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With the gradual rise of the fitness trend, aerobic exercises such as flywheel courses are loved by more and more people.In addition to riding a flywheel to lose weight can consume a lot of calories, and it is often accompanied by dynamic music during the process, which makes riding particularly dynamic. Flywheel exercise can also bring unexpected health benefits. TWOSEVENTHS Today I will introduce 10 benefits of riding a flywheel, as well as a special flywheel course recommendation, suitable for all beginners who are new to flywheel!

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Authentic Korean Flywheel Classroom JACKIE CLUB

Meet JACKIE Club

JACKIE Club is a Taichung Korean-style Flywheel classroom located near the Wuri-Japanese High Speed ​​Rail Station. It focuses on integrating Korean dance into Flywheel courses. There are currently 8 Flywheel courses in total, providing recommended courses for students at different learning stages.If it is the first time to experience the "JCO Introduction" Korean flywheel class.

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progress in physical ability

The first benefit of riding a flywheel is that it can increase the basic ability of the body.Physical ability is composed of muscle strength, explosive power, speed, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance, and general endurance, and a healthy body needs to balance the abilities of all aspects.Riding a flywheel requires a high degree of concentration and physical fitness. In addition, if it is a Korean-style flywheel, you need to take into account the coordination of the upper body and lower limbs during the ride, and evenly exercise the whole body. As long as you persevere, I believe that in running, climbing stairs or other daily During activities, you will feel that your physical ability has improved significantly, and you will be less likely to feel tired.

Improve muscle strength

Although flywheel is an aerobic exercise, it can effectively train the muscles of the thighs, calves and buttocks by applying resistance to the body through repeated movements through different riding postures and speed changes.Many people want to slim down their stomachs, arms, thighs, etc. through flywheels. Although any exercise can’t only slim down a certain part, riding a flywheel is very effective for body sculpting. In addition, the buttocks and legs are the most muscular parts of the whole body. Therefore, it can definitely increase muscle mass effectively, and this is why everyone chooses flywheel to lose weight.

Strengthen the core

Maintaining good sitting and posture is critical in flywheeling and is key to maximizing the benefits of flywheeling.Through the power of the body trunk, it is connected with the movement, and a stable core is required during the pedaling process. Therefore, with the arrangement of different songs and flywheel courses, different muscles will be continuously stimulated and trained, which can improve the entire trunk The operation of the deep muscles and nervous system, the best thing is that it can effectively reduce the accumulation of body fat and even visceral fat, and achieve the effect of flywheel thin belly!

Improve joint flexibility

The two most important principles that determine the range of motion of joints are "joint structure" and "softness of muscles". Due to the sedentary lifestyle of modern people, it is easy to cause muscle stiffness and limit the range of motion of joints.Through the flywheel course, you can train the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hamstring muscles, etc. With the improvement of muscle strength, the muscle tolerance will be improved, and the joints caused by insufficient muscle strength will be improved. pressure.

Another benefit of flywheel riding is that it's a low-impact aerobic exercise compared to running, with less impact on your joints.Especially in terms of improving the joint mobility of the knees and waist, flywheel exercise has the added advantage of helping to prevent some diseases that are easy to suffer with age.

Strengthen cardiopulmonary function

Aerobic exercise is the most important type of exercise for weight loss. Oxygen will be inhaled into the body during exercise and used as energy to be used and consumed. Therefore, the higher the maximum oxygen intake per minute that the body can withstand, the better the exercise performance will be. The better, as long as you continue to do aerobic exercise, it can improve the pumping efficiency of the heart in the long run, make the lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide more effectively, and strengthen the heart and lung function.When riding a flywheel, because it is paired with music, you can effectively urge yourself to continue pedaling, achieving the effect of the flywheel to lose weight.

Increased body circulation

The human body's circulatory system is divided into two parts: the heart-led systemic circulation and the lung-led pulmonary circulation. The systemic circulation will affect the stability of hormones. The high-pressure life of modern people has made hormone imbalance a common civilization. sick.After improving cardiopulmonary function through flywheel aerobic exercise, it can ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply to all parts of the body, and can also improve basic metabolism and body circulation, making hormones tend to be in a stable state.The benefits of riding a flywheel are not only reflected in the health of the body, but also in the improvement of the overall quality of life.

Improve immunity and stress resistance

The brain, nerves, breathing, circulation, digestion, bones, and muscles are the systems that make up the human body. The quality of immunity is closely related to the normal operation of these systems.The advantage of riding a flywheel is that flywheel aerobic exercise can enhance the body's defense against external viruses and bacteria and effectively improve immunity.In the process of riding the flywheel, because you will focus on the present moment and the atmosphere of music, you can not only relax and stay away from the troubles of life, but also reduce the release of stress hormones during the process, making you calmer in the face of stress in the future.

fat burning

Flywheel weight loss has been proven to be the most effective exercise for fat loss. Through the arrangement of different songs and flywheel courses, such as different slopes and speeds, the body can continue to challenge the high-intensity training of 80% of the maximum heart rate.Flywheel is a higher-intensity aerobic exercise than other low- to moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, so even after the flywheel class is over, there will still be an excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect, at which time metabolism will remain high Level and continue to burn calories and consume oxygen, commonly known as "After-burn Effect", which allows you to continue to burn a lot of calories and say goodbye to fat.

release endorphins

The journey to lose weight is lonely and painful. However, when doing high-intensity exercise, such as flywheel, the brain will judge that the body is under pressure, and then produce a chemical reaction in the brain to release proteins, among which BDNF (brain neurotrophic factor) has been It has been proven to be effective against depression and anxiety, improve mental abilities, and at the same time produce "endorphins".Endorphins are painkillers that relieve pain.When BDNF is combined with endorphins, it will have a relaxing effect, and it has been scientifically proven that such a powerful combination is addictive like heroin and morphine. Such a "natural drug" can make people happy The feeling of riding a flywheel to lose weight will no longer be painful!

Relieve stress and stabilize mood

Stress relief is one of the other flywheel benefits besides weight loss.According to medical research, aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week can enhance the ability of the brain's frontal lobe and hippocampus to calm the amygdala, allowing the body to learn not to feel anxiety and fear but to face it positively when the heartbeat is accelerating. It is a natural medicine for depression patients.Participate in the flywheel course, immersed in the lights and music in the classroom, as long as you follow the footsteps of the teacher in front of you and step hard, you can forget all your troubles and achieve the effect of relieving stress and stabilizing your emotions.

The above are the recommendations for the benefits of this flywheel. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 benefits of riding a flywheel.Flywheel exercise is not just a way of exercise, it is a way of life that can bring physical and mental balance and health. It is also very effective for people who want to lose weight through flywheel. On average, more than 60 calories can be consumed in a 500-minute class. , much more efficient than many aerobic exercises.

Nowadays, in addition to the traditional flywheel, Taiwan has also introduced the "Korean flywheel" from Korea. The most different thing from the ordinary traditional flywheel is the addition of upper body dance movements. The songs are also mainly based on the most popular Korean songs nowadays, allowing you to The process of taking the flywheel course is full of fun, and it turns exercise and weight loss into a MV performance. Whether you are just a newbie or an experienced flywheeler, let’s enjoy the fun of flywheeling together!

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