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Mom is a hard-working job 365 days a year, so Mother's Day is definitely a good time for you to express your love for your mother and thank her for her hard work along the way.But how to choose a Mother's Day gift?How can we choose practical or creative gifts, so that Mother's Day gifts can reach mom's heart? TWOSEVENTHS Here are 4 types of Mother’s Day gift recommendations, including Healing and Relaxation Series, Health and Longevity Series, Priceless Hearts Series, and Romantic Parents Series. I believe everyone can choose the Mother’s Day gift that suits their mothers.

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What is Mysterio?

As ordinary consumers who go to the store to experience activities, from online reservations to after experiencing the activities, they must keep a low profile and be like other guests, assisting TWOSEVENTHS When evaluating event stores, mystery guests can be college students, office workers, mothers, middle-aged and elderly people.

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Healing and Relaxing Series Gifts

Recommended Mother's Day Gifts Healing and Relaxing Series Gifts

The first series is the healing and relaxing series. Mom has worked hard for a whole year. Whether it is physical back pain or mental exhaustion, it needs to be healed.Mother's Day is to let mothers put aside the tedious housework, temporarily forget the troubles of the workplace or family, and completely relax physically and mentally.The following are three Mother’s Day activities suitable for different mothers. Through ear picking, steaming curtain or spa massage, you can relieve the hard work of running around for the family for a year.

Relaxing Mother's Day Gift Tip: Relaxing with Body and Mind

Relaxing Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #1 Ear Picking

The vernacular of ear picking is actually ear picking, which is a new experience in recent years. It combines ordinary ear picking with Indian ear candles, Japanese-style endoscope ear picking, or adding massage to relax, etc. The activity turned ear picking into a kind of enjoyment, and it seemed to have experienced an ear orgasm after the end.Mothers who always think about their families will definitely not want to spend money on ear picking activities that they usually do at home, so bring mothers to experience this unique process, the master of Mother’s Day gift ideas is you!

If it is your first time to bring your mother to ear picking, it is recommended to find a store that provides complete services. In addition to ear picking, there are also options for ear candling and facial, shoulder and neck massage. For example, there are branches in Sanchong and Neihu in ear pickingThere is a professional one-stop service, so that mothers can relax their shoulders, neck and head, and enjoy the whole stress-relieving journey.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei - Lubaobao Ear Picking

Lubaobaby has two branches in Taipei, the Sanchong Founding Store and the Neihu Flagship Store. It provides full appointment-based ear picking services in Taipei, from ear picking, silver bead eye washing, eye pressure relief, eye atomization SPA, facial muscle pulling , ear candle SPA, neck, shoulder and head pressure relief, complete eye to shoulder and neck relaxation services, suitable for all people with high pressure in life.

View the complete introduction of Lubaobao’s ear-picking

Relaxing Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #2 Steaming Curtain

The sweat steaming screen originated from South Korea. By staying in the steam room at around 40 degrees for 40 minutes, the pores are expanded, and the sweat and toxins can be expelled to promote metabolism.Some stores such as KaohsiungNatural Mud·Sweat SteamI will also help to fold out Korean-style croissants. If my mother loves to watch Korean dramas, taking her to the steam room will not only make her sweat freely and keep her healthy, but also feel the visual sense of walking into Korean dramas. It is definitely Mother’s Day Good choice for gift giving.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Kaohsiung - Natural Mud·Sweat Steam

Natural Mu Sweat Steam is a sweat steaming screen brand launched by a brand under the plastic surgery medical beauty system. There are two branches.The three steam rooms in the store are all made of cedar wood, Bianstone, diatomaceous earth, and rose salt rock, which are rich in trace minerals and organic compounds.There are also steaming clothes, paper underwear and two towels, and service staff can be asked to help make Korean-style croissants.

Check out the full introduction of Natural Mu Sweat Steam

Relaxing Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #3 SPA

The word SPA is derived from the abbreviation of the Latin "Solus Par Aqua", which means to obtain health through water, so it is usually combined with bathing, massage, application of skin care products and aromatherapy to satisfy the five senses of the human body and bring comprehensive relaxation of body and mind.My mother has worked hard for a whole year, and through essential oil massage, the exhaustion of body and mind is pushed out of the body. This Mother's Day gift is practical and thoughtful, and I recommend it to everyone.

