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Want to go out for a date in the cold weather but have no ideas?Then try the rock bath from Japan!Although most rock baths separate men and women, there are also stores that provide couples room service. This time TWOSEVENTHS We have sorted out 9 rock bathing shops for couples in Taipei. Come invite your significant other and find a body full of vitality together!

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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rock plate beauty bath

The bathhouses of Yanpan Meiyuyu are made of sacred black stone from Hokkaido, Japan. There are currently four branches, including Tianmu, Nanjing West Road, Guangfu South Road and Yonghe Yanpan Bath branch.In addition to rock baths, the store also provides many services such as beauty, massage, and body sculpting.The best thing is that this couple’s rock bath in Taipei also provides a personal space capsule rock bath and a private rock bath for two people, as well as an aromatic oxygen bar that inhales oxygen through essential oils. It is especially recommended for those who want to spend time together. A couple who detoxifies and relieves stress.

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Yunohana Rock Bath

Yunohana rock bath uses Hoto stone from Tamagawa Hot Spring in Akita. Customers can enjoy three complete and authentic therapies, including inhalation, drinking and contact. This is rare in other Taipei couple rock bath stores. .The double rock bath has a separate shower room, but please note that only male customers are accepted on Tuesdays and Saturdays on Family Days, and only women are allowed on other days.There is also a dome-shaped personal room next to the SPA room. Customers can choose to have double enjoyment on the same day to reward themselves for their hard work.

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Konoyu Japanese Rock Bath

Xiangzhiyu is a 4-minute walk from Zhongshan Station. The space in the store is not large, but it is clean, comfortable and fully equipped. There is a rock bath with a total of 4 places.It is worth mentioning that this Taipei rock bath uses negative ion stones placed on top of the ore. In addition to the head, there are also up to 5 kg on the back, making people feel like they are wandering in a forest waterfall area and being baptized by negative ions.And if couples want to experience rock bathing together, it is recommended to choose a personal capsule to enjoy undisturbed intimate time.

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Bamboo rock bath

Muzhu Rock Pan Bath is located next to Exit XNUMX of the MRT City Hall Station. The store environment is full of natural elements, creating a relaxing Japanese atmosphere.There are three rock bath options available: bathhouse, double box and dome. The double box has an independent bathroom, dressing table and rest space, which is especially suitable for young couples to detoxify and enhance their relationship together.In addition, this couple's rock bath in Taipei also provides courses such as facials, massages, and body sculpting. It is recommended for customers who want to detoxify and enjoy other services at once.

Nikkatsu Kagaya

Rishengsheng Kagaya International Hot Spring Hotel is located in Beitou. The rock bath on the seventh floor is a newly launched facility.The museum uses the rare "Hokuto Stone", the only one in the world, and insists on using Japanese architectural techniques to refine the style of the entire museum, making people feel like they are in a Japanese hot spring house.This rock bath for couples in Taipei is priced at $5,600, but many third-party websites offer a sweet price of $3,600, and there are dedicated services and explanations before, during and after the actual rock bath experience.It is especially recommended for couples with a higher budget to take a trip to the top rock bath to relax and unwind.

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Yumi rock bath

Tangmeiyan Stone Bath has one branch in Shifu, Dazhi, and Tamsui. In addition to providing rock baths, it also provides other services such as hot stone massage and head scraping.What’s special is that this rock bath for couples in Taipei provides a negative ion energy mask, which can detoxify while replenishing moisture on the face in the bath.If two people are traveling together, they can make a reservation for a dome-shaped rock bath with a separate bathroom. After the entire treatment, you can also enjoy South African organic national treasure tea.

Sawa no Yu

Ze no Yu has introduced the ancient method of "rock bathing" from Tamagawa Hot Spring, and currently has four branches in Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan and Zhongli.Among them, the Banqiao store is less than 5 minutes' walk from Fuzhong MRT Station. The store uses a large number of top-quality cypress trees to create a natural atmosphere, as if sunbathing in the forest.In addition to the large rock baths, there are also double rooms for couples, with independent bathrooms and massage spaces. There are also energy moxibustion, body sculpture and other projects to choose from.

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Shangheya rock bath

Shangheya rock bath is the exclusive brand of rock bath under Shangheya Group, located in Dingxi, Yonghe.Different from other rock bathing shops for couples in Taipei, the hotel provides$1,200 a timeNegative ion steam steaming courses enable the human body to absorb negative ions and far-infrared rays, discharge sweat and waste from deep inside the body, promote blood circulation, and effectively regulate the body.There will be service staff to help explain before and after the treatment, and hot tea and fruits will be provided for customers to enjoy after the treatment.

Taoze ceramic bath

Taoze Ceramic Bath Massage and Health Center has one branch in Beitou and Zhongshan District. In addition to providing Japanese-style ceramic baths, it also provides conditioning massage programs. Customers can combine ceramic baths with massage programs of different lengths for a double enjoyment.The best thing is that only private rooms are provided. Whether you go with friends or your significant other, you can enjoy a private space and relax and detoxify together.

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The above are the recommendations for rock bathing for couples in Taipei this time. TWOSEVENTHS We have selected 9 rock bathing shops for couples in Taipei, including some that have been personally certified by Mysterious Guest.Each rock bath store provides different services. In addition to general rock baths, there are also a variety of services such as hot stone massage, head scraping, beauty treatments, and body sculpting.It is especially recommended for young couples to have a top-notch stress-relieving trip together.In addition, you need to rinse your body and remove makeup before taking a rock bath. You can also get a more comfortable experience by taking off your contact lenses!You will sweat a lot during the experience. Generally speaking, the store will recommend that you do not need to take a shower after the experience, and keep the sweat from the rock bath to moisturize your skin.

If you want to go alone to detoxify and relieve stress, you can also refer toRock bath in Taipei, you can go directly after get off work to relax your body.In addition, in addition to rock baths, if you have the need for full body massage and foot massage, this articleTaipei Foot Massage,Taipei East District MassagePlenty of choices are also available.When you are usually busy with work and classes, don’t forget to reward yourself and take a break so that you can walk longer.

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