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Knight Fitness is a triple gym choice loved by many people. In order to provide fitness enthusiasts with a better triple fitness space, it has completed a major renovation in 2020.Do you want to know the evolution of Knight Gym 2.0 in terms of space planning, number of equipment, charging prices, etc.?Just let TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio analyzes Knight Fitness Center reviews for you.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience Store: Knight Fitness Center
Experience project: self-training
Experience date: 2021.04.10

Experience introduction

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-2

Knight Fitness is located in Sanchong DistrictNew Taipei Gym, about 5 minutes walk from Cailiao MRT Station, and it is very convenient to ride a motorcycle. There is a whole row of motorcycle parking spaces under the bridge opposite the triple gym.The Knight Gym will complete the 2020 upgrade in 2.0, which will bring a major upgrade to the software and hardware. Eddie can purchase tickets from the APP, scan the QRCode to enter the venue, and experience the venue environment and equipment sweating. All links are so simple, easy and comfortable , making fitness less stressful and distant, and creating a friendly "Fitness Novice Village" environment.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-3

Different from other B1 basement gyms, Eddie was amazed by the bright, open space with a height of 5 meters. There is no sense of oppression and poor air circulation that is common in basements!After the upgrade of Knight Fitness Center 2.0, the style of the venue is light industrial style. The special cement floor, white and light-colored wood grain walls, white-based equipment, bright and soft lighting, and a pair of eye-catching flying wings make the The overall space is lively and energetic, which is different from other triple gyms that Eddie has been to, which are more hardcore and greatly reduce the sense of distance.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-101

This 200-ping triple gym divides the space into two areas. The large space outside is in a light industrial style. It is used as an area for stationary and aerobic equipment. The equipment is neatly arranged and not crowded; the other area is for free weight training and stretching. , the black and hardcore style is different, so that people can calm down and focus on the movements and physical feelings.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-102

In addition, Eddie also noticed that there is never any light directly shining on the eyes in the Knight Fitness Center. After careful observation, he found that the Knight Gym has adjusted the lighting angles to the aisle or pillars, so that the whole space is bright and not dazzling. The attention to detail and quality is something that Eddie appreciates very much.Such an intimate exercise space made people feel relaxed unconsciously, and they did a few more groups and took a few more photos.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-6

The equipment in this triple gym is mainly for heavy training, using top fitness brands such as Cybex and LifeFitness. There are about 30 sets of stationary equipment, and more than 2 sets for each muscle group such as chest, back, hip, and legs; there are also 20 free weights. , the equipment is complete, the number is diverse, and it can be changed. For fitness friends who love heavy training like Eddie, they will definitely enjoy it very much!There are about 13 groups of aerobic equipment, and when there are many people, you have to line up a little bit.There are also drinking fountains, washrooms, and changing spaces. There are storage cabinets in the shape of rows of containers outside the washroom, which is very distinctive, but it is a pity that you need to bring your own locks.

Triple Gym Recommends Rider Fitness Center Reviews Treadmills

The Knight Fitness Center has 2 sets of equipment that make Eddie's eyes bright. The DRAX unpowered arc treadmill, the unique track design needs to be pushed forward with the power from the soles of the feet to the soles of the feet, which is different from the more elastic running of ordinary treadmills. The method is more in line with daily running, which can make the body complete and produce an action pattern like walking on the ground; and the Keiser air resistance functional training machine on the side, the weight is controlled through inflation and deflation, and the resistance is very stable. It is suitable for explosive movements, rotations The movement is very suitable. Eddie obviously feels that the movement is much smoother, and there will be no unnatural resistance feeling like the bars. He has done several sets unconsciously. This kind of subtle difference in feeling must be experienced by the body, and he will definitely not put it down. !

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 1-8

There is also a hidden space in the Knight Fitness Center. Eddie found out only after he came for the second time that the glass compartment next to the free weight training is a "barefoot training space" that needs to be taken off his shoes. This is the first time Eddie has enteredNew Taipei Gym. The planning seen makes people reduce their dependence on shoes, return to the original state of motion, and feel the grip and power control of the feet. Eddie did a few sets of the same movements as usual, and he could clearly feel the soles of the feet, toes and other foot muscles, making the balance of the body more stable, reducing movements and wrong postures. Eddie highly recommends coming to the "Barefoot Training Space" to experience and train the foot muscles that are gradually being forgotten. However, it is not open during the popular hours of 19-21 o'clock on weekdays, so remember to stagger it.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review Gate

There are single-day or monthly fees for the Knight Fitness Center, both of which are free of binding and free of membership fees. You can directly scan the QR Code through the exclusive APP to enter and exit the venue, eliminating the trouble of bringing or losing the card.Unlimited entry and exit for a single day is $200, which is cheap for the triple gym. In particular, the monthly fee is a subscription system, and there is no need to bind an annual contract. There are also two plans to choose from: the full-day plan is suitable for people who are used to exercising after work; The off-peak plan is less than $700 per month, suitable for people who have free working hours or like to exercise in the morning and midnight.The choice of the two options can effectively achieve the shunt effect and maintain the fitness quality.And the real-time flow of people can be seen on the APP, which is great news for people like Eddie who don't like queuing!

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review App

The Knight Fitness Center also provides a "suspended subscription" service, which occurs once every deduction period, up to eight weeks each time, and the APP can apply without a trip. Eddie is very impressed with the convenience and Ashali's service. After all, everyone is too busy with work, has a physical condition, or simply wants to rest. Eddie has heard many examples of friends around him who have an annual gym appointment, and after a month or two, they start to be lazy or just encounter something, and they are too lazy to go to the store to take a break.The design of the Knight Gym is also very suitable for fitness beginners. After finally making up their minds to exercise, they will not waste money due to force majeure factors and make exercise full of pressure. Eddie feels that only by having fun in exercise can it continue, its state and results It will be fine.

Triple Gym Recommended Knight Fitness Center Review 4

Knight Fitness Center members have another benefit: $500 to experience a full one-hour coaching class!One-on-one coaching sessions from InBody Body Composition. From the beginning of gait analysis and assessment, to the discussion of sports history, injury history and sports goals, design a suitable sports plan, establish correct sports concepts and postures, and effectively reduce the risk of injury. stagnant people. Eddie thinks that this kind of system can experience the complete process more than the common free courses, and can evaluate whether the gym environment or the coach's teaching method is what you like before you officially purchase the course. The Knight Gym is really designed in every aspect Very friendly "Fitness Novice Village".

Mystery guest evaluation

2.0 The upgraded Cavaliers Fitness Center, from venue environment and atmosphere, APP ticket purchase and admission process, to equipment configuration and space planning, makes Eddie, who has run through many gyms of different sizes in Shuangbei, feel so simple, relaxed and comfortable. Feel at ease like an old friend.

The retraining equipment in the venue is complete and sufficient in both fixed and free training equipment, and there is also a unique barefoot training space. Eddie highly recommends it to fitness friends who love retraining. Diversified and varied equipment can increase the fitness menu. Richness, the perfect exercise for each muscle group. The fly in the ointment is that the lockers need to bring their own locks, and the number of aerobic equipment is relatively small. Fitness friends like Eddie who are used to warming up with treadmills are advised to avoid peak hours.

eddie - Yan SING
Environment: ★★★★★
Attitude: ★★★★☆
Elasticity: ★★★★☆
Diversity: ★★★★☆

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