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What kind of Taipei massage experience are you looking for?

10 popular types of massage in Taipei, more than 40 massage shops to choose from, Mysterious Guest will help you explore the shop and eliminate the experience of land mines

Foot massage

Essential Oil SPA

Full Body Massage


Thai massage


sports massage

scalp massage

pregnant woman massage

chest massage

Taipei Massage Lazy Package

Still don’t know how to choose? TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 massage parlors in Taipei for you, come and have a look!

Shop Types Price 位置 Evaluation
Jinyun Health Club Foot massage From $550 Da'an District, near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
LaForet Essential Oil SPA From $1,099 Da'an District, near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station
Relax 33 Manor Full Body Massage From $1,480 Zhongshan District, near MRT Zhongshan Station
Lu baby Zeer From $899 Sanchong District, near MRT Sanhe Junior High School Station
Qinghetai Xinyi Guild Hall Thai massage From $1,500 Xinyi District, near MRT Xiangshan Station
Strengthening Traditional Rehabilitation Massage Massage From $500 Banqiao District, Banxin MRT Station
New ear muffs Zeer From $499 Da'an District, near MRT Guting Station
O2 Oxygen Massage Club Foot massage From $699 Wanhua District, near MRT Ximen Station
Villalike Yuehe Manor Full Body Massage From $1,450 Da'an District, near MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
Nara Thai Wellness Thai massage From $1,099 Da'an District, near MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station

Essential oil SPA massage uses pure plant essential oils combined with massage, aromatherapy or bathing to relieve mental stress and improve physical health.Compared with acupressure, essential oil massage does not directly press meridians or acupoints, and has a lower degree of stimulation. It also pays attention to the balance of body and soul brought about by the five senses such as smell and vision.If you want to deeply relax your body and mind in Taipei massage shops, the first choice is SPA massage.


LaForet LaFlei Rating 17
  • 5 minute walk from Exit 1 of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station
  • Pure and natural Aesop essential oils scented with wood
  • Forest-like white noise, immersive SPA experience
  • Complete reservation system, only serve one group of guests at a time

Mori SPA

Taipei spa recommended Mori SPA
  • Popular Taipei massage parlor in Zhongshan business district, open 24 hours
  • 6 types of essential oils, with black jade hot stones, herbal incense balls, etc. to make different changes
  • Families or couples have double rooms for massage together, with private bathrooms attached
  • Snacks such as sweet soup, hot tea and a piece of fruit can be enjoyed after the SPA massage

La Pure Spa

Taipei SPA recommends La Pure Spa 2
  • There are 4 branches in total, all over the major locations in Taipei
  • It mainly focuses on body massage and skin care, and is also an option for body exfoliation
  • There are 20-30 minutes of massage options, you can also come and relax when you are busy
  • Receiving male guests, boys can also enjoy the fun of essential oil SPA massage


Taipei SPA recommends BioCode 2
  • Taipei SPA massage club opened by well-known medical beauty and SPA industry brands
  • Located in the Eastern District business district, all aromatherapists have more than 10 years of experience
  • Only after understanding the physical fatigue and skin condition can we recommend the appropriate service
  • Male guests are not accepted, but male guests are welcome to come with their partners

Oil pressure and finger pressure are common types of body massage. In addition to the back and limbs, it is usually possible to request additional strengthening of individual parts.Different from foot massage, since body massage requires putting on, taking off and changing clothes, each massage parlor has worked hard on the environment, so that customers can enjoy the honor as soon as they step into the shop, and get the most relaxation after removing their daily clothes.

Relax 33 Manor

Taipei Body Massage Relax 33 Manor Five Senses Massage Space 3
  • A popular Taipei massage parlor in the Zhongshan business district, 2 minutes from the MRT
  • Use the entire floor as a reception and rest area, and every corner is a check-in point
  • Provide shiatsu meridian massage, oil pressure massage, and strengthen designated parts
  • Unlimited snacks are served after the massage, and you can eat as much as you want

Villalike Yuehe Manor

Recommended massage in Taipei Villalike Yuehe Manor 2
  • More than 5 branches in Da'an, Songshan, Zhongshan District
  • The space uses a lot of stone, wood and plants, like stepping into a resort villa in Bali
  • A variety of massage service options, even a rare two-person four-hand massage
  • All massage packages will come with a ten-minute foot bath and exfoliation

Village Pavilion

Taipei Body Massage Village Pavilion 1
  • Located in Linsen Hojo Commercial Area, about 4 minutes walk from MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station
  • The massage hall is built in the style of old Japanese streets, and Japanese elements can be seen everywhere
  • In addition to shiatsu massage and oil pressure massage, Swedish oil pressure massage is also introduced
  • At the end of the massage, there are also hot stones and ear candles, so you can experience multiple items at once

