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The traditional concept always thinks that the elderly and pregnant women are less suitable for exercise, but the fact is just the opposite!For silver-haired people or pregnant women, muscles are very important. This is like a marathon. Those physical strength or muscle strength need to accumulate slowly over several years.this time TWOSEVENTHS Specially send mysterious visitors to the Hammergrass Training, which is dedicated to promoting the fitness of the elderly and pregnant women, to see how the Hammergrass Training uses professional fitness knowledge to break traditional sports myths!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Unn Chou

Taichung gym expert
Rolled in the sports industry UNNO

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Experience Store: Brass Grass Training
Experience items: fitness for seniors, fitness for pregnant women
Experience date: 2023.02.02

Introduction to the training experience

Brassica training evaluation 1

Hancao Training Hands Up Training is located at the intersection of Taiwan Avenue and Yingcai Road, the office building B1 next to the Qinmei business district. It is a non-binding officeTaichung West Gym. Although it is located on the first floor of the basement, it has independent entrances and high ceilings, and the hall is very bright, making even those who don’t want to come to the gym feel comfortable!The barrier-free facilities at the entrance are not sloppy, and the width of the door is suitable for the size of a wheelchair. Silver-haired people, pregnant women, and people with disabilities can take the elevator to B1, and ask the counter staff to open the door for you to enter.

Brassica training evaluation 2

The internal space is roughly divided into sports area, consultation area, independent sports massage area (part-time group class area) and changing room.In addition to the weight machine, the locker room is equipped with shampoo, shower gel, and body lotion. You only need to bring a bath towel and clothes!There are also two water dispensers that are very important for fitness. It is very convenient to replenish water and make high protein.

Brassica training evaluation 3

Most especially, thisTaichung Single GymIntelligent systems are used in many places throughout the venue.For example, you can use the app to scan the barcode directly when you enter the venue; the locker uses a face recognition system, which saves you the trouble of wearing a lock and key for fitness. It feels like coming to the gym of the future!

Brassica training silver hair fitness

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 03

Yanzhi, the director of education and training of the grass training, is an expert in sports medicine and orthopedics, so he pays special attention to fitness training for special groups. Many people still think that the elderly or pregnant women should move less, which can also reduce the risk of injury accidents. possibility.However, the fact is that silver-haired people and pregnant women need to train earlier. On the one hand, it can strengthen muscle strength and improve joint and body functions.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 02

Whether it's fitness for seniors or fitness for pregnant women, you need to do a physical fitness test when you first come to the grass training.In addition to the basic height and weight for the elderly fitness test, the waist-to-hip ratio is also a very important basis. This measurement is even more accurate than BMI.Then there is the detection of activity, from the comprehensive evaluation of cervical spine, thoracic spine, shoulder clamp, hip joint, squat ability, standing on one foot, etc.Among them, the fitness of seniors is more important than balance ability. If they cannot stand on one foot, other tests will be carried out. The coach will also adjust the training volume according to the students' sports performance ability.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 07

Finally, what impressed UNN the most was the grip strength test. Yanzhi explained that research has pointed out that grip strength is related to human death. If the grip strength of elderly men is less than 28 kg, and women are less than 18 kg, the disease or mortality rate will increase. The ability to live will be relatively weak.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 04

In addition to the physical fitness test, the coach will also communicate with the students before starting the course, asking if there are any training goals or areas that you want to strengthen when you come to the grass training?Or if you just want to exercise, the coach will arrange the class schedule according to the performance ability tested.If you are worried that the elders at home will have communication problems with the course, or if you are just starting to experience the anxiety of seniors, your relatives and friends can accompany you during the first few lessons of the course, and you can also communicate with you about the situation after the training. It can relieve the tension of the elders, and also allow the family members to feel involved and accompanied. UNN feels very heartwarming.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 05

The grass training coaches are very professional, but they will not use difficult fitness terms during training. Instead, they will use simple and easy-to-understand life-like examples and applications. While demonstrating in person, they will explain the movements verbally, so that students can better understand the meaning of each movement Actions work, so even seniors taking coaching classes for the first time don't need to worry!The coach is very careful, and will constantly remind the small details that ordinary people often forget when performing movements, such as: foundation, force point, joint stability, to ensure that the elders are very stable and safe when exercising.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 01

Different from other gyms, UNN thinks that the most special thing about fire grass training is that in addition to the training department, they also have doctors and nutritionists who can be referred. For example, Dr. Chen Yanzhi, who trains fire grass, is not only a consultant for fire grass training He is also an attending physician in sports medicine and orthopedics. If you encounter special Parkinson's disease, rare fibromyalgia symptoms, or students after surgery, the coach can refer them to their outpatient department.

