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The trend of free diving is becoming more and more popular. Everyone who wants to get in touch with free diving at the beginning should have done a lot of homework but don’t know how to choose. In fact, if it belongs to the same system, the teaching content and process are similar. The important thing is the studio style and after-class training. system.this time TWOSEVENTHS A mysterious visitor who has worked at Club Med has been specially sent to unlock Heyhey Dive’s AIDA2 course. Let’s see if this Chill Taichung free diving studio is suitable for you!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Unn Chou

Taichung Freediving Master
Possess a scuba self-diving dual license Unn

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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experience content

Experience store: Taichung Heyhey Dive
Experience project: AIDA2
Experience date: 2021.03.20

Taichung Heyhey Dive Experience Introduction

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 01 founders Xiaohei and Deyi

Heyhey Dive is a free diving studio founded by Xiaohei and Deyi.Taipei,Taichung,Small RyukyuEach has its stronghold. Founder Xiaohei told UNN that their name actually had a story just like everyone else: it was named "We are all Heihei (Germany)" at the beginning, but as the studio became more and more popular, Gradually, I felt that a more concise and powerful name was needed. After racking my brains, under the premise of retaining the original meaning and being easy to remember, the English homophony of "black" Heyhey Dive was born. Isn’t it cute? This is a family that makes people feel happy just by hearing its name.Taichung Freediving StudioAh!

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 03 Taichung studio interior space

Heyhey Dive Taichung studio is in an excellent location, right near the Taichung indoor diving resort Dicube. It is very convenient for students who want to take the free diving test. There is a bus stop 5 minutes' walk from the studio, and there is a large shopping plaza 10 minutes' walk away. There are also more public transportation options near the square. It is a very convenient transportation hub. It is also very convenient to drive there and park! At the entrance of the studio is a large glass floor-to-ceiling window, paired with wooden pallets and a pot of green plants, giving it a very lazy summer feel. As soon as you enter Heyhey Dive, to be honest, UNN only has the feeling of Chill. The high-ceiling and bright space is equipped with a large soft sofa and a few lazy chairs. The walls are decorated with fins and masks, which directly brings you into freedom. Diving atmosphere.

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 16 flat pressure exercises

The free diving course uses the well-known AIDA system, and the subjects of Heyhey Dive Taichung will be conducted in this relaxing space. The new environment has just been launched in 2020, with small class teaching, so that students who come to learn free diving can get the most comfortable experience. .

When the course is in progress, the coach will ask the students to find the most comfortable posture for listening to the class, don't care about anyone's eyes, just be comfortable and be yourself.Very relaxing music is also played during class, but the sound of the coach's lecture will not be eaten up at all. It is really enjoyable to listen to the music while listening to the class in a comfortable space.Xiao Hei told UNN that because the most important core of free diving is actually "relaxation", he also hopes to create a teaching environment so that students can feel the same.

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 07 underwater rescue practice

Then the confined water and open water courses cover static apnea, flat diving, rope diving, flat diving, bending into the water, diving to a depth of 16 meters, underwater rescue, etc., which will be allocated in the three-day course. Conducted at North District Sports Center and Diving Cube. During the free diving learning process, the Heyhey Dive instructors were very patient in guiding and paying careful attention to each student, but they did not teach in a rigid and standard way. The whole class was full of laughter and joy. And every time he gets up from the water, no matter how good the dive is, the first words UNN hears must be praise, which makes UNN full of confidence!

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 05 coach teaching

This is also something that UNN likes very much, because once you cannot really relax, your performance in water exercises and even exams may be affected, and this also goes back to the original intention of free diving to "relax". After all, free diving allows you to wear almost no equipment. , swim freely in the deep blue sea. If you learn in a high-pressure environment instead of being physically and mentally prepared, even if you get the certificate, it will not be a good start. You can start to build your confidence in freediving by studying before the certification. UNN really recommends Heyhey Dive to novices who have just taken the first step and want to learn freediving.

Taichung heyhey Dive commented on 10UNN's potential beauty photos

There is another thing that must be mentioned about Heyhey Dive Taichung: unlike other free diving places in Taichung, at the end of the course, they will help all students take a super beautiful window view video as a souvenir at Diver Cube, a popular diving resort in the world. I believe there are many people who were first attracted by the beautiful photos in the community and then became interested in free diving, right? No matter what the results of your study are, whether you get a diploma or not, at least you have an enviable and beautiful photo. And with this motivation, you will want to finish the certificate exam as soon as possible and leave your presence in a more beautiful place. UNN also wants to show off the beautiful photos taken at the Cube to everyone (laughs)!

