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Relationships are managed. Whether you are a couple in love, an old couple holding hands, or you are still in the ambiguous stage, if you can show your feelings on this sweet day of White Valentine's Day, you will definitely add a lot of joy to each other. Less sweet and sweet temperature. Everyone understands the principle, but is it difficult to actually plan it? Don’t worry, how to choose a White Day gift? What are the White Day activities? TWOSEVENTHS Everything is sorted for you!

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio

Shi Yang

White Valentine’s Day gift giving expert
I will definitely give it to my husband as a gift.Shi Yang

What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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The origin of White Day

According to legend, the origin of White Valentine's Day dates back to the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II of the Roman Empire announced the abandonment of all marriage contracts in the country due to repeated imperial wars, and ordered that all men in the empire must join the army.

However, a priest named Valentine was unwilling to follow this will and insisted on continuing to hold weddings for men and women in love. After the whole thing was reported, Father Valentine, who had just witnessed the marriage of a pair of lovers, was arrested by Roman soldiers and hanged on February 270, 2 AD.

Just one month later, on March 3th, the lovers who escaped death swore that their love would last until death. To commemorate this day, people in the future designated March 14th as White Day. .

Who gives it to whom on White Valentine's Day?

The feeling of purity and refreshing brought by white is just like the beautiful love between young people. Therefore, Japanese customs believe that White Valentine's Day is a Western Valentine's Day return gift from boys to girls. It also explains that love that requires waiting is The most romantic. But nowadays, it doesn’t matter who gives it to whom on White Valentine’s Day. The most important thing is the most sincere feelings between each other!

Recommended White Day Gifts

White Valentine’s Day gift recommendations 3.

What to give on White Day? In short, the mind is the most important! DIY gifts are the first choice for gifts that are full of heart and warmth. Just imagine when the other person knows that you have worked so hard to complete this handmade gift, how can they not be moved to tears? So which handmade gifts are worth choosing? Let’s continue reading!

handmade ring

The ring is a commemorative symbol and also represents a commitment to love. From annealing, deformation, sawing, welding to final polishing, the metalworking ring, which took 3-4 hours to be completely hand-made, is not only full of temperature and sweat, but can also be engraved with the English initials of the two people inside the ring. This is unique and unique in the world. A perfect White Day gift, both he and she will be moved to accept it!

But it must be very distressing if you find that the ring circumference does not fit after you give it away, right? don’t worry! Many metalworking experience stores also provide free modification and cleaning services after the ring is made, which is very suitable as a White Day gift.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- Everyday is a Gift

Everyday is a Gift handmade studio provides a variety of experience courses, including couple rings, bracelets, twist rings, wedding rings, etc., with exquisite and diverse styles, and you can also choose to purchase personalized options such as fingerprint engraving, electroplating, and diamond setting. . The DIY course provides copper pieces for practice, and the final product can be taken home as a souvenir.

View the full introduction to Everyday is a Gift


ART64 has branches all over Taiwan, offering experience items ranging from the most basic rings, necklaces, and bracelets to gold jewelry creation courses; all metalwork is completed on the same day and can be taken away immediately. In addition to the small gifts prepared in advance for students participating in the metalworking course, the store will also provide one-day silversmith certification cards and event photos after the event!

View the full introduction to ART64

Customized Perfume

If the person you like usually has the habit of wearing perfume, you can definitely win their heart by observing their favorite scent and giving them a DIY perfume you mixed yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the other person likes. Choosing a wooden-toned safety card will not cause any surprises, and it can also increase the goodwill between each other. Some DIY perfume shops offer not only perfume courses, but also scented candles, diffusers, bath balls, etc. The diverse gift types allow you to give a super-quality White Day gift!

handmade carpet

Handmade rugs are widely used and are indispensable for home decoration. They can be placed beside the bed or sofa to isolate the cold floor, or hung on the wall as a personal display, or even used as a cup. Pads, potholders, etc. to decorate the tabletop. Therefore, it is right to choose a handmade carpet as a gift for White Day, so that the person you like can see your heart everywhere in the house, and think of the sweet you all the time!

In addition to making carpets for each other, you may consider signing up for a carpet DIY course together. Within 4-6 hours, each other will weave a carpet full of affection. This is another romantic White Day activity.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-Tuft Tuft Cat

Tuft Tuft Cat offers a variety of DIY classes on rugs, mirrors, bags and throw pillows.During the process, the teachers adopt "walking teaching", so that students can play freely with peace of mind, and the teacher will answer any questions immediately.It is a Taichung handmade carpet studio with no time limit and no color limit. It is the most suitable for novices!

View Tuft Tuft Cat full description

handmade cake

After the candlelight dinner, a handmade cake is presented to the lover, and the two of you enjoy it one bite at a time. In this loving atmosphere, it adds a wonderful ending to the White Valentine's Day event.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to bake. The DIY handmade cake shop focuses on novices who can make Internet beauty-level handmade cakes, desserts, and biscuits. There is no need to buy a bunch of utensils, ingredients, or look up recipes. Just use the ones provided in the store. Ingredients and baking utensils, you can easily get started by following the pictures or videos provided by the store. Even if there are problems, there will be a little helper at your side to help!


Sending flowers as a gift on White Day is definitely the first choice, but the difference is that this time you have to send a flower art made by yourself, and then match it with a suitable flower language to give your beloved her or him a heart attack!