Yijing Manor

Taipei Body Massage Yijing Manor
  • Located in Taipei East District, about 5 minutes walk from MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station
  • Mainly oil pressure, shiatsu massage, and other local treatments for the head, abdomen, legs, etc.
  • There is a consultation table before the massage, and the time for the massage area is allocated based on this
  • If you choose a course of more than 90 minutes, you will get free foot bath, back hot compress and other services

Ear picking is a very popular massage item in Taipei in recent years. It mainly focuses on ear picking, combined with ear candles passed down from India, Japanese-style endoscope ear picking, or adding head, shoulder and neck massage to relax, etc. Activities, so that the whole ear picking experience can be enjoyed from the inside to the outside.

Take out Tao Ears

Tao Ears 3 recommended in Taipei
  • A 2-minute walk from MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, located behind Zhongxiao SOGO
  • The space is spacious and comfortable, with a comfortable movie and TV waiting area
  • In addition to ear picking and ear candling treatments, a variety of combination plans are also available
  • Before picking out the ear, the customer will be asked to choose the essential oil they like by smelling the fragrance

New ear muffs

New evaluation of ear muff ear 2
  • Next to Exit 3 of Guting MRT Station, warm lighting and wood-element decoration
  • Relaxing aroma and music, as well as an air antibacterial machine to ensure air quality
  • The condition of the ear canal does not take long and will be replenished with massage.
  • For those who are afraid of pain, ear pickers will specifically strengthen relaxation to relieve tension.

Jing'er Garden

Taipei Caier recommends Jinger Garden Ear Spa4
  • There are two branches in Ximen and Minquan West Road.
  • An additional half hour can be purchased for guests to stay in the store to catch up on their sleep.
  • Before starting, an ear model will be taken out for health education.
  • Independent store with spacious space

Lubaby Ear Picking SPA

Taipei Massage Recommendation Guide》40+ Mystery Guest certified massage parlors, ranging from affordable massages to high-end spas 16
  • There are two branches: Sanchong original store and Neihu flagship store.
  • There is a separate space for single or double reservations
  • Offer cash or mobile payment methods
  • In addition to ear cleaning, we also provide services such as ear candling, SPA, facial tendon tightening and eye washing.

Thai massage, also known as passive yoga, mainly uses the masseur's own fingers, elbows, arms, feet and knees to apply strength, and then uses twisting, bending and other movements similar to yoga to stretch the muscles.Most Thai massage parlors employ Thai masseurs, so that customers can enjoy the most authentic massage techniques in Taipei massage parlors.

Qinghetai Xinyi Guild Hall

Taipei Thai massage recommends Qinghetai Xinyi Hotel
  • A 2-minute walk from MRT Xiangshan Station, at B1, the luxury residence Xinyi Jieshibao
  • Massage items are diverse, ranging from ancient massage to LULU SPA
  • You can choose a single massage item, or a package with a rock bath and a variety of essential oils
  • Most of the masseurs are Thais, and you can also appoint a masseur who is fluent in Chinese with the counter in advance

Plumeria Thai Health Center

Taipei Thai massage recommends frangipani Thai health center 1
  • A 3-minute walk from MRT Yuanshan Station, a two-story Taipei Thai massage parlor
  • Service items include ancient Thai shiatsu, oil pressure massage, essential oil aromatherapy massage, etc.
  • The decoration is mainly made of wood, with Thai-style decorations such as frangipani and elephants
  • The masseurs in the store are all female, mainly Thai masseuses who are familiar with Thai massage

Nara Thai Wellness

Thai massage in Taipei recommends Nara Thai Health Center 1
  • A popular restaurant for Thai massage in the Eastern District, 4 minutes walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua Station
  • Provide Thai essential oil massage, ancient massage, full body exfoliation and aromatherapy hot oil and other services
  • Most of the masseuses are Thai female masters, and any plan provides foot scrubbing
  • There is hot tea before and after the massage, and dessert biscuits are also provided after the massage

Mei Ting Yuan Muxin SPA Club

Taipei Thai massage recommended Mei Ting Yuan Mu Xin SPA Hall 2
  • 4 minutes walk from MRT Zhongshan Junior High School Station, points can be accumulated for consumption
  • Provide ancient Thai massage, aromatherapy oil pressure, and Thai aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy oil pressure has four exclusive compound essential oils of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum to choose from
  • Disposable combs and hand cream are provided, starting small

Osteopathic surgery is the use of non-invasive, freehand methods to quickly and accurately adjust the originally misaligned muscles and bone spines to their original positions.When it comes to osteopathy, perhaps everyone’s first impression will be the Chinese martial arts museum, but more and more osteopathic shops have introduced modern technologies such as decompression beds, physical therapy, etc., so that osteopathy shows a new look that is different from the traditional ones.In addition, osteopathy is not a medical practice.

