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Can you have a full sense of exotic vacation without going abroad? This time TWOSEVENTHS have sorted out 7 Kaohsiung swimming pool motels for you. These motels not only have diverse design of swimming poolrooms, making you feel like you are in a foreign country, but you can also enjoy playing in the private pool, KTV singing, and SPA. The rich services are really It is thoughtful to the heart, let's choose the pool motorcycle for the next vacation together!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


Kaohsiung pool motel master
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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Sanmin Royal Group Motel Ethnic Hall

Royal Group Motel is adjacent to the Changgu World Trade Center. There are quite a lot of choices of motel room types, from Japanese Zen style to Arabian style, full of exotic feelings.The swimming pool room type is based on the theme of Vila in Bali. In addition to the rich mini bar, the private swimming pool contains gorgeous lights, spacious space and privacy.However, because the room type cannot be specified, it needs to be arranged by the counter. It is recommended to call first to inquire about the room status, so as not to be unable to live in the pool room type.

Beautiful Seasons Motel Front Town

Located in Qianzhen, the beautiful Four Seasons Motel is close to tourist attractions such as Dream Mall, Kaixuan Large International Tourist Night Market and so on.This Kaohsiung swimming pool motel has indoor pool and outdoor pool room types. The rooms are large in size, with a large space of 40-50 ping. Can have the atmosphere of being on vacation abroad!

Lingya Ouyou International Boutique Hotel

Ouyou International Chain Boutique Hotel is located next to National Highway No. XNUMX, and you can arrive at the Jianguo Jiuru Exit.The five continents of the world are the theme of the decoration, so you can feel the exotic atmosphere without going abroad. The swimming pool room type is divided into open-air and semi-outdoor designs.In addition, this Kaohsiung swimming pool motel also provides room service with a variety of meals, soaking in the swimming pool to enjoy food and alcoholic drinks, can there be a choice other than this Chill?

Hunei Yinshuihan View Motel

Although the Yinshuihan View Motel located in the lake is almost to Tainan, it only takes 86 minutes to drive from Highway 10.This Kaohsiung pool motel has 7 room types, featuring Japanese-style landscaping, the decoration emphasizes the integration of mountains and rivers into the landscape, and each room provides a milk bath.The part of the swimming pool room is spacious and private, and it is also equipped with KTV singing equipment, allowing you to enjoy the joy of being the owner of a luxury house.

Xiaogang Fighting Dog Love Museum

Dagoulian Pavilion is located in the downtown area of ​​Xiaogang, close to Xiaogang Airport and Daluge Caoya Road.It contains 35 kinds of love themes. The design of each room is unique, and all provide jacuzzi; among them, the premium room type includes a private swimming pool and children's play area, whether it is a family who wants to take children to discharge, or a couple who wants to stay abroad The dating atmosphere is very suitable for this Kaohsiung pool motel.

Gushan Four Seasons Boutique Hotel

Four Seasons Boutique Hotel is located in Kaohsiung Nong 16 Special Zone, adjacent to Aozidi Forest Park.The swimming pool room type has garden landscaping. The size of the swimming pool is not too small for the whole family to play together. The best thing is that it also provides warm water. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you can play in the water to your heart's content!In addition, the breakfast is different from other Kaohsiung swimming pool motels. It is cooked to order, and there is a free shuttle bus to pick up Ruifeng Night Market in the evening.

Fengshan Huashuiting Motel

Huashuiting Motel is located behind Xiaogang Airport, and you can arrive immediately after getting off the 88 expressway.This Kaohsiung swimming pool motel has planned 30 Chinese-style, Thai-style, mixed-style room types with a strong villa style, plus decorations with Nanyang style, making the overall atmosphere more resort-like.In addition, the motorcycle swimming pool will be lit up at night, and the beautiful poolside landscape is not inferior to foreign countries at all!

The above are the recommended Kaohsiung swimming pool motels. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected Kaohsiung swimming pool Motels with private swimming pools in the rooms, and there are even stores personally certified by Mystery Guest.If you also want to find a place to escape the summer heat in Kaohsiung, or to find a place to rest without being disturbed, then the motel swimming pool is your first choice!Soak in the water and enjoy the beautiful design of the Motie house plan, and spend a relaxing and enjoyable time.If you want to read more Kaohsiung motel related articles, you can refer to this 3-hour planKaohsiung Rest Motel Review, or you can karaoke in the room Recommended KTV Motels in Kaohsiung.

Before couples come to the motel, it is also very suitable to find a place likeBaking DIY OrHandmade ring experienceactivities to enrich the dating itinerary; or find a massage shop to relax, you can inKaohsiung Foot Massage,Kaohsiung Thai Massage,Kaohsiung SPA,Kaohsiung Ear PickingGOODWait for the article to find a high-quality store that does not step on thunder.

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