Flower art classrooms usually provide different flower art courses, including potted flowers, hand-tied bouquets, wreaths, glass bell jars, hanging bouquets, etc. Flower materials include fresh flowers, dried flowers and preserved flowers. Even novices don’t have to worry. Can't learn, TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio has already helped you find the way, and the teachers in the evaluation article are all very gentle and patient!

Recommended White Day activities

White Valentine’s Day gift recommendations-2

In addition to giving gifts, arranging a sweet White Valentine's Day event is also a good way to get closer to each other. When the other person knows that you are planning your trip so carefully for this holiday, they will definitely feel extra points in their hearts! So in this holiday full of romance, where should lovers go to enjoy the sweet time between just two of them?

Full Body Massage

Let go of the troubles of the world and shed all your external possessions. The only way to completely relax your partner is with a full-body massage! Through oil pressure and acupressure, the body can reach the deepest level of relaxation. Occasionally listening to the wailing of the partner next door, occasionally laughing, and occasionally sleeping until snoring, the daily fatigue and friction are all wiped out at this moment.

Some full-body massage stores provide double rooms so that couples can enjoy massage in the same room. Since it is one of the popular options for White Valentine's Day activities, you must make a reservation in advance if you are interested!

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taoyuan - Zeye Oriental Health Manor

Zeye Oriental Health Manor is located in Taoyuan Cultural Zone. It is a massage parlor introduced from Taipei. The museum provides a variety of massage services, including foot massage, acupressure, oil pressure, facial beauty and ear candling to relieve stress, and provides single service or package options. The masseur lineup includes both men and women and provides professional massage services. After the service, customers can enjoy homemade healthy snacks and hotpot pasta.

View the complete introduction of Zeye Oriental Health Manor

Hsinchu - Japanese Yun Spa

The Japanese-style Yun Spa is located in Hsinchu's Jucheng Business District. The interior decoration is integrated with Japanese classical style, and it provides single-room private rooms and double-room private rooms. The main services include full body massage and immersive head therapy. The package also includes foot massage, which lasts from 60 minutes. The store also provides a 3-hour massage full meal, and two people traveling together can enjoy a 95% discount in the VIP box.

Hot springs

The most romantic choice for White Day activities is definitely hot spring bathing. Hot spring clubs usually provide double hot spring room types with different themes. Some room types are equipped with beautiful scenery outside the window and snacks. You can enjoy the scenery outside the window while relaxing with your other half in the hot spring. Eating snacks is definitely the climax of the White Day date! What are you waiting for? If you don’t book a room quickly, it will be too late!


I heard that whenever the romantic holiday of White Day comes, the business of motels will be endless, and the demand for rooms exceeds the supply! Because on this passionate day, nothing is more pleasurable than having exciting sex between two people! TWOSEVENTHS We have already sorted out dozens of motels across Taiwan for you, with all types of rooms available. Now choose the one with the best atmosphere and have a good fight for 300 rounds!

picking strawberries

Now is the peak season of strawberries. On White Valentine's Day, take your loved one to pick strawberries together. The interesting interaction can add to the conversation between you. After the end, you can enjoy the delicious and juicy strawberries side by side, creating more wonderful stories. What dreamy pink bubbles. Some strawberry farms provide double-layered trellises, which can avoid bending down to pick strawberries, which is very waist-friendly; some strawberry farms are grown in greenhouses, which is a good choice for filing on rainy days.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taichung-I can’t have you without you

The Strawberry Shop is located near Kamioka Library and Tanya Shenlu Park Bicycle Trail. There are many varieties of strawberries in the garden, including Fengxiang, Perfume, and Meiji. Strawberries are charged by weight. Before going, you can call to inquire about the business status and the ripeness of the strawberries on that day.


If you haven’t experienced the unspeakable numbing sensation of intracranial orgasm, then you must choose ear picking for White Valentine’s Day! Take an ear-relieving trip with your partner on this romantic day and relieve the tension and pressure of daily life and work together! In addition to cleaning dirty ears, the ear-picking course also uses various feathers and tuning fork vibrations to help relax the ear canal. Some stores also use tendon pulling to relax the entire head. It is definitely the most stress-relieving White Day experience. Activity.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Lubaobao Ear Picking SPA

Lubaobaby has two branches in Taipei, the Sanchong Founding Store and the Neihu Flagship Store. It provides full appointment-based ear picking services in Taipei, from ear picking, silver bead eye washing, eye pressure relief, eye atomization SPA, facial muscle pulling , ear candle SPA, neck, shoulder and head pressure relief, complete eye to shoulder and neck relaxation services, suitable for all people with high pressure in life.

View the complete introduction of Lubaobao’s ear-picking

Kaohsiung - Tammy's

There are five floors of comfortable and large space in the store, each floor is designed with different services, and there is an exclusive service area for women.The space design is mainly based on warm wood tones, and earth tones are used to make people relax physically and mentally.The experience of ear candle purification lasts about 80 minutes, and you can experience ear picking and ear candle at the same time, as well as exclusive singing bowl healing.

View the full introduction of ear fans

The above are the recommended gifts for this White Day. TWOSEVENTHS We have compiled 10 White Day gifts and White Day activities recommended for you. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and start planning! In addition to the above recommendations, you are also welcome to read this article Recommended dating itinerary for couples with 12 zodiac signs, it couldn’t be more convenient to use in daily dating experience. MoreoverGirlfriend’s Birthday Itinerary TipsI also recommend it to you, so that your beloved other half can see your intentions.

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