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Ping Hsu


Love reading and writing, and willing to take the initiative to learn and challenge new things.

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[Recommended Penghu Ice Grass Ice] Not only Jade Crown Young Grass Grass Ice Cream but also these, here are 10 local Penghu ice cream shops

Under the scorching sun in Penghu, a bowl of ice grass jelly is refreshing and refreshing. Moreover, the jelly grass also has the effect of clearing away heat and annealing the body. It can be said to be healthy and delicious. this time TWOSEVENTHS I would recommend 10...
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[Recommended free parent-child attractions in Yilan] Admission for children is free! Selected 12 free family attractions in Yilan

Weekends, national holidays or winter and summer vacations are definitely the best time to take your little ones out to play, but when faced with energetic children who are in the growing stage, how can you take them away to discharge their energy...
Parent-child funYilanDiscoveryActivitiesSeries CompilationExperience Inspiration

[Recommended Rainy Attractions in Yilan] Don’t be afraid of getting wet during indoor itineraries! Selected 10 great places to visit in Yilan Yubei

Tick ​​tock, where should we go in rainy Yilan? If it rains during your hard-to-plan trip to Yilan, the most important thing you need is to activate the Yilan rain preparation plan, which will not disappoint you even if you are indoors. therefore...
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[Recommendations for using Taipei Cultural Coins] It can be used for any hand-made escape room experience! Selected 10 Taipei Cultural Coin partner stores

Have you used cultural coins today? Utilize the concept of points to promote young people to experience cultural activities in cultural activities, so that young people can enjoy life and spend easily, but stores that can use Taipei Cultural Coins...
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