Taichung Hammer Training Evaluation Silver Hair 08

After a professional doctor's diagnosis and evaluation, the doctor will write an exercise prescription, listing the exercises that the student can/cannot do, or suggesting exercises that can bring more benefits to the student, so that the coach can A follower can arrange training with confidence.If the trainees are not suitable for training, the coaches and trainees will know immediately, so that the training can be more comprehensive and more at ease. UNN, a professional in this area, feels that the elders can rest assured when they come here to exercise.

Brassica training pregnant women fitness

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 01

In addition to fitness for the elderly, pregnant women are also one of the groups that need exercise very much.Because of the influence of traditional culture, the elders in the family always say that pregnant women should not move too much to avoid affecting the fetal gas. Therefore, compared with foreign countries, the popularity of pregnant women's fitness in Taiwan is relatively low.Yanzhi said that the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology also pointed out that the probability of miscarriage in the first few weeks of pregnancy is indeed relatively high, but most of the causes of miscarriage are embryonic hypoplasia, not walking, carrying heavy objects, engaging in sports, etc. On the contrary, pregnant women are more able to exercise Help pregnant women give birth smoothly.

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 02

However, there are several ethnic groups that need to pay attention. Pregnant women who have had miscarriages, placenta anteversion, cervix surgery, or pregnant women who are not easy to get pregnant and use test tubes to conceive, etc., need to go through professional obstetrics and gynecology first. Doctor's consultation, and then with the guidance of professional coaches for training.

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 05

This time, UNN saw that the coaches of the fierce grass training took the pregnant trainees to do a lot of training. While training, they also explained to the trainees the muscle groups that will be used in the movements and the effects they bring, so that the trainees can exercise while exercising. Yu can also understand what he is doing.Taking squats as an example, you may think that it is dangerous to carry the bar and squat and stand alternately, but in fact, the squat movement is helpful for pregnant women to give birth naturally, as long as the body allows it, and pregnant women without premature birth or bleeding symptoms You can perform squat training under the guidance of professional trainers!

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 06

Because there are many pregnant women friends around me, UNN is also very curious whether there are phases for pregnant women's fitness?Only then did I know that the exercises that pregnant women can do are different at each stage!Yanzhi said that in the early stages of pregnancy, you should pay great attention to the core temperature of pregnant women. If the core temperature of pregnant women is higher than 39 degrees, it will increase the risk of fetal defects, so hot yoga or sauna should be avoided; if the condition of pregnant women is stable in the middle trimester, it can increase training intensity.

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 03

In the late pregnancy, it is necessary to start reducing the intensity of training and exercise, and mainly do some training to help pregnant women give birth smoothly, such as Kegel exercises and core training.UNN really admires that it really needs professional guidance. The coaches of the grass training can pick up the general pregnant students, and all the coaches are quite clear about the precautions during pregnancy.

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 04

The coaches of the grass training will regularly do internal training once or twice a week, and will not stop learning just because the coaches already have relevant certificates. Not only the optimization of training movements, but even the relevant knowledge of sports medicine will be shared together. Therefore, the team of coaches and teachers of Coach Hancao is very strong and credible.In addition to internal training, Hammergrass training will also hold regular public welfare classes and regular lectures. If you have read the news, don't be shy and feel free to participate.

Taichung fierce grass training evaluation pregnant women 07

Whether it's fitness for seniors or pregnant women, training for special groups has been promoted by Hancao Training, and because of the concept of health promotion, I want to share it with you. After all, these groups need to train earlier, but often because they are afraid Shyness, or the lack of understanding of the disease or symptoms by the coach can not achieve a good match, but through this experience, UNN deeply feels that the grass training is very professional in this respect.

Mystery guest evaluation

This time, UNN clearly felt their thoughts on health promotion during the training experience in the grass. At the same time, there were many elders and women doing one-on-one training in the venue, or they walked on the treadmill after class, whether it was pre-class Later, members can use the venue to warm up or review movements, and some even arrange sports massage courses after training.

Huncao training is not only limited to the professionalism of the coaches, but the overall team is very strong. In addition to the training department, any intractable diseases that cannot be solved by the coaches can be referred to their outpatient department for consultation and diagnosis by professional doctors. Or if you have dietary problems, you can also cooperate with a nutritionist.The whole grass training makes people feel very professional and reassuring. UNN has already planned to bring parents to experience it!

The training equipment for the grass training is relatively dense, and there are a lot of members. The commercial building next to it sometimes has a large number of people entering the venue during peak hours. When there are many people, you may have to wait to use the equipment. Even so, the feeling of space is not good. There is a sense of oppression, very organized, and it is quite comfortable to move.Finally, UNN especially likes the small slogans posted on the wall or mirrors during the grass training. Looking at them makes me feel more motivated!

Unn Chou
Attitude: ★★★★☆
Environment: ★★★★☆
Easy Parking: ★★★☆☆
Spaciousness: ★★★★☆

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