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In addition to rest and accommodation, the motel can also sing KTV, and even double the fun!The diverse and complete facilities make singing in a motel different from the general KTV experience. Whether you want to take a hot bath to open your voice, or you want to lie in bed when you are tired of singing, these are the fun that only singing in a motel can have.this time TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 KTV motels in Taipei for you, so hurry up and gather friends to experience the comfortable atmosphere of singing together.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Dazhi Weige Boutique Hotel

Weige Boutique Hotel is located near MRT Dazhi Station, next to the bustling Miramar Paradise.There are various types of rooms, 96 rooms with different decorations, 45 themes, and 33 room types.In addition to the sofa in the elevator, there is also a TV to introduce the room type.This Taipei KTV motel updates the song list every month, and most of them are original soundtracks. The KTV singing time is from 9:00 to 24:00, and there is plenty of time.The room is spacious, perfect for a group of friends to sing and party.

Xinzhuang Churaumi Boutique Motel

Churaumi Boutique Motel is located on Xinbei Avenue. If you don’t drive, there are many buses near the entrance.The exclusive elevator can go directly to the room. Some room types have KTV in it, and the space is wide enough to accommodate many people.In addition to the rapidly updated song list, there are also lights that can be freely controlled, which is quite atmospheric.It is worth mentioning that the KTV boxes, rooms, and bathrooms of this Taipei KTV motel all have individual temperature-controlled air-conditioners, making it more comfortable to have fun inside.

Taishan 133 Boutique Motel

133 Boutique Motel is located next to the Wugu Interchange. The entrance of this Taipei KTV motel is in American western style, and the horizontal container decoration attracts many people to take pictures here.There are a variety of room types to choose from, especially the KTV room type with a double garage. The projection KTV is equipped with ambient lighting and a rock upright microphone. The overall singing atmosphere is directly full.

Linkou OHYA Boutique Hotel

OHYA International Linsuo Boutique Hotel is adjacent to the A9 Linkou Station on the Taoyuan Airport Line of the MRT. There is a Linkou outlet nearby. The exterior is designed with a clear water model, which is low-key and elegant.There are nine types of rooms with elegant decoration. The most advanced room type includes swimming pool and KTV equipment. The KTV is all original music videos. The 180 ping is very spacious, which is very suitable for multi-person gatherings and parties.

Banqiao Norwegian Forest Motel

Norwegian Forest is located on Heping Road, Banqiao District, and its location is relatively hidden.There are four types of KTV rooms to choose from, namely deluxe premium room, royal honor room, top villa room, and presidential villa room. There are suitable room types for couples and friends.This Taipei KTV motel has its own central kitchen, and you can call to order food at any time, and you can fill your stomach without leaving the room, making people feel like they are in a real KTV.

Southport Discovery Motel

Discovery Motel is a five-minute walk from MRT Kunyang Station. There are 210 different types of themed rooms, among which the popular room types include private swimming pools, KTV and other equipment. It is a motel in Taipei where you can enjoy multiple entertainments at once.Although the equipment is not new, but overall clean and tidy, well-equipped and spacious, it is the first choice for many people to hold birthday parties.

Neutralize YES' Motel

YES' Motel is located in Zhonghe District, near the 86 Expressway and Zhongyuan MRT Station, there are many exotic room types to choose from.In addition to complete equipment and facilities, the party-oriented VIP party room also has KTV singing equipment, which can not only accommodate about 30 people, but also has two super-large SPA pools. Come to this Taipei KTV motel to enjoy the special experience of going abroad while singing in the SPA.

Sanchong Moon Hotel

Jiangyue Hotel is adjacent to Xianseigong Station, and it can be reached immediately after getting off the 64 expressway.There are 36 rooms and 7 different room types in total. The exclusive elevators for the rooms provide high privacy and can directly reach the door of the room.There are 13 KTV luxury boxes, the largest of which is close to 60 pings, which can accommodate more than 10 people.The store uses Japanese salon-level POLA bathing equipment, with high-end facial masks, and you can enjoy lady-level maintenance while singing.

Zhonghe Meridian Boutique Hotel

Meridian Boutique Hotel is located on Zhonghe Bannan Road, close to Zhonghe Costco.There are a total of 7 room types to choose from, and some room types have double parking spaces, so you are not afraid of finding a parking space.This Taipei KTV motel has a spacious space, and the equipment and decoration are not inferior to conventional KTVs at all, including upright microphones, independent toilets and some ice-breaking game props, which can be said to be very stylish. In addition, meal services are also provided.

Xinzhuang AT MOTEL

AT MOTEL is adjacent to the Xinzhuang Gymnasium. There are 6 room types to choose from in the AT MOTEL. Except for the business room, which has a parking space and a separate room, the rest of the room types are one bedroom and one garage.Some room types are equipped with KTV singing equipment, high-definition 58-inch TV big screen singing, but this Taipei KTV motel does not accept party guests, it is more suitable for travelers who want to sing and have a good rest.

The above are the recommended KTV motels in Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 Taipei KTV Motels with singing equipment, among which there are stores personally certified by Mystery Guest, to provide you with new proposals for partying and singing in Taipei.Going to the motel to sing, you can not only enjoy the advanced KTV equipment, but also use relaxation and healing equipment such as SPA and steam room in addition to singing.The next time you want to sing KTV, you may wish to consider finding a motel. The diverse equipment can take care of everyone's needs at once.If you want to see more content about motels in Taipei, you can also refer to this 3-hour rest planTaipei Rest Motel Recommended, or this article focusing on Villa room typesRecommended pool motels in Taipei.

Do couples always have no idea about going out on a date?In addition to motels, it is recommended to participate in hand-made activities, whether it isCake DIY,handmade ring ,Dried flowers,scented candle making, the young couple complete their own works together, so that every date has special memories.

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