Healthy and Longevity Series Gifts

Mother's Day Gift Recommended Health and Longevity Series Gifts

As we grow older and our mother gets older, it becomes more important to have a healthy body. After all, no amount of wealth can compare to a healthy mother who can accompany us for a long time.However, great mothers often devote their time to busy work or family, but neglect to take care of themselves. They always clamor to exercise on another day, but that day never comes, so it is time to send an exercise class. Mother's gift, reminding her to care about the health of her family, but also don't forget herself. This kind of Mother's Day gift is practical and full of our love.

Healthy Mother's Day Gift Tips: Mom's Health is Practical and Priceless

Healthy Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #1 Gym

Although exercise can be done anywhere, the unique equipment in the gym, professional teachers or the atmosphere of exercising with peers are all irreplaceable.Usually each gym has different specialties or courses. You can choose the most suitable gym for your mother according to her usual physical fitness, preferences, life style, etc. Some gyms even focus on women-friendly. It's also a good choice for shy moms.

If the mother does not have the habit of exercising at ordinary times, you can first come toTaipeiMORE FIT This kind of gym has planned small weight areas for beginners; shy mothers can considerTaichung fierce grass trainingThis kind of gym has a planned women's priority area; or Taichung Bion Sports Home, the high-quality environment, and high-quality themed group classes such as red wine yoga that are launched from time to time, let mothers exercise like a lady.A gym that's right for mom is the best Mother's Day gift that can get her started.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Taipei- MORE FIT

MORE FIT currently has three branches in Jiangzicui, Shifu and Songjiang Nanjing. There are three charging modes: time-based, time-based and monthly subscription. The monthly subscription can be used across museums.In addition, MORE FIT also provides free coach rental, so that guests can freely use top-level equipment in a well-equipped environment, which is suitable for bringing their own coach to class.

View the full introduction of MORE FIT

Healthy Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #2 Yoga

Yoga can improve flexibility, tighten posture and strengthen muscles by adjusting body posture, breathing, etc.Some yoga courses combine meditation teaching and breathing guidance, which can relax while strengthening the body and feel the balance of body, mind and soul.As the mother gets older, it is more important to have a flexible and strong body, so that a small injury will not lead to a serious illness.

Healthy Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #3 Cardio

One of the recommended gifts for Mother’s Day is to help mom sign up for an aerobic class. Aerobic exercise can not only strengthen the heart rate to prevent cardiovascular diseases, but also the dopamine produced after exercise can make mother feel happy all day.Many gyms now offer aerobic exercise group classes, and take classes with other students, so that whether it is a relatively relaxed aerobic dance, or advanced solid HIIT, aerobic boxing, etc., the exercise process can be made more enjoyable. It's fun, and it can also become the motivation for mothers to come back next time. This Mother's Day event is not only for this day, but also for mothers who will be healthier every day in the future.

Priceless gift series

Mother's Day gift recommendation priceless series gift

Sometimes no matter how expensive delicacies, gold and silver jewelry are, they are not as good as handwritten cards or cakes made by children, because children's love and intentions are priceless compared to the material itself.The following are some popular Mother’s Day gift rankings, and three are not difficult to make, and there are courses taught by professional teachers, so that you can create your own mother’s exclusive Mother’s Day gift by yourself.

Heart-shaped Mother's Day Gift Tips: What Mom Wants is Actually Your Actual Actions

Heart-shaped Mother's Day gift recommendation #1 Jingong

Metalworking is the abbreviation of metal crafts. In simple terms, it is to use metal to create your own exclusive metal accessories, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., through beating, molding, etc. Mom's words, such as Happy Mother's Day, I Love You and other thoughtful quotes, I believe this Mother's Day gift idea and heart are touching.

If you are trying metalworking for the first time, you can consider launching one-on-one teaching and having branches all over Taiwan. Art64, a professional teacher will teach you how to create a Mother's Day gift exclusive to your mother.

Mystery Customer Recommended Stores

Kaohsiung - Art64

Art64 has branches all over Taiwan, and the experience items range from the most basic rings, necklaces, bracelets, to gold jewelry creation courses; all gold works can be taken away immediately after being completed on the same day.In addition to the small gifts that the store will prepare in advance for the students who participated in the metalworking course, the store will provide a one-day silversmith certification card and event photos as souvenirs after the event!

