiao is located on Heping Road, close to the Guoqing Road business district.The interior of Norwegian Forest is spacious and elegantly decorated. Some room types have private swimming pools and KTV equipment.The best thing is that this Taipei swimming pool motel also has parent-child family rooms suitable for bringing children, allowing children to discharge happily and safely!

Neutralize YES' Motel

YES' Motel Yuechi Boutique Hotel is located on Zhonghe Lide Street, near the 64 expressway.This Taipei swimming pool motel has a variety of decoration styles. According to different theme room types, there are Chinese classical style, Bali holiday style, Japanese Zen style, etc., and there is a restaurant in the hotel, which is very suitable for a group of friends to have a pool party. Then order some food and drinks to enjoy in the room, which is convenient and relaxing.

Zhonghe Meridian Boutique Hotel

Meridian Boutique Hotel Zhonghe Branch is located on Bannan Road, and you can arrive immediately after getting off the interchange of 64 Expressway.The appearance is majestic, and the purple lighting adds a psychedelic atmosphere.This Taipei swimming pool motel has two room types with private pools. The wide pool space is matched with emotional artificial landscaping, and you can enjoy the feeling of vacation without going far.

Tucheng Q-Motel

Tucheng Q-Motel is adjacent to Fuzhou Bridge Baseball Stadium, and there is 65 expressway nearby.From the appearance, you can feel the strong holiday style of Q-Motel, especially the Villa room type with private swimming pool, the outdoor Nanyang-style swimming pool, surrounded by tropical plants when soaking in the water, and what’s more, it can also barbecue, which is Taipei It is a good choice for three or five friends in the swimming pool motel to come to this barbecue to sing and hold a pool party.

Tucheng Aman Hotel

Aman Exquisite Hotel is adjacent to Xizhou Sports Riverside Park, near the 65 expressway interchange.The decoration is classical and elegant, full of exotic atmosphere.Among them, the motorcycle house with a private swimming pool is even more spacious, and the outdoor space is equipped with romantic lighting. Young couples can play in the pool, or cuddle up to each other in the gazebo to spend a romantic time.

Southport Discovery Motel

Discovery Motel is located between MRT Kunyang Station and Nangang Station. It has a stylish appearance and is even more impressive when it is lit up at night.The villa room type with a private pool is Bali resort style. The Southeast Asian-style pool and gazebo has a sense of going abroad, and the outdoor pool is even wider. Even if 30 people come to have a pool party, it will not feel crowded. The indoor space can be rested, suitable for multiple people to hold a motel pool party together.

Yonghe Love Moer Fashion Hotel

Amore Fashion Hotel is located on Yonghe Ren'ai Road. The coconut trees outside are full of exoticism, and the room types inside are also very exotic, ranging from Arabian, Provence to Hawaiian themes, and the iron room type with private swimming pool There are also a variety of pool styles to choose from, suitable for different festivals or groups, and it is the most diverse choice of pool rooms in a few motels.

Belle Songs Exquisite Motel in the Woods

Bell Song Boutique Motel is located on Zhongzheng Road in Shulin District, and its appearance is decorated with traditional motels.The room type with swimming pool is an indoor swimming pool with good lighting. During the day, the sun shines, and at night, it is full of atmosphere. There is Shulin Xingren Garden Night Market near the hotel, and a convenience store is next door. It is also quite convenient to supplement food energy.

The above are the recommended pool motels in Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Taipei swimming pool motels with a swimming pool in the motorcycle room type, and there are even stores personally certified by Mystery Guest.If you also want to find an urban oasis to relax in the busy life of Taipei, whether it is an unforgettable Motel pool party with a group of friends, or a leisurely swim with your significant other, it is a unique and unique experience.If you want to see more content about motels in Taipei, you can also refer to this 3-hour rest planTaipei Rest Motel Recommended,or this article focuses on singing equipmentTaipei KTV Motel.

In addition to motels, if couples want to find more options for dating, it is recommended to participate in hand-made activities, whether it isCake DIY,handmade ring ,Dried flowers,scented candle making, but also a variety of hand-made experiences, which made the two people warm up their relationship while completing the work.

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