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When talking about manicure in Taipei, the first thing that comes to mind is Zhongshan District Manicure, especially Zhongshan Station has always been the first-class manicure area. this time TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 nail salons in Zhongshan District, Taipei. Do you want to change your nails into new clothes, improve your nail shape, and have exquisite and beautiful hands? Let’s see if these nail salons in Zhongshan District are suitable for you!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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AN salon Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics

AN Salon Zhongshan 8 Aesthetics is located next to Zhongshan MRT Station. It uses light industrial-style cement tones to create a palace-like luxury. It combines fashion and aesthetics, and gives guests a home away from home experience in terms of lighting, light music, service attitude and other details. Such a high-end and professional nail salon in Zhongshan District provides a full range of beauty services such as hand and foot care, Japanese eyelashes, Korean tattoos, body spa massage, hot wax hair removal and men's care. Among them, the single-color gel for hands only The price is $700, while the hand-painted French gel starts at $400. The ultra-affordable price is very suitable for the sophisticated petty bourgeoisie who pursues high CP value.

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PALETTE, famous for its Japanese elegance, is located in a commercial office near Zhongshan Xinguang Nanxi Building 5. The store is bright and spacious and has 7-1,180 sufficient manicure positions. It also provides hand and foot care, eyelash extensions, ingrown toenail treatment and gentleman care. Serve. This Zhongshan manicure shop uses an exclusive Japanese gel brand, focusing on polishing-free and nail-friendly technology. Single-color hands are available for $XNUMX, while the basic style is $XNUMX. In addition, the store also launches limited-edition nail painting every month. You can enjoy discounted prices with your membership card. It is recommended to beauties who want to take good care of their hands at once.

Qiu Mi manicure

Qiu Mi Nail Art, founded in 2022, uses warm colors to present a warm atmosphere in the store, and uses solid wood tables to create a high-end feel. It provides basic and deep care of hands and feet, hand and foot gel and other services. The chief instructor also teaches comprehensive nail art classes, one-day Nail art DIY courses allow people who are interested in manicure to have an in-depth experience. In addition, this Zhongshan manicure studio’s single-color hand gel is $699, and it also offers a limited monthly discount of only $1,088. It is recommended for those who are new to the manicure industry and want to have a professional manicure experience.

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Alpha Nails & Spa

Alpha Nails & Spa is located on the first floor of an alley in Zhongshan District. It flipped over a 30-year-old nostalgic old house and integrated the pink-toned exterior with the bright and neat style of the store, giving people a friendly feel. In addition to gel manicure, it also provides services such as hand and foot care, eyelash extensions, hot wax hair removal, and beauty and aromatherapy SPA, giving you a complete beauty and body care experience. This Zhongshan District manicure shop is committed to integrating art into life. Single-color gel for hands is $900, and artistic designs start at $1,500. It also launches seasonal limited-edition manicures according to the festivals of the month. It is recommended for manicure lovers who want to have a high-end art experience. By.

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Zuni manicure

Zuni Nail has three branches in Taipei. Among them, the Zhongshan Nail Shop on Chifeng Street uses warm colors to create a quality life atmosphere. The small and exquisite store provides hand and foot stress relief care, Japanese-style hair removal, and even Zuni There are physical comprehensive nail art classes taught by teachers in person, as well as online comprehensive classes for busy office workers. Zuni Manicure emphasizes that the design is based on life. The price of nail art designs ranges from $1,800 to $2,800. It also offers up to seven models every month with a special price of $1,590. It is suitable for nail lovers with sufficient budget and who want to have high-end texture.

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perfect beauty

Perfect Beauty is located in an alley on Nanjing East Road. It has a simple Japanese-style wooden door as its facade. The store is bright and bright with ample lighting. In a simple and comfortable style, it also provides manicure, eyelashes, tattoos, hot wax hair removal, etc. Diversified services, from perfect technology and friendly attitude, bring customers a "perfect" charging time. This Zhongshan District manicure starts at $999 for solid color and gradient, and starts at $1,200 for French manicure. If you are trying out hand care plus gel for the first time, there is a super discounted trial price of $999, which is suitable for everyone from manicure novices to manicure veterans. place.

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Orse Hand and Foot Aesthetics Center

Ors Manicure and Foot Aesthetics Museum, which has many branches in Bei City, has continued to be popular after entering the manicure war zone in Zhongshan District. The store has large floor-to-ceiling windows, warm lighting and spacious space to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Senior teachers with more than 7 years of experience provide customers with different services such as hand and foot care, eyelashes, tattoos, hot wax, etc., and also organize eyewear events from time to time. Lifestyle lectures on aesthetics, handcrafted healing, etc. Ors Manicure and Foot Aesthetics Center is known as a "healthy manicure consultant". The cheapest single-color gel is only $899, and there is also a styling plan for petty bourgeoisie women for $1,399. It is suitable for petty bourgeoisie women who value nail health and want to enjoy life.

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Qomi fashion aesthetics

Qomi's fashion aesthetics, which emphasizes "creating beauty", started from a nail art studio. Today, in addition to manicure, eyelashes, skin beauty, and hot wax, it also provides services such as Korean eyebrow matting, wavy muscle shaping, ear picking, and Japanese hair extensions. It is very diversified and complete, and the main store has carved its way into the nail art battlefield in Zhongshan District. The store adopts a luxurious and bright European style, with white and gold decorations to create a high-end feel. Single-color hand gels are priced at $1,100, while French gels start at $1,300. A XNUMX% discount is provided for first-time visitors. It is recommended for people who want to start with affordable manicures. A super manicure expert in advanced manicure, experience professional nail art technology.

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Jun fashion aesthetics

Jun Fashion Aesthetics is located in the Envy hair studio hair salon on Jinzhou Street. The store uses spacious space and warm lighting to create a high-end yet professional atmosphere. It is committed to giving customers a comfortable and relaxing experience, and provides services such as hand and foot care, beeswaxing, etc. Among them, this Zhongshan mountain manicure starts at $700 for a single-color hand gel, and $1,100 for a classic French manicure. You can also style your hair while doing a perfect manicure, making it suitable for people who want to make a head-to-toe makeover in one go.

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Love hands and feet

Located on Bei'an Road, Love Hands and Love Feet has an industrial style design inside the store, creating an American fashionable and sophisticated atmosphere. This nail salon in Zhongshan District adheres to the concept of taking care of all things beautiful, from hand and foot care, correction, hair removal, eyelash extensions to men's care, children's manicure and other services, and uses well-known American brands to give customers the most secure experience. Among them, the single-color gel for hands is only $899, and 3-5 fashionable specials are provided every month starting at $1,199. It is recommended for manicure lovers who want to have both fashion and beauty.

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The above are the recommendations for manicure in Zhongshan District, Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS 10 nail salons in Zhongshan District that are both beautiful and high-quality have been selected, including those certified by Mysterious Guest himself. In addition to gel manicure, each store also provides different beauty and body services, including eyelash extensions, hair removal, massage, ear picking, etc. If you want a comprehensive beauty feast, Zhongshan Manicure is definitely the place to go. Your excellent choice.

People always like all beautiful things. In addition to being beautiful through manicure, there are many ways to become beautiful. You can refer toTaipei facial surgery,Teeth Whitening in Taipei, make yourself look brand new. In addition, if you have needs for massage, SPA, and scalp care, you can also refer toTaipei North Eyelashes,Taipei Spa Massage,andTaipei Scalp CareWaitTaipei Massage Recommended Guide. There are no ugly women in the world. Don’t forget to take good care of yourself when you are busy, so that you can radiate beauty from the inside out.

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