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Many people may have heard of "ear candling therapy", but they have never dared to try it. This is actually a common ear maintenance treatment in the ear picking industry.Ear candling SPA is a natural therapy that can not only clean ears, relieve tinnitus, but also effectively relieve headaches and help relieve stress.this time TWOSEVENTHS I would like to recommend 10 Taichung ear candling shops, take you to quickly understand the services provided by each shop, and let you find the most suitable Taichung ear candling SPA for you.

This time TWOSEVENTHS Mysterio


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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Salu Ears

Salu ears is located in Shalu, Taichung, near Jingyi University.This Taichung ear candle can be reserved alone, or it can be combined with the additional purchase price of ear picking to enjoy the ear spa at a more favorable price.While the aromatherapy ear candles expel bacteria and moisture from the ear canal, it will be combined with doterra essential oils to massage the lymph nodes, enjoying multiple services at one time.Hot tea and snacks are provided after the end, so that customers can rest and replenish their energy.

Hearing ear craftsman

Hearing is located near Zhongxin Road and Meichuan West Road in Taichung, between MRT Wenxinqing and Chongde Stations.While the natural sound of ear candles relieves stress, it will be paired with SPA CEYLON muscle soothing essential oil, and there are two options for cooling and warming. You can make the whole ear candle SPA experience more relaxing and healing depending on your personal preference.What's even better is that this Taichung ear candle shop also offers a two-person plan, which can be enjoyed by friends and couples together.

WaWa Ears

WaWa Ears is located in the smart business district of Taichung. The decoration adopts the Nordic minimalist style. In addition to the basic ear picking and ear candle SPA services, it also provides eye washing services.Before the service, guests will be asked to change into custom-made tops. The ear candling SPA will be accompanied by essential oil massage and hot stone compresses, which can be said to be quite rare in Taichung ear candling services.

Tung studio ear picking

Tung studio Ear Picking is located in Fengjia Commercial District, Xitun District, Taichung City. It provides a variety of services, including ear picking, ear candle SPA, facial muscles, nose purification, misty eyebrows and eyelash grafting, etc., suitable for people who want to relax And beauty service to customers in place at one time.This Taichung ear candling can be reserved separately, without the need to match other options. It is highly flexible, and the Swedish brand L:a Bruket is used for massage.

Ear's Talk Specialized Studio for Ear Cleaning

Ear's talk is located near Taichung Railway Station, in the building next to the well-known sightseeing spot Miyahara Ophthalmology.The ear candling SPA program includes ear cleaning, ear canal massage, head and eye tendon stretching, and you can enjoy the whole ear meal at one time.In particular, the store will also considerately let customers choose the ear candle flavor they like before the start of the ear candle SPA, which is a rare service in other Taichung ear candle stores.

ear removal project

Ear Out Project is located in the Qinmei business district of Taichung, about 5 minutes' walk from Civic Square. It is a small Wenqing shop decorated in pure white.The ear candle SPA can be reserved individually, and when the ear candle is burning to dehumidify and detoxify, it will also be used with Aesop body milk to massage the shoulder and neck lymph nodes, and a scraping board will be used to comb and relax the head.Due to the relationship with the massage, you will need to change your bathrobe, and some maintenance knowledge will be provided after the end.

MJ Beauty

MJ Beauty has two branches, which are located on Fuxing Road in the South District and near the Wuri High-speed Railway Station.The most special thing about this Taichung ear candle is that after enjoying the ASMR that the ear candle burns in the ear canal, it will also add a sound therapy singing bowl to amplify the healing feeling through hearing.In addition, flower and fruit tea and snacks are provided after the ear candling treatment, which makes people feel more intimate.


CHUWA EARS is located in the Dadun business district, close to the Shuiangong MRT station.Ear Candling SPA uses a high-quality ear candle that is advertised as ash-free and uninterrupted burning to the end, and even has a special belly candle service.In addition, this Taichung ear candling even provides a full-body SPA, and the ear picker has many years of massage experience, which is very suitable for customers who want to experience the ear candling treatment and need a full-body massage.


Ninety is located at the intersection of Dazhong Street and Shangxiang South Road, adjacent to Audit New Village.This Taichung ear candle uses colorful incense ear candles. There are 7 flavors including tea tree, rose, lavender, bergamot, sweet orange, sandalwood, and mint. Combine with other programs such as chest massage, facial massage, head massage, shoulder and neck massage, etc., to completely relax. is located in Hecuozhuang, Xitun, near Hankou Junior High School.The services provided include ear candles, ear picking, eye wash, nose therapy, shoulder and neck massage, etc., and you can choose your favorite essential oil fragrance during massage.The ear candling SPA can be reserved separately, and the time is up to 45 minutes. After burning the ear candling, there will be a massage of the three parts of the head, neck and shoulders, and the whole massage is full.

The above is the recommendation of Taichung ear candles this time. TWOSEVENTHS Selected 10 ear candling SPA stores in Taichung, among which there are stores personally certified by Mystery Customer.It is rumored that when ear candles are burning, they can suck earwax and burn out old earwax. In fact, this is all wrong!The real effect of ear candling is to expel the moisture in the skull through the chimney effect, so as to relieve headaches and relieve stress.Here is also a special reminder, because the ear candle ingredients contain essential oils, which have a greater impact on pregnant women, so pregnant women are not suitable to experience ear candles!

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