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Taipei single gymWhat is the evaluation for Great Gym? Let TWOSEVENTHS tell you. This time, Mystery Guest will show you every detail of Geili Gym, from the overall environment, fitness equipment, and even the price and charges, and other information to help you sort it out at once. This ultra-detailed practical experience answers all your questions about Geili Gym.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Taipei single gym
fuck yourself up every week Tina

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience Store: Geili Gym
Experience project: self-training
Experience date: 2020.07.13

Experience introduction

The entrance of the second room of Geili Gym

Geili Gym currently has two venues with interesting names, namely Dafang and Erfang. What I experienced today is the second room of Geili Gym located on Linsen North Road, which will be newly opened in April 2020. Erfang is close to MRT Shuanglian and Zhongshan Elementary School Stations. There are also many bus stops and Ubike stations nearby. The traffic is very convenient and accessible. After walking for 5 minutes from the MRT station, turn into the alley, and you will see a very large and handsome wall. The yellow and gray iron sheet shape is very easy to identify.

Entrance to Room XNUMX of Geili Gym

Room XNUMX of Gili Gym is located in the basement. When you go downstairs, you will see a green reception counter with "Gili Muscle Factory" written humorously on the wall.The overall space is very spacious, with a five-meter-high space, and there is no sense of oppression in the basement at all.The design of black industrial style and metal accessories, matched with the neon tube font on the wall, is so handsome that I feel confident when I walk to the free bar.

Geli Gym Second Room

The venue configuration of the second room is roughly divided into free weight area, fixed equipment, aerobic and turf area, and group class classroom.There are many kinds of fixed equipment, including bar plate type and hosel type. The bar plate type increases the load by adding an additional bar plate, and the weight changes more, which can also meet the heavy weight required by Juju.Most of the bar-mounted equipment separates the left and right weights, which can train the core control ability and balance the training on the left and right sides. The starting weight without the bar plate is already 5kg, so it will be more impressive.

Awesome gym equipment

There are a lot of equipment in the second room of Geili Gym. There are at least two or three sets of the same fitness equipment, such as squatting and lifting racks, which have six seats. Tina, as a free weight enthusiast, saw this row of squat racks and instantly burst into love, and finally didn't have to wait in line.

Geli Gym Two-Bedroom MonkeyBar

The most amazing thing is that when I looked up, I found a whole row of Monkey Bars, but it was not like the horizontal one in my childhood memories, but the slope that only appeared in the extreme physical fitness show!After asking, I found out that this is a workstation specially built by Geili Gym, which combines the functions of Monkey Bar + DIP Rack + Detonator + Climbing Rope + Aircraft Rack + Horizontal Bar.It's really amazing, taking full advantage of the venue's five-meter-high ceiling.I don't know if it is possible to conquer it in this life?

Geli Gym Two Room Bench Press Bar

After being frightened, I looked down carefully and found that the generalTaipei Chrono Gym. The rare SSB bar has armrests and soft pads, which can make it easier to break through when you do heavy weight, and it is also safer.The equipment in the second room of Geili Gym is very special. The bench press bar is a distinctive square cage shape, which is more stable and safer than the general double-column structure, and I feel more psychologically safe when using it.The detonator on the ground next to it can also be replaced with a rowing grip for different training.

Geli Gym Two Room Bar

Secretly guessing that the owner of Geili Gym may love the American brand Rogue very much. Almost all kinds of equipment here are Rogue.To be honest, the price of one yuan a minute can have such a top-level equipment, which is really super cost-effective!

Geli Gym Two-room Dumbbell

Intimate and powerful gym, there are two sets of dumbbells under 20kg, so that ordinary people who are not huge, like me, don’t need to worry about not having enough dumbbells.In addition to the common eight-station type, the multi-functional rope machine also provides many different joints, whether you want to exercise narrow or wide distances, or various grips.

Geli Gym Erfang Tires

large turf area withTaipei single gymTires and sleds are very rare, and they can be used freely without signing up for a group class. There are even ViPR rocket launchers, which can be used as a link between weight training and functional training to enhance the balance of core and body muscles.

Geili Gym Two Room Rock Climbing Board

Walking past medicine balls, step-ups, and colored kettlebells, Tina was again intimidated, and this wasn't the usualrock climbing field. Appeared climbing training board!Is this really a gym? With such a variety of equipment, it is too heartfelt to not charge membership fees. LoveboulderingTina, I think it is very convenient to exercise finger strength and balance in the gym.

Geili Gym Two-Bedroom Eight-Station Multifunctional Rope

In addition to treadmills and steppers, ski machines are also provided here, which have pulling lines similar to multi-functional rope machines, but can train more diverse ways of applying force.The group class classroom next door, whether it is stretching or stretching, or TRX, which can be used freely as long as there is no class.

Geli Gym Two-Bedroom Bathroom

Geli Gym provides free showers, but you need to bring your own toiletries.The lockers use combination locks, so you don't need to bring your own locks, and there is no extra charge.In addition to the self-training that is billed by the minute, Geli also provides group courses, which can be purchased as a single purchase, and can also be booked by the company.

The entrance of the main room of the gymnasium

As mentioned earlier, Geili Gym currently has two venues, and the other Geili Dafang is located at the intersection of Minsheng Dunhua, so I will briefly introduce it to you here.

The big room of Gili Gym is different from the cold atmosphere of general gyms. It cooperates with well-known design companies to create a warm and textured style. It also specially designed the net beauty wall so that you can take pictures to express your sense of accomplishment after training. Even The lights are all angled and every detail is in every detail.

Great room environmental equipment for the gymnasium

As for the equipment, Dafang has rare torso rotation training machines, lying chest presses, and hip presses. When practicing buttocks alone, you don’t have to lift the bar by yourself and you have to find a way to elevate it. bothered!

Entrance to Room XNUMX of Geili Gym

Finally, I would like to make a special point. Both the big room and the second room of Geili Gym use the same app to enter and exit. You don’t need to carry a traditional card. The fee is one yuan per minute. You can use it across gyms as you like, unlike ordinary gyms that charge extra Museum fee. Tina thinks the most special thing is that apart from the completely different decoration styles of the first room and the second room, the fixed equipment used in the two rooms is also the same, such as the angle, the direction of force, etc., and it is recommended that the two sides can be exchanged for training The menu is not boring, and different muscle groups can be trained.

Mystery guest evaluation

The equipment in the second room of Geili Gym is really amazing, there are so many walking and jumping roomsTaipei Chrono GymTina, I have never seen a venue with so many special equipment at the same time, no contract, no membership fee, and one yuan per minute, which is really very cost-effective.At present, Geli has done a great job in the differentiation of the two venues. It is highly recommended that everyone do independent training and alternate exercises in a cross-hall way, so that different equipment can be used, and no extra cross-hall fees will be charged.

Tina favicon
Attitude: ★★★★☆
Environment: ★★★★★
Elasticity: ★★★★★
Accessibility: ★★★★☆
Particularity: ★★★★★

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