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A designer who likes to make things with his hands since he can remember. He loves traveling, rock climbing, diving, and hiking. Amazed by what I saw.

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[Evaluation of Da Lao Ye’s Private Kitchen] Fresh ingredients are delivered directly on the same day, a Nanjing Fuxing Dining Restaurant that only foodies know about

Looking for a company or family dinner restaurant that fits your budget, but doesn't want to compromise on quality? this time TWOSEVENTHS I want to show you how to unbox Da Lao Ye’s private dining restaurant in Taipei and experience it in person...
Night Owl ExclusiveTaipeiExclusive to Taipei NightcatActivitiesExperience Inspiration

[Taipei Dining Restaurant Recommendations] A list of gatherings for many people collected by the old gourmet, and a comparison of 4 Taipei joint-dining restaurants

Are you still worried about what to eat for a large gathering of people? The first choice for gatherings is Chinese cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate a large number of people and you can enjoy a variety of Kung Fu dishes at affordable prices. this time TWOSEVENTHS of...
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[Taipei Botox Recommendation] You can remove wrinkles from your face without going under the knife! Review of 3 Taipei Botox Clinics

If you have never experienced medical aesthetic treatments, Botulinum Toxin is definitely your first step to get started, and you can easily achieve the effect of slimming your face and removing wrinkles.But how do you choose among the many medical aesthetic clinics in Taipei so that you don’t fall into the trap...
台北攀岩推薦 台北攀岩場
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【Taipei Rock Climbing Site Recommendation】Novices can also enjoy rock climbing experience, 9 indoor bouldering gyms in Taipei are evaluated

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular in Taipei. Indoor rock climbing is not affected by the weather, and it is more interesting than fitness.So how should you choose a rock climbing venue in Taipei for the first time? TWOSEVENTHS The explorer...
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