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Unn Chou

There is a girl full of mountains and seas, full of sun and freedom in her heart, who loves fitness and loves to get tanned, crazy and heartless, and can be withdrawn to the edge, sometimes I don’t know myself, ah !It's Aquarius!

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[Taipei Free Diving Recommendation] A must-see when choosing a certified dive shop! 7 self-dive studios in Taipei reviewed

More and more people are getting in touch with free diving. In addition to freely exploring the fascinating underwater world, beautiful underwater photos are also the reason why many people flock to it.Self-diving may seem simple, but it is not easy. TWOSEVENTHS ...
台中悍草訓練評價 銀髮01
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[Evaluation of Huncao training] Taichung pregnant women and silver-haired fitness guardians use professional skills to break traditional sports myths

The traditional concept always thinks that the elderly and pregnant women are less suitable for exercise, but the fact is just the opposite!For silver-haired people or pregnant women, muscle is very important, this is like a Mason competition...
台中 heyhey Dive 評價 11小黑魚群
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[Heyhey Dive Review] Super Chill Taichung Self Diving Studio, group training and diving trips make free diving a daily routine

The trend of free diving is becoming more and more popular. Everyone who wants to get in touch with free diving at the beginning should have done a lot of homework but don't know how to choose. In fact, if the teaching content and process of the same system are...
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[Taichung Osteopathic Recommendation] The orthopedic surgeon helps you straighten the spine and pelvis, and the 8 Taichung orthopedic massage studios are evaluated

Is your body gradually becoming unbalanced due to busy work pressure and long-term poor posture?In addition to massage, you can also seek a professional orthodontist to guide the skewed pelvis and spine back to the positive direction...
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