Strengthening Traditional Rehabilitation Massage

Jinhua Traditional Rehabilitation Massage Evaluation 07
  • There are 2 branches including Banqiao store and Normal University store.
  • Independent massage space with curtains for privacy
  • There are two types of services: adjustment and relaxation. Adjustment is charged according to the location, while relaxation is charged according to time
  • Make an appointment through LINE, in addition to filling in the reservation items and selecting a branch, you can also specify a master

Mechanics Traditional Massage

Taipei Osteopathic Recommended Mechanics Rehabilitation Massage
  • Diagonally opposite Exit XNUMX, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station
  • Good at combining sports massage and traditional massage
  • In addition to osteopathic and sports massage, Gua Sha and cupping are also available
  • Prices are calculated according to the part, ranging from a single part of the hand or foot, the back of the neck, waist and hip to the whole body.

Yitong Village Japanese-style courtyard

Taipei Osteopath recommends Yitong Village Japanese-style hospital 2
  • There are three branches, which are adjacent to Shuanglian, CNR, and Songjiang-Nanjing MRT stations
  • Services include Japanese-style whole body osteopathy, essential oil aromatherapy, and even rare facial osteopathy
  • The entire compound room is partitioned by thick blackout curtains and is spacious, with high privacy
  • Mobile payment is provided for payment, and there are also membership plans to enjoy discounts and three halls

TPE Traditional Massage

Taipei Osteopath recommends TPE traditional restoration and massage 3
  • Located in Shida Night Market, 7 minutes walk from MRT Taipower Building Station
  • There are two storefronts, each with 3 full beds
  • Most of the rehabilitation masters used to be athletes on the sports field
  • Charges are time-based, reducing the threshold for adjusting a single part

Sports massage can reduce injuries and increase athletes' performance by relaxing fascia tissue, but ordinary people can also use sports massage to relax muscle groups, improve shoulder and neck pain, and tense back.For example, people who are sedentary office workers, do not exercise enough, and do not stretch and stretch often are very suitable for sports massage as a regular maintenance.

Momentum Sports Massage Parlor

EMC driving force sports massage parlor 2
  • 10-minute walk from MRT Daan Station, close to Ren'ai Circle
  • The store integrates three services of sports conditioning, fascia relaxation massage, and muscle strength training
  • In the first experience, the physical condition will be tested first, and the course of treatment can be selected according to the body part
  • Sports massage charges are calculated by part, and experience discounts are also available

Recov Sports Massage

Sports massage in Taipei recommends Recov Sports Massage 2
  • Located near the Taipei Athletic Stadium, near the Arena MRT Station
  • Each person has an independent massage room, and a full set of clothes will be changed on site
  • Reservations are required, and sports massage courses can be booked through LINE and telephone
  • Experienced masseuses can grasp tight parts of the body through palpation

Dr. Stretch

Dr. Stretch Taipei Sports Massage
  • A sports massage brand from Japan, with 6 branches in Taipei
  • With 100 stretches, a sports massage session can be tailored to each individual's needs
  • Before and after the massage, the body will be measured with a ruler to clearly quantify the effect
  • Sports massage charges are calculated by time, and there are occasional discounts for the first experience

Wiley Sports

Taipei Sports Massage Wiley Wellness 3
  • Close to United Hospital Ren'ai Branch, 5 minutes walk from Da'an MRT Station
  • Before the massage, you will ask about your exercise habits and the key areas you want to relax
  • In addition to fascia relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage courses are also provided
  • The cost of sports massage is calculated by time, and follow-up massage knowledge will be provided at the end

The massage when washing your hair is always unsatisfactory. If you want to fully enjoy the tingling sensation from the scalp, come and try the scalp care SPA!Scalp SPA will start with scalp inspection. After understanding the health of the scalp, the follow-up scalp maintenance process will be carried out, usually including shoulder and neck massage, which can completely relax the body.