View Art64 full introduction

Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #2 Cooking

Is it always the mother who cooks and cooks delicious dishes to feed the whole family?Mother's Day is the right time to express your gratitude, ask her to rest well, let you cook as a gift for mom!Don’t worry if you are a novice in cooking. You can consider joining the cooking class. You will start from the beginning and cook a delicious and healthy dish for your mother through your skillful hands. What you cook with your own hands is definitely a Mother’s Day gift in your mother’s heart. Rank the top few!

Heart-shaped Mother's Day Gift Recommendation #3 Floral Arrangement

Still thinking of fresh carnations for Mother's Day gift giving?Preserved flowers or dried flowers are actually more popular now. Not only do they have a longer shelf life, but also through the combination of different flower materials and various creative containers, the bouquets can be more varied, so that your Mother's Day gift ideas will be perfect and your heart will not fade.

Romantic Parents Series Gifts

[Tips for Mother’s Day Gift-Giving] 4 types of affordable and practical Mother’s Day gifts that will be delivered to your mother’s heart 40

Who said that mothers can only participate in Mother's Day activities, and mothers who usually devote their time to their children must miss a lot of sweet time alone with their fathers. At this time, you should help your parents prepare a romantic date for two, so that They found the sweetness of love from the ordinary life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, and guaranteed that this Mother's Day gift is practical and creative.Here are three recommendations for romantic Mother’s Day activities suitable for parents. From hot blushing motels, romantic and peaceful night coffee, or relaxing hot springs are popular choices for Mother’s Day gifts.

Romantic Mother's Day gift tips: add different fun to mother's life

#1 Motel for Romantic Mother's Day Gift Recommendations

The motels in Taiwan are becoming more and more beautiful, and the decoration facilities inside are also diverse. Usually, parents are always busy with family affairs at home. Mother’s Day gift recommendation for children can just take this opportunity to book a romantic motel for parents Take a good rest and enjoy the time that only belongs to the two of you.If your parents like to sing, you can find a room with a KTV to let them sing; if you like to swim or take a bath to relax, there are many room types with swimming pools and ovens; Parents are in a good mood as if they are going abroad for vacation.A one-night motel vacation as a gift to Mom is not only happy for Mom, but Dad is also likely to be happy too.

Romantic Mother's Day Recommendation #2 Night View Coffee

Does mom usually like to drink coffee?So the itinerary of night view and coffee must be a Mother's Day activity that can satisfy mother.Help mom choose a night view coffee shop with delicious coffee and beautiful scenery, invite dad to take mom to a romantic date, sip a sip of fragrant coffee under the romantic moonlight and distant lights, Accompanied by my wife who worked hard together, I believe that such a peaceful and peaceful time will definitely be among the top few Mother's Day gift rankings!

Romantic Mother's Day gift recommendation #3 Hot spring bath

Soaking in hot springs can not only beautify the skin, some chemicals in hot springs can even effectively relieve pain or promote metabolism, not to mention taking a bath after sweating, it seems that the four bones of the whole body are loosened, and all the pressure is relieved. Disappearing, this kind of itinerary that can not only make mothers healthier but also relax, can be said to be the perfect Mother's Day activity.Both Taipei and Taichung are popular hot spring resorts. There are many soup houses with different functions or decorations to choose from. Children can choose suitable stores and plans according to their mother's usual preferences as gifts for their mothers.

The above are the recommended gifts for Mother's Day this time.Although filial piety to mothers is not just something to do on Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day also gives some children who are usually shy and unable to express their love a chance to express their love and gratitude to their mothers on this day.But I also want to remind everyone that the mother's hard work and devotion to the children are all year round, so in addition to giving mother gifts on this day, I also have to tell my mother that I love you and work hard. After all, what mothers care about is not material things. It is not the feedback on the website, but the child's most sincere thanks!

In addition to Mother's Day, we have also compiled recommended itineraries for girlfriend's birthday. If you are worried about how to give your girlfriend birthday gifts and itineraries every time, don't miss this articleGirlfriend Birthday Arrangement TipsorSchedule dates according to your significant other's zodiac sign, are better than cramming.

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