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TWOSEVENTHS This time, let’s make an in-depth review of Taipei’s recommended escape rooms: LoGin escape room.It not only takes you to know about LoGin escape room studio, but also organizes the business hours, contact information, and themes of all three escape room games.Want to know how the LoGin Escape Room is rated?This article will give you a complete understanding of the charm of LoGin escape room.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Taipei Room Escape Master
I like chambers of secrets but I'm afraid of ghosts Tessa

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Description of LoGin Escape Room

Room Escape Room Taipei LoGin Gate

The LoGin escape room studio, established at the end of 2019, is located near MRT Zhonghe Station on the Loop Line, within a five-minute walk.this roomEscape Room Taipei StudioLocated in the apartment, the entrance is a general residence, the Login signboard is not big, it is easy to find it by following the door number.The elevator arrives on the left hand side of the fourth floor, which is the door of the Login escape room studio.

LoGin Room Escape Evaluation B. Venue Map 031

As soon as you step in, you can find the intention of the studio, and the group seems to have logged into the computer program! The Login escape room uses the familiar computer startup screen as the background, the lockers are decorated with mine-stomping games, and even the small chairs at the door of the dressing room and the rest area are closely related to computer elements, which made Tessa and her friends unanimously praise the Login studio ingenuity.

LoGin Escape Room Evaluation B. Venue Map 061

Since its establishment, it has released three secret room escape games, one of which is ancient tomb exploration and thrilling games.Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider, and the other was launched after a year and a halfThis Case is a bit Big, the style is biased towards fantasy adventure, and the third is an immersive experience that combines adventure, magic and entertainment.Liver's Bar. LoGin Escape Room is famous for its sophisticated mechanisms, detailed scenes, moving plots, and little helpers (NPCs) integrated into the story. In addition to props and scenery, even the ceiling and floor have various details that are worth savoring carefully!

Waiting for someone to rob a tomb (4)

Although the number of themes in the LoGin escape room studio is small, the members, from scene artists, mechanism engineers to game designers, have actually been in the escape room industry for many years.Everyone came out to start a business together in order to create the secret room in their minds. Among them, some members studied in the UK to obtain a degree in game design. It is no wonder that every Login secret room theme has outstanding performance in scenes, mechanisms, stories, and puzzles as soon as it is launched. .

Taipei escape room waiting for a person to rob a tomb

If you want to reserve a secret room, you can go to Official website of Login Room Escape StudioTo directly reserve a game experience session, just select the game, number of people, date and time in sequence, and pay a deposit of $2 within 1,000 hours to make a successful reservation. LoGin currently supports credit card and ATM transfer to pay the deposit. The deposit must be paid within the deadline to make an appointment. The remaining balance can be paid in cash at LoGin on the same day.

If the number of reservations is more than 3-4, weekdays usually offer a discount of $50-$100 per person compared to holidays. The more people you book, the better the deal.The available time slots for the two games are different, please seeOfficial website.

Overview of LoGin Room Escape Games

Click the column below to view the detailed information of each secret room theme

Liver's Bar
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Suitable number of people: 4-8 people
Suitable for: those with experience
Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider
Recommended index: ★★★★☆
Suitable number of people: 2-8 people
Suitable for: beginners
This Case is a bit Big
Recommended index: ★★★★★
Suitable number of people: 2-6 people
Suitable for: beginners

Liver's Bar

Levi's Bar Chamber of Secrets Outline

Legend has it that there is a bar, drinking the wine here, you can get an unexpected love
It has no fixed address, no hours of operation, and even the wine... has no price
Just use one of your most memorable stories to exchange for a glass of "L'amour"...

The LoGin Detective Agency received a strange commission again. The client who was diagnosed with amnesia and couldn't leave the hospital hoped that we could regain her memory for her.
Today, as rookies in the detective agency, you came to the place agreed with your predecessors, and saw an old bar.
Could it be that the client's "story" is in this bar...?

Features of the secret room: Drinking alcohol makes you more immersed in the plot, and the ending has multiple possibilities

Levi's Bar Secret Room Information

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
price fee
Suitable number of people
4-8 people
Experience time
180 minutes
Suitable for
Experienced person

Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider

Waiting For Someone・Tomb Raider Outline

In the Western Desert
A mysterious ancient tomb suddenly appeared
The owner of the tomb is the long-lost Queen Loulan

The government sent an archaeological team to investigate
But they mysteriously lost contact

So the government secretly sent the tomb robbers to go again
Exactly, what will you find inside...?

Features of the secret room: ultra-realistic ancient tomb scene design, real NPCs add the finishing touch to the game

Waiting For Someone·Tomb Raiders Information

★★★★ ☆
price fee
Suitable number of people
2-8 people
Experience time
110 minutes
Suitable for

This Case is a bit Big

This Case is a bit Big Chamber Outline

The LoGin Detective Agency recently received a strange commission letter from an anxious mom who claims her missing 10-year-old son has been kidnapped by evil scientists.But when the detective agency contacted her, she firmly denied sending the letter, and the case was closed...

But this mother suddenly contacted the detective agency and said that she had sneaked into the scientist's research institute, hoping that we could send detectives to assist her, but there was no manpower available for a while...

You look pretty smart, can I help you?here it isThis mother's LINE.Um!Then trouble you!

*Click the link to play the leading LINE puzzle game "This Case is a bit Big" for free

Chamber of Secrets features: Free LINE leading game to test the water temperature, from props to plots will surprise you again and again

This Case is a bit Big

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
price fee
Suitable number of people
2-6 people
Experience time
110 minutes
Suitable for

LoGin Room Escape Store Details

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LoGin Room Escape Offers

Exclusive offer

Weekday comprehensive discounts for all games in the library

Sound and light effects, large-scale organs and realistic scenes are satisfied at once, with a minimum discount of 2% on weekdays, and XNUMX people can make the trip!

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