Taichung heyhey Dive evaluation 09 Dive Cube Shore Chat

If you want to get a free diving certificate, in addition to taking classes, practice is also a very important part. If you only have one person studying like UNN, you don’t have to worry about being alone or unable to find a place to practice. Heyhey Dive will have group training courses at least twice a week at the North District Sports Center or the Diving Cube. You only need to purchase admission tickets. , there is no need to pay extra coaching fees! In addition to having a great venue to practice and a coach to provide guidance and safety, you can also make friends with similar interests. Not only that, Heyhey Dive also provides free re-examination services for one year. As long as you practice hard and capture the essence of relaxation, you can definitely get your diploma in one year.

Taichung heyhey Dive rated 11 small black fish school

After these few days of classes, UNN thinks that Xiao Hei's idea is really cool, so whenever he has free time, he will chat with Xiao Hei.Xiao Hei said that in fact, when he finished the AIDA3 test, he hated and rejected free diving for a long time. He refused to go into the water for a long time, but one time he went to the Philippines for a diving trip with Deyi. There was a whole piece of blue and then hundreds of vermilion fish. After swimming, I was shocked by such a simple and magnificent scene, and felt that LIFE IS FANTASY!So I started to return to the road of free diving, and walked all the way until now, and become one of the few AIDA Master Instructors in Taiwan, who can provide courses from AIDA1 all the way to AIDA4!

Taichung heyhey Dive commented on 15 beautiful photos of the diving trip

The founder, Xiao Hei, said that he hopes that he is not the only one who sees the beauty of the world, so he likes to invite people to go abroad for free diving. He once asked directly on the Internet if anyone wanted to go diving in the Philippines together, but he did not expect that someone would sign up , so I directly asked them which flight to take, and I would wait for them at a certain port, and a casual diving trip came into being.But not all people are so casual or even have doubts, so they began to think about doing this systematically, so that everyone can play with more peace of mind, and the family will also feel more at ease.

Taichung heyhey Dive review 12 milk sea diving trip

So Heyhey Dive began to plan a systematic free diving tour. Everything from transportation, accommodation, planning of diving sites, and itinerary activities were properly arranged, and everyone! It also comes with a professional photographer, which is super important, right? ! Don’t worry even if there is only one person, you will definitely be proud of taking beautiful photos. You can also take this opportunity to meet friends who may be able to travel together in the future. Xiao Hei said to UNN very cutely, "I will also control the number of people I take out. It will definitely make everyone have a good time!" Now there are almost all outlying islands in Taiwan. You can find it on Heyhey DiveDiving Tour Itinerary, more itineraries can also be found at Heyhey Dive official websiteFound it, the information is clear and the price is transparent.

Taichung heyhey Dive commented on 13 beautiful photos of the diving trip

Heyhey Dive not only specializes in the field of free diving teaching, but the founder Xiao Hei also thinks about the future path for those who have passed the free diving test. Moreover, they are even more advanced and have begun planning to establish their own travel agency, which will also be The first free diving travel agency in Taiwan. So if you see "Heihei Life Travel Agency Co., Ltd." in online promotions in the future, don't doubt that it is the team of Heyhey Dive. Don't be shy to meet them!

Mystery guest evaluation

Heyhey Dive First of all, in terms of environment, whether it is the studio for the subject, or the calm water or open water environment for the technical department, UNN feels that it is very superior and comfortable; secondly, when it comes to the teaching method, Heyhey Dive is fun, stress-free, and focused and attentive. Instructors are definitely the first choice for newbies who are new to freediving.

In addition to these points, UNN really likes the idea of ​​the founder, Xiao Hei, to run through the entire course from the core of free diving, "relaxation", so that students can experience it from the heart.The next step is to think about future plans for the students. Whether it is group practice or diving travel, it is also very systematic, so that you can not only get a certificate, but also integrate free diving into your leisure life!

Unn Chou
Affinity: ★★★★★
Interesting: ★★★★☆
Accessibility: ★★★★☆
Teacher-student ratio: ★★★☆☆

Taichung Heyhey Dive store details

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  • Heyhey Dive Freediving Prices

    AIDA1 Basic Freediving $6,000
    AIDA2 Professional Free Diving $13,000
    AIDA3 Advanced Freediving $17,000
    AIDA4 Competitive Freediving $22,000

    Add LINE to inquire

  • Heyhey Dive Contact Information

    Official website:

  • Heyhey Dive opening hours

    Courses are by appointment only, seeOfficial website

  • Heyhey Dive scuba diving prices

    PADI OW diving license price $13,500/three days and two nights
    PADI AOW diving license price $12,500/two days and one night
    PADI AOW diving license + Nitrox diving price $18,500/two days and one night

    Add LINE to inquire

Heyhey Dive Offers

Exclusive offer

Dynamic coupon amplification technique! Can be used to offset up to NT$1,000

Use a $500 coupon and HeyheyDive will help you get a $1000 discount! Dongzi coupons can be used to sign up for diving courses, experience diving, and diving trips. There are discounts for group registrations of three or more or renewals for old students. Please consult the store for details.

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