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Ear piercing has become a fashion trend for both men and women, and it can also bring more changes to their outfits. Many people are curious about ear piercing. However, before deciding to have their ears pierced, it is crucial to understand some necessary knowledge, such as how long does it take to replace earrings? Will ear piercing hurt? Precautions for ear piercing, etc. Only by understanding these can you ensure the beauty while also taking into account safety and hygiene. TWOSEVENTHS This time, we have sorted out the myths and precautions related to ear piercing, and answered the top 10 questions of ear piercing novices at once.

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What are the methods of piercing ears?

There are currently three common methods of ear piercing on the market. You can choose according to your personal wishes and considerations.

Ear gun puncture

Ear gun puncture is currently the most common method on the market. It is fast and simple to operate. However, there may be misalignment or hygiene-related concerns, so you need to choose the store carefully.

hand pierced ears

A few stores or clinics use hand piercing methods, which use disposable piercing needles to pierce the earlobes. It depends on the piercer's skills, but because disposable needles are used, hygiene is guaranteed.

laser ear piercing

Laser ear piercing is currently only used in medical clinics and needs to be operated by a doctor. The piercing is accurate and the chance of infection is low, but it is more expensive and time-consuming.

Will ear piercing hurt?

Because everyone has different pain sensitivity, some people will feel the sting and some people will not feel it. But generally speaking, the place where the ear bone is punched will be more painful. The earlobe has more flesh and the pain is relatively low, so it is suitable for the first time. People with pierced ears. It is normal to feel hot and swollen within 24 hours after the injection. As long as there is no pus or inflammation, it is no problem!

Who can't have their ears pierced?

People with a history of metal allergy, cystitis, immune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, coagulation disorders, diabetes, and patients with kidney dialysis, etc. These diseases may cause the ear piercing wound to be difficult to heal due to poor resistance.

In addition, patients with myocarditis or heart valve defects are not suitable for ear piercing, because epidermal bacteria can easily invade the body through wounds and cause disease attacks! It is recommended that all people with chronic diseases or blood-related diseases consult a doctor before piercing their ears to ensure safety.

What are the taboos for ear piercing?

According to ancient legends, having your ears pierced will disfigure your appearance, ruin your wealth, or lead you to be a girl in your next life. In fact, in a modern open society, as long as you are healthy, there are no such taboos! As long as you are happy and don't interfere with others, piercing your ears can give you a lot more fashionable outfit options! If you really mind the taboos of piercing ears in the past, there are also many clip-on or magnet-type earrings on the market to choose from. However, after all, they are clipped/suctioned to the ears, which usually makes the ears uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time.

What are the care precautions after ear piercing?

Basically, after piercing your ears, you can take a bath or sleep normally. However, after touching the water or taking a shower, you should dry the pierced ears first, and use a hair dryer to dry the ears in cold mode. Keep them dry and avoid pulling, and keep your hands away from them. Be sure to wash your hands first when touching the area near your ear piercing to ensure hygiene. If you wear medical-type steel needles, they will not stick to your flesh, so there is no need to pierce your ears.

How to clean your ears after piercing them?

If you are more concerned about cleanliness, you can regularly use alcohol or saline to clean the area around the ear hole. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to use saline. However, please note that you should avoid swimming or other water sports within two weeks of piercing your ears, so as not to hinder the recovery of the wound!

What are the risks of ear piercing?

Ear piercing is a very safe thing, but there are still some potential risks and side effects, such as infection, allergies, rejection, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a qualified store to reduce the occurrence of the above situations. However, if any discomfort occurs after piercing, Usual symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain, or discharge should prompt medical attention to avoid further harm.

How soon after piercing can I change my earrings?

If it is the earlobe area, it only takes about a month to replace the earrings. If it is an ear bone, you need to wear a medical steel needle for three months, and then replace it with ordinary earrings after the ear hole is formed.

How to choose the material of pierced earrings?

Generally, after piercing your ears, it is recommended to choose earrings made of two materials - sterling silver or medical steel. Both materials are highly anti-allergic and less likely to cause ear allergies.

sterling silver pierced earrings

Sterling silver is a common earring material, often also called 925 sterling silver, which means it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloys. Sterling silver earrings are generally affordable and less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Medical steel ear piercing earrings

Medical steel, also known as 316L steel, is used in many medical supplies, such as bone nails, orthotics, etc. It has the advantages of being resistant to rust and wear. Because it is used in many medical devices, it is the most anti-allergenic earring. Material.

What is the difference between professional ear piercing and ordinary ear piercing shops?

There are many stores for piercing ears, but the store's technology, hygiene, and service all affect the quality of the ear piercing. Therefore, you must choose the store carefully and don't cause damage to your ears due to cheapness. When you get your ears pierced for the first time, you can decide on a shop based on the following 6 aspects:

Professional licenses and qualifications

Make sure that the store you choose has safety and health guarantees, and that the staff has received professional training to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to perform the piercing process and respond to emergencies.

sanitary condition

Hygiene is important, including the cleanliness of the store, disinfection procedures and the hygienic condition of utensils and materials used. Poor hygiene can increase infection and other risks.

Equipment and tools used

Make sure the piercing tools and equipment used by the shop are professional grade and have been properly sterilized and cleaned. Old or unsterilized tools should not be accepted for piercing.

Reviews and Word of Mouth

Before choosing a store, you can check its reviews and word-of-mouth on Google, Dcard and other networks. Understanding other customers' experiences and feedback can help you evaluate a store's reputation and service quality.

Piercing Master’s Experience and Techniques

Preference is given to piercers with extensive experience and expertise who can provide more accurate, faster and safer piercing services and handle any issues that may arise.

Services and prices

The price of ear piercing is also a very important factor, but because the price will vary depending on the material, size, service provided, etc., it cannot be used as the only consideration!

What are the recommended shops for ear piercing?

ART64, which has branches all over Taiwan, is famous for its professional ear piercing. ART64's ear piercing services all use American STUDEX professional equipment and comply with the inspection regulations of the US FDA and EU EC. Therefore, there is no doubt about hygiene and the wear is complete. STUDEX earrings worn after ear piercing are all medical-grade anti-allergic earrings, and each pair of earrings is individually sterilized, which is very reassuring.

After ART64 has their ears pierced, they will also be given an ear piercing care box as a gift, which contains alcohol pads, saline solution, and cotton swabs. It is very considerate, and the store even has Shin Kong product liability insurance, so all-round care is taken into account. Considerations for newbies to ear piercing. If you have any questions about ear piercing or earring selection later, you can go to any ART64 store for assistance at any time!

What is the price range for ear piercing?

The price range for ear piercing is very wide, ranging from $200 to $1,600. You can get it for about $500 at night markets or roadside vendors, while at professional ear piercing stores, it costs more than $500 or even over a thousand. Why is there such a price difference for ear piercing? How big is it?

In addition to the differences caused by the hygienic environment, services, equipment, and technology provided, the cost of ear needles after the piercing is also very different. If the store provides highly anti-allergenic materials such as sterling silver or medical steel needles, , the price will also be relatively high.

The above is this introductory guide to ear piercing. TWOSEVENTHS Here are 10 things to note for novices who are new to ear piercing, including precautions for piercing, contraindications for piercing, how long it will take before you can change your earrings, and many other questions that newbies have. There are even recommended stores for piercing. If you are interested in all kinds of beautiful earrings, but have never had any piercings to show off, I hope this article can answer all your questions about wanting to pierce your ears for the first time. Let’s become beautiful and handsome together!

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