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Many rooms in Kaohsiung motels have KTV equipment. You can sing in the motel with your friends or your significant other. You can bring your own food and drinks. When you are tired of singing, you can just lie down on the bed and rest, or go to the SPA to relax. It is better to go to the KTV on a regular basis. I cannot experience the exhilaration that can only be enjoyed by singing in a motel. This time TWOSEVENTHS recommend 10 Kaohsiung KTV motels for you, each with different decoration styles, in-room facilities and price plans, guaranteeing that you and your friends will have a blast!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Fengshan Royal Group Motel

Royal Group Motel Fengshan Branch is adjacent to National Highway No. 1 and No. 88 Expressway. It has a very elegant appearance and is the motel with the largest area in Taiwan.The room is spacious and luxurious, and comes with free mineral water, drinks, tea bags, biscuits and instant noodles, etc.; the theme of each room is different, but there are KTV singing equipment, and the microphone sound quality is very good, very suitable for young couples A romantic KTV motel date in Kaohsiung.

Hunei Yinshuihan View Motel

Yinshuihan View Motel is located in the north of Kaohsiung, only a 20-minute drive from downtown Tainan. The decoration emphasizes the harmonious coexistence with nature, and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable.The quality of the audio equipment is among the best among KTV motels in Kaohsiung, and each room type has a bathtub that can be soaked in milk. After singing in the Motel, you can take a bath and relax. You don’t have to go abroad to feel like a vacation!

Lingya Ouyou International Boutique Hotel

Ouyou International Chain Boutique Hotel is located near Weiwuying. The room design is themed on the five continents of the world. You can feel like traveling around the world if you live in different rooms. There are as many as 97 rooms, so that people with different budgets have suitable choices.In addition, this Motel provides a variety of food and drink services, which are most suitable for supplementing the exhausted energy after singing in the motel.

Beautiful Seasons Motel Front Town

Beautiful Four Seasons Motel is located near the Dream Mall. There are general business rooms and motorcycle rooms suitable for singing.The room size ranges from 20 to 60 pings. In addition to KTV, there are billiard tables, large swimming pools, bathtubs and other equipment, suitable for groups of different sizes who want to find a motel KTV to sing a song.

Gushan Four Seasons Boutique Hotel

Four Seasons Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Kaohsiung, close to Ruifeng Night Market, the transportation is very convenient.There are different room types to choose from depending on the budget. The room decoration is antique and rich in equipment, such as hot spring pool, ice pool, steam room, etc., everything you expect.However, it should be noted that the KTV in this Kaohsiung motel is used from 10:11 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. It may not be suitable for those who want to sing karaoke in the middle of the night.

Nanzi Weifeng Boutique Motel

Weifeng Boutique Motel is located near Nanzi Railway Station. There are business room types and motorcycle room types. Among them, the motorcycle room has 33 different themed styles, and there are also garages and KTV equipment.The decoration of the room is very thoughtful and unique, and the lighting is used to create a romantic and psychedelic atmosphere. It is suitable for couples to come together. After singing with the other half, take a bath together. A romantic night begins here.

Fengshan Huashuiting Motel

Huashuiting Motel is located near Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport, covering an area of ​​1,600 pings. The motel is mainly decorated in the style of Chinese and Thai Nanyang resorts.The facilities in the hotel are rich, and it’s no problem to have a bath or sing. Singing in this Kaohsiung KTV motel full of resort atmosphere will completely relax your body and mind.

Fengshan Lixin Boutique Motel

Lixin Boutique Motel is located on Wenfeng Road, Fengshan District, close to Zhengxiu University of Science and Technology.There are 22 room types with different themes. The decoration style is elegant and a bit luxurious, and the room is separated from the KTV box. Those who sing will not disturb those who want to rest, whether they come to this Kaohsiung Motel to sing with family, friends or other half All fit.

Zuoying Sunshine High Speed ​​Rail Boutique Hotel

Nikko HSR Boutique Hotel is only 10 minutes' walk from Zuoying HSR Station, and the traffic is very convenient.The sunroom is decorated simply and elegantly, and there are 5 types of rooms in total, of which only VIP rooms and six-person rooms provide KTV services.The special feature of this KTV motel in Kaohsiung is that each room has a detection system for anti-pinhole sneak shots, so that everyone can feel more at ease while singing and carnival in the Motel.

Sanmin Warner is not just a Motel

Warner is not just a Motel. It is located at the intersection of Rehe 48nd Street and Andong Street. The overall decoration is Baroque style. There are XNUMX different movie-themed room types, such as "Under the Tuscan Sun" with a sense of vacation, and the Chinese-style "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".Each room has its own characteristics. Choose your favorite movie and enjoy the joy of singing in the movie scene, which is a fun that you can't enjoy in other KTV motels in Kaohsiung.

The above are the recommendations for Kaohsiung KTV motels. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 Kaohsiung KTV Motels with singing equipment, some of which have been personally certified by Mysterio, so that if you are looking for a Motel to sing, you can find a choice you like. Motels usually have a variety of room types, and not every room type may have KTV equipment. It is recommended that you inquire clearly before booking a room, so that the store can arrange a suitable room!If you want to read more articles related to Kaohsiung motels, you can refer to this article focusing on the 3-hour planKaohsiung Rest Motel Review, or this article has a private pool in the roomKaohsiung Swimming Pool Motel Recommended.

If couples want to find more options for dating, you can also refer to this articlekaohsiung cake AndRing DIY Recommended, two people work together to complete their own handmade works; or find a massage shop to relax, you canKaohsiung Foot Massage,Kaohsiung Thai Massage,Kaohsiung SPA,Kaohsiung Ear PickingGOODWait for the article to find a high-quality store that does not step on thunder.

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