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Escape Room Taichung: How about Robbank?let TWOSEVENTHS Tell you!This time, the mysterious guest Tessa will conduct an in-depth evaluation of Robbbank launched by the stupid room escape studio, and help you sort out information such as the introduction of the room, the difficulty of the game, the experience of no thunder, and even the price and charge.This ultra-detailed practical experience answers all your questions about this Robebank.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taichung Room Escape Master
I like chambers of secrets but I'm afraid of ghosts Tessa

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store:idiot studio
Experience Project: Robbank
Experience date: 2020.12.03

Introduction to Robbank's Chamber of Secrets

Robbank Chamber of Secrets Outline

"Roberbank", a name that makes every bank fearful.He will always leave his own mark after committing a crime, and so far no security system can stop him.And behind all the doubts, he has already locked the next bank and is ready to attack!

"Robbank" entrusts you today. The goal is to rob the Dante Bank, which is the most heavily guarded. Anything of value must be packed into a suitcase and taken away. The items in the suitcase are everyone's final reward.

You must break through the checkpoints in the bank to get the most money!Everyone, are you ready for a big fight? !

Robbank Chamber of Secrets Information

Suitable number of people
4-8 people
Experience time
100 minutes
Suitable for
Experienced person
price fee

Robbank's No Thunder Experience

Idiot Studio Taichung Reviews Robbank 17

Tessa, who is tired of being a good person, was entrusted by Robbank this time, and formed a four-member team with her friends to rob the bank!Everyone seems to be in a gangster movie. The situation that they will encounter when robbing a bank may happen in Robbank's escape room.If novice robbers are worried that they will not be able to escape from Dante Bank immediately, as long as they punch in and share in advance, they will have 3 opportunities for little angels to assist in robbing the bank.

Boobs studio robbank 11

Tessa was impressed that we had to dodge the lasers in the dark to touch or risk setting off alarm bells, or worse, deducting the final payout.We, who cannot flash the beam of light with a graceful posture like the protagonist of the movie, can only climb and drill, and work hard to reach the destination.Robbank recommends you to try your skills if you are confident in softness and balance.

Boobs studio robbank 16

In addition to the design ingenuity of the laser light, Robbank's hostage system also surprised the robbers!As a robber, you must complete the entrusted task within a limited 60 minutes, confront the police at the same time, and successfully escape from the bank, the mission is considered successful.Under the pressure of time, the 4 of us did not have enough manpower and brain power to resist the police attack, and at the same time chose the right hostages to release, resulting in a lot of treasures being taken away, which made Tessa very sad!Therefore, Tessa recommends that Robbank should challenge with a group of 6 people, so that there will be more time to fully crack the hostage system specially made by Stupid Studio.

Idiot Studio Taichung Reviews Robbank 26

The most special thing about Roberbank is that it adopts a point system. The final rewards for the robbers depend on how many things are put in the suitcases that escaped from the bank. There may be many temptations on the way, and the value must depend on the robbers. Use your judgment, and be careful, only items that are placed in the suitcase can be counted towards the total points!Stupid Studio also has a list of Robbank heroes, hurry up and get your friends to show off your talents and break the check denomination record!

Mystery guest evaluation

Roberbank is a real-life escape room that emphasizes the division of labor, and novices can get started as long as they are guided by veterans.This time we have a player who is completely novice in the secret room. Under the leadership of others, he can also have fun and escape smoothly. What Tessa likes the most is Robbank's points system. Players need to use their precise judgment ability to select priceless treasures. Not only do they warn robbers not to be too greedy, they train their judgment ability, and they can also compare scores with other players. Highly recommended for players who like points ranking!In addition, during the game introduction stage, Tessa also found a small easter egg. If you want to know about escape rooms, you might as well listen carefully when the little angel introduces the background of Robbank.

Brain burning: ★★★★☆
Scene: ★★★★★
Special: ★★★★★
Accessible: ★★★★★

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