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In the early days, the bowl was a vessel used by ascetics or monks to hold food or water. Later, because the sound it made when knocked was quiet and distant, it could quickly enter a state of deep meditation, and it gradually developed into a natural therapy - — Singing bowl sound therapy.Modern people live a stressful life, and the rapid changes in the world make many people restless, and their mood and sleep quality are getting worse and worse.this time TWOSEVENTHS We recommend 10 singing bowl sound therapy studios in Taipei. Through singing bowl therapy, you can learn self-awareness, achieve complete relaxation of body, mind and soul, and find inner peace together!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Singing Bodhisattva
emotionally minded Coco

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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LaForet is a SPA store that specializes in serving women. It is only a 1-minute walk from the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station. The singing bowl sound therapy in the store combines massage techniques, starting from hearing to relax the tense body, and then using unique massage techniques to relax the fascia, providing a quiet experience of body and soul, allowing customers to enjoy the masseur carefully surrounded by white noise in the forest services.The best thing is that it provides all female-related maintenance services. In addition to essential oil massage, breast massage, foot bath and tendon stretching, there are even rich items such as ice muscle hair removal, which can definitely meet all the physical and spiritual needs of girls!

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Mujing Weichen

Mujing Weichen is located near Beijie Zhongshan Station. It is a spa massage center that combines Chinese, Western and Thai massage techniques.The massage focuses on "customized" massage treatments. Different massage techniques are used to prescribe the right medicine. In addition to general massage services, the store also provides Tibetan singing bowl treatments, which can help customers find peace of mind, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.After the end, there are also Tarot and chakra energy divination in the store, which allows customers to further understand the state of their hearts.

Qinxin Aromatherapy

Qinxin Aromatherapy is a one-person studio founded by professional aromatherapist Tequila, and often holds aromatherapy lectures at community colleges, companies and foundations; the store mainly provides aromatherapy, singing bowl sound therapy, essential oil chakras and NLP Waiting for the course of physical and spiritual healing.Singing bowl healing will start from the back and turn to the front of the body, so that the whole body will receive the vibration of the bowl. It is suitable for people who are under a lot of work pressure, often feel impetuous, anxious and want to relax deeply.

Chuxinyuan Staygold

Staygold, located in Neihu, is a singing bowl sound therapy classroom in Taipei co-founded by Tian Dingfeng, founder of Seed Music, and partners from the field of singing bowl sound therapy.The core courses include singing bowl energy purification, gong sound wave reconstruction of inner trauma, and meditation of Avalokitesvara to listen to silence, etc. Through listening and meditation, it helps modern people with busy lives find peace, relax body and mind, and achieve true deep relaxation.In addition, this singing bowl classroom in Taipei also provides one-time experience courses, such as singing bowl, gong bath and reiki therapy, which are suitable for friends who have not been exposed to singing bowl therapy.

Visit Nepal 1989

Visit Nepal 1989 is a singing bowl sound therapy studio established by two experienced sound therapists, located in Datong District, Taipei City.The store provides one-on-one, small-class singing bowl sound therapy courses, which can be taught in Chinese or English; the course content includes a variety of items such as the correct method of hitting the bowl, personal chakra scanning, and self-healing methods to help students "be aware of the body and mind The way to live in the present moment".In addition, this Taipei singing bowl classroom also offers professional Nepali chakra singing bowl teacher teaching, and usually holds singing bowl parties from time to time, recommending friends who have already been exposed to singing bowl therapy to learn.

The Getaway

The Getaway is a singing bowl reiki healing studio founded by two people. It uses natural therapies, including singing bowl sound therapy, reiki therapy, aromatherapy, etc. to help students adjust their inner energy and learn to heal themselves and others.This Taipei singing bowl studio plans a variety of singing bowl healing courses such as crescent singing bowl, aroma singing bowl bath, ore singing bowl through aroma, ore, time and other elements; the courses are organized as one-to-one and 3- Small class size of 5 people is suitable for meeting with three or five friends. The teaching location will vary according to the content of the course, and all reservations are required.

soul lounge

The Reiki Lounge, located in Yonghe District, New Taipei City, is a training center for Reiki healers. The training content includes courses such as chakra energy balance, singing bowl sound therapy and spinal fascial balance, aiming to help students open the chakras , To achieve complete relaxation of body and mind, effectively improve the aura and sleep quality.In addition, the Reiki system taught in this singing bowl training classroom in Taipei is a Reiki therapy recognized by the American medical system as an alternative course of treatment. After completing the training, two system certificates can be obtained.

happy things

Happy Things is located in Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. It is a studio that combines singing bowl therapy and pet communication. The store provides many services such as deep singing bowl sound therapy, hypnosis, OH mind map consultation and animal communication.In addition, unlike other singing bowl classrooms in Taipei, Happiness is not only holding half-day workshops on singing bowls, but also has a 12-week pet communication course to help students establish the habit of awareness and deliver messages to animals and humans.


Pashupati is a specialty shop that sells singing bowls from the Himalayas in Nepal. It is hand-melted to create a unique singing bowl, which even appeared in the drama "Taipei Women's Guide".In addition to selling a variety of handmade bowls, the store also provides one-hour group singing bowl sound therapy, professional singing bowl teacher training courses, etc. Compared with other singing bowl classrooms in Taipei, the price is more affordable, suitable for those who have already come into contact with singing bowls Healing friends come to experience and buy bowls!

Santé space.Spa

Santé space.Spa is a Taipei singing bowl classroom that offers a wide range of courses, including aromatherapy, energy healing, and singing bowl sound therapy. It is located on Xinsheng South Road in Taipei City.What's more special is that Santé space.Spa often holds workshops in many places, such as special education schools, autism foundations, etc., and helps special people learn to meditate and help each other by sending singing bowl therapy.In addition, there are singing bowl children's teacher training camps in the classroom to promote the positive development of children's body and mind, which is very rare in ordinary singing bowl studios.

The above are the recommendations for this Taipei singing bowl sound therapy. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 10 singing bowl healing studios in Taipei, including some that have been personally certified by Mysterious Guest.Singing bowl sound therapy has become an increasingly popular mind-body and soul therapy due to its deep relaxation effects, energy balance, deep healing capabilities, meditation assistance, and improved sleep quality.It is especially suitable for friends who are usually busy with schoolwork or work and are so stressed that they have no time to take a breath. Together, we can find inner peace through singing bowl therapy.

Through the vibration therapy of the singing bowl, heal the body, mind and spirit, and achieve true deep relaxation. It can effectively help us relieve emotional stress and improve insomnia. At the same time, it can also be combined with meditation or yoga to achieve a deeper rest.If you want to learn with yoga, you can refer to our organizedTaipei Yoga,Taichung Yoga,Kaohsiung Yoga,Tainan Yoga,Hsinchu Yogaand other series of articles.

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