1825 Scalp Care Center

Taipei scalp care recommended 1825 scalp care center 4
  • Near the exit of Dongmen MRT Station, a two-story storefront
  • 25-minute machine scalp test and instructions
  • Using hojicha tea aroma hair mud natural ingredients
  • Provide comparison photos before and after two tests

Innovate Professional Scalp Care

Scalp care in Taipei recommends Innovate professional scalp care 3
  • There are two branches, Zhongshan South West and East District have branches
  • Private box for one person, one room and luxurious audio-visual equipment
  • There are 4 plans, all of which have independent experience plans
  • About 90 minutes from detection to drying and finishing

Fawu Hair Scalp Research Institute

Fawu Hair Scalp Research Institute recommended by Taipei Scalp Care 4
  • Close to Exit 1 of Nanjing Fuxing, 3 minutes away
  • Mainly provide spring mud scalp purification and scalp care
  • Use high-quality equipment such as Dyson hair dryers
  • The reclining chair is a massage chair, scalp massage while enjoying the massage chair

Farsad Scalp Treatment

Scalp care in Taipei recommends Fashad scalp care 4
  • There are three branches in the greater Taipei area
  • The main use of natural herbal Chinese medicine hair mud for scalp maintenance
  • In addition to cleaning the scalp, it can also increase the effect of black and shiny hair
  • The complete process takes about 1.5-2 hours

Many people think that massage is not possible during pregnancy, but in fact, as long as you seek a professional massage shop in Taipei, pregnant mothers can also enjoy the fun of massage.Massage for pregnant women uses more gentle techniques and mild blended essential oils, which can not only eliminate edema of pregnant women, but also relieve physical discomfort during pregnancy.

Happy Mama Spa

Pregnant women massage in Taipei recommended Happy Mama Spa3
  • Located next to Mackay Hospital, only 5 minutes walk from MRT Shuanglian Station
  • The interior decoration style is modern, and there is an independent space for SPA VIP for pregnant women
  • If you have a partner or children, refreshments and children's chairs will be arranged
  • The service content is mainly aimed at prenatal massage for pregnant women and postpartum repair

Paris Guild Hall

Pregnant women massage in Taipei recommended Paris Club
  • There are two branches, which are adjacent to Zhongshan and Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT stations
  • Provide caffeine-free tea and snacks for expectant mothers and companions
  • Before the massage, bath towels and bathrobes will be provided for pregnant mothers to shower in advance
  • In addition to massages for pregnant women, there are also physical courses such as rock baths and energy stone massages.

Kindness.Pregnancy Aesthetics

Recommended massage for pregnant women in Taipei.Pregnancy aesthetics
  • A massage store for pregnant women in the East District, located between Zhongxiao Dunhua and Fuxing MRT Stations
  • There is an independent massage room, if you have a companion, you can wait in the reception area
  • Equipped with wet and dry separated bathroom, you can take a comfortable shower before spa massage
  • It can be customized according to the physical condition of pregnant women, and also provides different massage time and matching for pregnant women

Butterfly Garden

Taipei pregnant woman massage recommendation Caidie Garden
  • Located between MRT Da'an Station and Science and Technology Building Station, within 6 minutes' walk
  • Many experienced aromatherapists from large spas in the store
  • Bath towels and bathrobes are provided, and you can take a shower before the massage
  • Maternity massage courses are charged for a single session, and reservations must be made at least one day in advance

When it comes to breast massage, many people think of breast enlargement effects, but in addition to promoting breast firmness, it can also improve the overall health of the body and help relieve stress and discomfort.In addition, you can also prevent potential breast problems and detect breast abnormalities or lumps through this massage method. It can be said to have many benefits!


Taipei breast massage recommendation Umimi3
  • 5 minutes walk from Xinyi Anhe MRT Station
  • Textured studio with a touch of fragrance
  • Chest massage, ear picking, beauty treatment and various healing services
  • Breast enhancement tea is provided after the massage to enhance the effect.

Bosti Breasts

Taipei Breast Massage Recommended Bosti Breast Beauty 3
  • There are 3 branches in Shuangbei area
  • Private rooms, each room is for one person only
  • Massage combined with various instruments such as sonic wave and beauty instrument
  • A wide range of breast massage products and facial masks are available through

Qiao tits queen

Taipei breast massage recommendation Qiao Boobs Queen 2
  • Located at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, a prime location in the Eastern District
  • There are more than ten teachers in the store, all of them are experienced
  • Chest massage emphasizes pure manual skills without using any equipment
  • Compare the effect directly during application and see the effect immediately

Look Youngzu

Taipei chest massage recommended look Youngzu
  • Located at Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station, a small beauty studio
  • Massage for 60 minutes, followed by underwear hygiene education
  • Initial trial price, regular return visits also have project discounts
  • Full body Japanese hair removal and hot wax hair removal are also available

Other themed Taipei massage parlors

In addition to the above classification of various massage techniques, the following thematic massage stores are organized to help you have more different entry points when looking for stores. Whether you suddenly want a massage in the middle of the night, or want to relax after shopping in the Eastern District, you can choose from various massage styles. This article on Taipei massage will help you find the right shop.


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